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  1. Those ten words contain so many paradoxes I think we could fry an entire army of AI controlled robots just by shouting it that at them. It would probably be more effective than "This sentence is false."
  2. Gord Downie, the lead vocalist for the Tragically Hip, passed away last night, October 17th, 2017, after a long battle with glioblastoma. Downie now joins the likes of David Bowie, Tom Petty and all the other significant musicians we have lost in recent years. The Tragically Hip's music is of the same caliber of such musicians as Rush, David Bowie and Boston when it comes to great instrumentation, vocal delivery and lyrical messages. The symbolic messages presented in particular are among the most meaningful and relevant in modern society, even though many of their songs focus primarily on Canadian issues. I'm not sure of how far felt his death is outside of North America, but I can assure you that in Canada this loss is probably the most significant of any musician in a long time. They have so many great songs that I can't just link one of them, so here are all the essentials: Fellow Canadians, how are you responding to this? Are you listening to one of the many radio stations doing an all-day marathon of the Tragically Hip like I am? For those outside of Canada, do you know anything about this band? Have you heard their magical music before? It's a shame they haven't seemed to get the widespread attention Rush has had outside of Canada, they deserve it just as much...
  3. I think what really elevates this mod to the next level is the fact that you chose comic sans as your trailer font! Now your mod can truly pass as a creation from hell!
  4. That is an elaborate marionette puppet with a flamethrower mounted in its chest... That is literally what the official description of that is... I'd like to think that it's a wizard too... Machinegames don't seem too keen on including paranormal themes, seeing as the zombies in the Old Blood are set up as having some sort of scientific explanation. I am a longtime fan of Return to Castle Wolfenstein (probably the first FPS I played all the way through), and it sucks that the more paranormal themes are mostly ignored nowadays. I think the Old Blood was mainly a means to satisfy those who wanted the paranormal elements that have been associated with the series since Spear of Destiny. Hopefully Machinegames follows the same model with the New Colossus, and eventually release a standalone expansion in a similar vein to the Old Blood. But seeing as they are going to release story DLC, that seems less likely.
  5. Welp, I guess we can figure out where Hitler's been for the past 15 years. In a coma or severely ill with Wilhelm Strasse acting as the head of the Reich in Hitler's absence. I wonder where his wife will be, since in this alternate timeline they clearly haven't committed suicide... Unless she was the woman who first responded to him entering the room, I don't know what Hitler's wife looked like. Now that we know that Hitler is a part of the new Wolfenstein timeline, I wonder how Machine Games are going to handle his depiction...
  6. Isn't Brutal Doom heavily inspired by the comic? Seeing as the voiced-lines are all pretty much lifted straight from the comic, and the gore seems to be heavily reminiscent of the gore in the comic. I always assumed that Sergent_Mark_IV wanted to apply the over-the-top nature of the comic to the game. Plus a mod for a game doesn't exactly match the criteria of what I was asking about, which is a sequel to the comic, in comic book form.
  7. After recently rereading the glorious Doom Comic, I noticed that the final panel seems to imply that there could have potentially been a sequel: So, my question is: Would you like to have seen a sequel for the Doom Comic? If yes, how would you think the correct way to approach it may have been? If no, why do you feel that way? (Other than the 'the comic was shit and did a shitty job representing the games' argument I'd imagine some people may have) The cover itself does say #1, which makes me think that maybe they potentially had at least tossed around the idea of a full-blown series at some point. I get the impression that the Doom Comic given out at whatever convention it was may have been a test to see if it was good enough for a series, but the initially poor reception probably killed any hopes of that. Would you rather a sequel had been made by the original authors shortly after the first comic was released? Or maybe you'd like to see some fans create the sequel they think the comic deserves? I personally think that if a sequel were to be produced, it should be handled by fans who love the over-the-top personality of Doomguy, the inaccurate depictions of the weapons, the monsters who mostly just stand there and let Doomguy punch them in their 'huge guts' and the half-assed philosophical lecture that comes out of nowhere. Of course, the writers would need to be able to recreate the """charm""" of the original whilst not reproducing it beat-for-beat. I think it would be hilarious to see Doomguy attempt to interact with regular people in between the excessive demon slaughter-fests. I honestly can't say if a """good""" sequel to this gloriously gory work of art is even possible; if it isn't I would still love to see someone try anyway! If there are already some fan-made sequels to this comic, feel free to draw my attention to them. But they have to be intended as unofficial sequels to the official Doom Comic, do not direct me to unrelated fan-fictions that happen to be in comic book form. Let me know your opinions on this matter, I'd like to hear 'em!
  8. I (as someone who is 19 as stated above) am happy to see this many people close to my age in love with Doom. Sure the game is older than a lot of its fans, but in my case and probably many others I was introduced to Doom at an extremely young age by someone who was able to play it when it first came out (my dad is awesome for that!). This type of thing probably lowers the average age of Doom fans quite considerably.
  9. Aw man... I've got a hard drive from my first PC somewhere at my parent's house (the PC itself has long since been recycled)... I should find a hardware adapter and extract it one of these days. It's got some old Disney games as well as some other shitty kids games me and my brother played the hell out of. It ran Windows '98. I distinctly remember some Tarzan games that I really enjoyed. I still got the disks for those games somewhere... On the laptop I have now the oldest personal files I have are probably my first Doom maps, the oldest of which is from 2010.
