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  1. What game was that for? And is it possible to link the trailer? Also, I'd appreciate it if from now on everyone embed trailers inside of spoilers, please. Trying to reload this page just now took way too freaking long. And almost crashed my browser. It would also be nice if the people who have already posted trailers would please edit their posts and put their videos inside spoilers. Anyway, here's another one of my all-time favourite trailers; after I saw it I HAD to play this game:
  2. I have decided to expand the topic to include ALL video game advertising! So feel free to post all the game trailers you want in addition to console ads! And yes, @Ajora, you are now free to repost the Mario Bros. and Final Fantasy trailers that you removed after I initially corrected you!
  3. The post that was here originally is now irrelevant. Original post:
  4. I never edited the thread's title, so you must have misread it. I have edited the original post a few times after noticing some grammar mistakes. EDIT: I have edited the title since this was originally posted...
  5. This first part of the post is from before I expanded the topic, and can be ignored: You have reminded me of the pure magic that is Segata Sanshiro! I couldn't find a decent-quality video with subtitles, but at the end before the missile explodes Segata is saying: "Play Sega Saturn! PLAY SEGA SATURN!", and the final line of the ad is "Segata will live on... in our hearts"
  6. For University I recently did an assignment about advertising rhetoric, the specifics of the assignment itself are boring so I'm not going to talk about it... Anyway, for this assignment I chose and then analyzed two commercials from ~20 years apart that both advertise a specific Video Game Console. Naturally, as I analyzed them I needed to watch them over and over. I absolutely fell in love with these two commercials, and thought of the question... What are the best advertisements for a Video Game Console of all time? Then I thought, why not ask the wonderful people of Doomworld! I encourage you to share extremely memorable and/or effective video game advertisements (can be console ads or individual game trailers) that for whatever reason just stuck in your mind. Be it because the ad was hilarious, bizarre, nonsensical or any other quality! Please place all videos into spoilers so that they don't slow down peoples' browsers when they load this thread. Originally, this thread only included advertisements for video game consoles, but I have since then decided to expand the topic to include all types of video game advertising! Feel free to post anything as long as it advertises something video game related! Here are the two ads that inspired this topic: Also, I don't need any flame wars about "which console is better" or "which franchise is better" erupting. You may discuss the tactics employed in the ads on an objective level (the extensive use of visual metaphor in Sega's Blast Processing ad, for instance), but no "this console that I grew up with and have blind nostalgia for is better than any other shit anyone else grew up with" debates. Besides, the PS2 wins by that one default, because that's the console I grew up with, so it really isn't a fair fight anyway.
  7. I immensely enjoyed reading @Agent6's long post of tidbits about himself and picking out the things that are the same for me. This one, however, is the one that fits me the most: You will never see me not wearing socks, unless I am swimming or taking a shower. And yes, that includes when I'm wearing sandals.
  8. Ok, literally after typing that last post I did join and yes, there are only like five people and a bot. I love old games! I sadly don't have much exposure to older FPS outside of Doom, since that was all my dad bothered to get running on the Windows '98 computer I used to have...
  9. I'll join as long as it doesn't clog my inbox with posts that I'm not interested in!
  10. I found a different community project that I think the map I've started would work better for, so I'm dropping out of this one. I wouldn't be able to make the deadline anyway...
  11. Okay, the map I started for the Doomworld Mega Project already happened to be moon themed, which is perfect. I'll need to install Boom now, but I'm looking forward to seeing how that sourceport handles. Which IWAD is this being made for? I assume it's Doom 2 like most mapsets are. I was using a lot of textures from TNT in my map, but now that I'm thinking of putting the map here I'll swap those out in favour of what is included with the resource pack. I'm not sure when I'll be able to work on my map since I've got other important things to worry about at the moment, so I don't know when I'll be able to show screenshots or release early builds of the map.
  12. Are there still open slots available in Episode 3? I started making a map for the Doomworld Mega Project 2017 but after looking at this I feel like that map would work better here.
  13. I thought I had configured Firefox to not update to Quantum, but then it crashed the next day and updated anyway. The UI is not as bad as I thought, but even then I absolutely hate those squared-off tabs, I prefer the more rounded design... and moving the task-bar icons to nonsensical locations is extremely irritating... and I hate the new loading icon, that dot moving back and forth is so irritating for some reason... and I hate the way new tabs are handled now, I almost always start typing in the URL for whatever website I want to visit as soon as I open a new tab so that I can go immediately, but now I need to wait an extra fifteen seconds for the "suggested" options to load before it actually starts loading the thing I told it to as soon as I opened it. It is faster at least, ignoring the stupidity of new tabs, and my ad-blocker is working properly as far as I can tell.
  14. Ok, I've already started the map and have a pretty basic idea as of what I want to accomplish. Hopefully I can pull it off.
  15. How can you look at the way I spelled "humour" and not notice that it was also a joke post?