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  1. Skeletonpatch

    Weirdest Roleplay Experiences?

    A few years ago our level 4 D&D party was exploring a cave that had dimensional rifts in it for a magical university. We were tasked with testing out a banishment scroll on the elementals that had made that cave their home. Our warlock decided to try coaxing a fire elemental out of a rift in the first area in the cave. The DM rolled a percentile to see if we caught anything's attention, and shuddered. He rolled again, and announced that he had rolled a 100 twice which meant that we had just attracted a fucking Demon Lord. Thankfully, it wasn't interested in fighting us as doing so would require him to pass through the rift, flooding the continent with demons and killing almost everyone, which it probably would have very much enjoyed doing if not for the fact that it'd now need to deal with all of Mount Celestia retaliating against it and wiping it out. So instead it just taunted us, until our monk who hadn't been present when the thing was summoned showed up and threw an arrow at the demon lord. It just laughed and asked the monk for his name, which he gave. The monk woke up the next day with a strange brand burned into his arm.
  2. Skeletonpatch

    Does anyone else like egg salad sandwiches?

    When I was a kid I used to eat egg salad sandwiches. I don't recall ever particularly liking them, but they were fine. At some point the texture really started to bother me, the flavour is fine but I can't stand the mouth feel. The closest thing to an egg salad sandwich I will eat now is something I call a 'bacon and eggs sandwich', which is totally a new and unique invention that I came up with and has never been thought of independently by any other person. Two slices of toast, one with honey the other with crunchy peanut butter, a layer of scrambled eggs and a layer of bacon. Yum
  3. Skeletonpatch

    Doomworld shower thoughts thread

    If you could taste a colour, would it taste like literally everything in the universe that is that colour combined?
  4. Skeletonpatch

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    This thread has been quite the ride. What do I believe? Has everything I've ever been told a lie? What even is reality anymore?
  5. Been mapping for like twelve years at this point, only published four maps at this point. Ironically most of the maps I've made are for Doom, yet only one of the four publicly available are. In my case, I try to come up with a fun environment and scenario. I start drawing in the editor and see how that idea expands and changes. When I first started mapping, I must have churned out over a hundred maps in the span of two or three years. Thankfully none of those have been released, they all sucked. Now I mostly make maps when I come across a community project that strikes my fancy. A cool theme supplied by an outside source is a great way to get the creative juices going. I honestly don't play very many custom .wads, and could probably count the number of full mapsets I've completed (aside from IWADs) on one hand. Ironically, many people have drawn direct comparisons from my map in Nova III to various classic maps in mapsets I've never played.
  6. No, Doom 64 didn't have freelook. As has already been said, freelook wasn't introduced to the Doom engine until Heretic, later on Hexen and Strife carried the freelook torch. An official Doom game would not have freelook until Doom 3.
  7. Skeletonpatch

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    If you say "Johndi" into a mirror 386 times John Carmack will come and break down your front door with a battle axe before stealing two apples from your fridge and escaping through the hole he burned into your window with thermite.
  8. Skeletonpatch

    Can you drink snow globe water

    Wait, you mean to tell me that snow globes aren't just fancy water bottles?
  9. Skeletonpatch

    Happy New Year!

    I haven't had the slightest idea what I'm doing with my life sine March. I'm going to take the next semester off and rethink what I'm doing, probably will end up transferring to a different university. I saw this shit coming back in January when I first heard about the virus, god dammit I was SO ready to be proven wrong... Stay safe, and do what you can to make 2021 a marginal improvement over 2020. Happy New Year, fellow worshipers of the .wad!
  10. Skeletonpatch

    Random Image Thread

    Oh... Jack T. Chick, your religious fear mongering will never not be hilariously incompetent.
  11. Skeletonpatch

    Farm animals sprite

    That statement deeply insults me, though I do live in Alberta, where rats are so rare that it is newsworthy whenever one is seen.
  12. Skeletonpatch

    Whatever (needs a better name)

    I dig it. I love the player voice, please do not change it. This gives off such an odd atmosphere and I love all of it. If this is an unfinished state I can't wait to see what this turns into, assuming you keep working on it.
  13. Skeletonpatch

    Anyone into astronomy? (Saturn/Jupiter)

    It was cloudy where I live, which is a shame as on clear nights you can see the stars beautifully right in my yard. A couple years ago when there was that total solar eclipse in the U.S. I was able to catch part of it by looking through a welding helmet. It was only a partial eclipse where I live so the sky didn't get any darker, I just saw the moon move across the bottom of the sun without completely blocking it.
  14. Skeletonpatch

    What happened to Scotland?

    Cleopatra was the result of a family that hadn't introduced any new DNA into its bloodstream for like five generations. Despite this, she was one of the most educated and interesting people of her time. That is, if you look at sources other than the christian ones that demonize her for daring to have sexual autonomy. In regards to the situation in Scotland, yeah that sucks all around. I've never been there, but a fair number of my ancestors (supposedly) belonged to the old Clans. I think @Nine Inch Heels pretty much hit the nail on the head.