  10. Recently turned 19. Loving the brick-wall transition to adulthood you need to headbutt through! That metaphor has so many unintended layers in meaning!
  11. 4CHAN, Vine, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Facebook; in that order. On topic with the OP, I think these forums tend to be more pleasant because the Doom community is older and generally more mature. Younger and potentially immature fans of Doom probably don't even know this forum exists because they simply assume that the Doom community is small and isolated and never bother to investigate it. That's part of the reason I didn't join this forum until this year, I didn't know how large or dedicated this community was until I was seeking help with a nodebuilder error in Doom Builder 2 and discovered the massive quantity of helpful people who responded to my first post. I generally refuse to engage with most social media, primarily due to the toxicity that is tolerated for no good reason on most websites now and other more personal reasons I've mentioned in a different thread that I'm not repeating here. On this website, when I look at an older thread and see a member post something awful and disgusting, I notice that under their username it says "banned", and smile knowing that this person has either left the forum or has created a new account after having learned something and (hopefully) improved from it. I also see threads of a particular nature that makes them likely to become toxic and am glad to see moderators close them down as soon as they appear to be going downhill to prevent unwanted unpleasantness.
  12. I got the opportunity to play a campaign in my last year of High School. My character was a magic user-fighter combo Elf who's main weapon was a short-bow (later purchased a crossbow), and I'm not sure how I'd rank him morally. I was the only person in the group to get invested enough to make a costume and wear it during sessions! We didn't play our campaign in one sitting, instead having to split it up into hour-long segments once every two weeks. The Dungeon Master setup what I understand was a short campaign, and we weren't able to finish it due to the fact that we only had a month and a half left in the school year... The campaign ended with our party getting trapped underneath a retractable bridge in a Dwarven mine before we had even engaged anything within the final (only) dungeon. I wish the Dungeon Master had given us our character sheets back, I would totally use it if I found a group in university. It was so much fun describing the gruesome ways in which enemies were defeated when someone scored a critical roll: "I will shoot the goblin with my crossbow!" rolls dice, "The enemy has exploded, spraying it's guts everywhere!"
  13. I personally do not have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The only type of social media I'd say I take part in is this forum and maybe Steam if you count it's social features. I personally despise the general effect I've observed from social media, Twitter in particular, as I can rarely see any positive ways to look at it. I am a person who tries to look at things from multiple angles and understand why others may disagree with me. Most alternative angles I look at for this issue are either illogical to me or ignore something I believe to be very significant. My personal opinion is that most social media devolves language into an incomprehensible mess if it is allowed to, and so far it has been. I cannot for the life of me see how a 140 character limit does anything to preserve the intelligence of a person's logic when they need to condense it. Condensed reasoning almost always loses the majority of what made it reasonable in the first place. I'd much rather read a long-winded four-page post on this forum and understand exactly what the poster is trying to communicate instead of a single sentence on Twitter that makes no sense because the poster had no way of accurately expressing them self within the space. Not to mention, character limits force you to misspell words deliberately to save space, which is unacceptable in all circumstances beyond stylistic dialogue. I am personally offended when I see someone who speaks English natively write worse than someone who speaks a foreign language natively (not offended by the person who learned to speak English, offended by the person who speaks it but can't write it properly). Just imagine if I had to condense that last sentence down because of a character limit, I would have been forced to exclude what is parenthesized and you may have misread it as me being offended by the person who doesn't speak English natively. Of course not all of my problems with the modern developments of language stem from social media, but most of it either comes directly or indirectly from it. My anger towards this issue at this time may have been raised slightly due to current events I don't care to mention right now.
  14. Another fun-looking but dumb-looking blockbuster for me to completely ignore! Yay!
  15. I have some ideas for a potential Hexen project that I want to work on, however I have never mapped for Hexen before and don't have the patients to self-teach myself everything I need to do. I'd like to see some tutorials from experienced Hexen mappers that deal with these integral areas: How to make maps seamlessly transition between one another with multiple entry/exit points. How to create and execute scripts. How to make actions in one map affect other maps. How to hide items/enemies in pots and corpses. How to add messages that appear on screen when triggered. How to potentially replace one map with another (think the castle in Strife). How to balance difficulty with multiple player classes in mind. How to create dart traps and other obstacles. How to effectively chain multiple actions together (as in, one trigger activates different things that cause multiple separate actions either in succession or all at once). How to effectively make polyobjects. These are the main points I'd like to see covered; they can be in individual threads, but it'd probably be better to compile several of these into the same thread as quite a few of these items seem too trivial to warrant their own thread. I have no experience with scripting, and in the project I'm working on I plan to avoid actual scripting unless it is absolutely necessary. Which means I mostly want to use scripts for things that affect multiple maps. I'd greatly appreciate any tutorials that get created for Hexen, I also think it would help encourage more people to make Hexen maps as it would potentially lower the intimidation that I'd imagine many interested mappers would have. Also, to compensate for this long and possibly excessive list of demands I will create my own tutorial for a method of Voodoo Doll Scripting I taught myself while working on the Heretic Upstart Community Project.