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  1. So I'm doing a research project for college...

    1. 19, male. 2. Canada 3. The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Master Levels for Doom II, Final Doom (The Plutonia Experiment and TNT: Evilution), No Rest for the Living, Doom 3 and Doom (2016). 4. TNT: Evliution from Final Doom. It has the best level design and soundtrack of all the official IWADs, in my opinion. 5. I'm not assigning ratings to any of them. Giving things an obligatory numeric/verbal rating undermines the personal experience one might have with those things. The best way to know the personal value of something is if someone you tend to agree with recommends it to you. And I highly recommend that everyone play any of the Doom games at least once in their lives. 6. Yes, I believe that each official game in the series accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. Doom (1993) set out to revolutionize gaming, and it did just that. Doom II set out to expand upon what the first game did without changing much at all, and it succeeded. Final Doom was a fan-made expansion meant to provide an enjoyable Doom experience, and is easily my favourite part of the series. Doom 3 set out to provide a different experience than previous entries while revolutionizing modern lighting at the same time, and it did just that even if it hasn't necessarily held up as well as the older games. Doom (2016) was an attempt to revive the series in the public's eye by revisiting many of the original's core concepts while giving it a more modern flair, and I think it succeeded amazingly spare a few hiccups. 7. No, it honestly isn't possible for any modern game to live up to the original Doom's release. While I love Doom (2016), the only way it could have possibly lived up to the same level as the first is if it somehow revolutionized some aspect of gaming. I honestly think this game had less of an impact on the industry than Doom 3 did. Doom 3 had extremely realistic lighting, Doom (2016) doesn't have any major technological advancements. Snapmap, while impressive, is not the first in-game map editor and from what I could tell from the brief time I used it it is too limited to compare favourably to the multitude of modding tools available for the first game; but it's better than nothing, I guess. The multiplayer is easily the worst aspect of the game, id/Bethesda really needed to pick a better company to outsource it. I can't feel nostalgic about this game yet, I haven't had enough time with it. 8. The Doom series (especially classic Doom) is the pinnacle of the FPS genre. The fact that a game from 1993 can maintain such a vibrant and healthy community over twenty years after it was released really is a testament to how important it is to gaming. The modding community is strong and still churns out great experiences on a regular basis. I don't think any other game has had the same impact that Doom had when it released. 9. Of all the games in the series, Doom 3 has easily aged the worst but I don't think that has anything to do with the game's quality. When I played Doom 3 for the first time I had a wonderful experience, though Doom 3 clearly isn't a game meant to have high replay value. Doom 3 wasn't trying to be the same as the previous games in the series, it was trying to provide a different type of experience whilst vastly improving graphical techniques.
  2. Share a random fact about yourself

    Same here, except I don't drink energy drinks. I'll drink a pop occasionally, but not very often and it's usually caffeine-free.
  3. Share a random fact about yourself

    I personally am not scared of needles. Though what I am scared of is the person operating the needle. Generally, a needle should be painless when it is inserted into your skin, and it should be painless if the plunger is moved slowly. My worst experience with a needle was in Grade 9, when health services came to the school to give boosters for the tetanus shots we received as infants. The person who injected the booster into my arm pushed the plunger down with the same force you'd use to drive a nail with a hammer, and hurt like an absolute bitch. My arm was sore for several weeks. I seriously wanted to put that needle in his neck and see how he liked being injected that fast. My best experience with a needle was from a couple of years ago after I had just wiped out on a bike going down the side of a mountain. I was lucky enough to only have a large cut down my forehead, no concussion or broken bones. My parents took me to the hospital at the closest town to our campground (which was about half an hour away). The guy who ended up doing my stitches was an intern, and he had to insert a needle into my forehead parallel to my skull to numb the skin so that the stitches wouldn't hurt. Despite needing to put the needle in a much more awkward and sensitive place than my arm, he did a significantly better job than that guy doing the booster shots in Grade 9 did, only using the slightest pressure on the plunger; all that I could actually feel from the needle was the pressure. I think that intern was more adept with a needle than most full doctors.
  4. What did it felt like when you guys started mapping?

    I've been mapping for eight years, largely on and off, starting in 2010. I probably would have started mapping much, much sooner than that as I had seen a cousin using DeaPsea many years prior to this, but my dad discouraged it thanks to his own experience with one of my uncles struggling to map in the 1990s. I was completely isolated for the majority of the time that I've been mapping, only discovering this forum last year when I was having problems with Doom Builder II. I came across Doomworld while I was searching for solutions to my problem; having found none, thought, "Why not ask these people?". That is one of the best decision I have made. Because of this isolation I'd like to imagine that my mapping style is more reminiscent to the more 'classical' styles, particularly that found in TNT: Evilution, since that is my favourite IWAD. I kind of think that being isolated from the community for that long was probably beneficial for me, as it allowed me to grow and develop on my own until I was competent/mature enough to make decent releases and take criticism. Me and my brother both nosedived straight into the deep end of Doom Builder II, and I honestly wouldn't have had it any other way. I'd watched the tutorials on the Doom Builder website, but was still too young to get a firm grasp on most of the more complex concepts (teleporters took me a while). One of my fondest mapping memories was co-creating a map with my brother and seeing how our mish-mash of structures blended together. While my brother hasn't made nearly as many maps as me, he still has a lot of enthusiasm for the things I make and may still open up the editor himself from time-to-time. I started an overambitious megawad project that contained only the most bullshit of mapping techniques, which I have since abandoned thanks to growing up and realizing that none of it was any good. Regardless of the shit I made in my early days, I'm extremely proud of those maps as they represent a gradual progression from no-idea-what-the-hell-I'm-doing to general competency. I still have every map that me and my brother have made, I may choose to revisit them at some point to see if I can refine them into something less... shit. Even though I've been mapping for eight years, I've so far only released one map (which is for Heretic, ironically enough) and am currently contributing to Nova III, which should hopefully be done soon. I'm hoping to further hone my skills as a mapper through contributing to several Community Projects before moving on to one of the two massive personal projects I currently have on the shelf. Making maps when I've got the motivation and inspiration is an absolute joy, and I hope that finally having people other than me and my brother play those maps will make the process even more enjoyable for me.
  5. Nova III - map slots still available

    TNT: Evilution is my favourite of the official IWADs, and I honestly haven't been a part of the Doom Community long enough to really play any of the top community recommended PWADs yet (on top of not having enough time anyway), so naturally I'm going to take a lot of inspiration from that. Actually, this is the second iteration of this map that I've made. The first attempt actually used TNT resources, but I made it before I joined this community project and wasn't happy with the map I was making so I simply started again recycling the same idea (and with much better execution). That version of the map was in the shape of a hexagon which made managing the internal structures extremely difficult thanks to an abundance of awkward angles. In terms of monster/item balancing, I'll do my best to ramp up the difficulty a bit. I must have been in the single map PWAD mindset while making most of this map, since it failed to occur to me that my map probably doesn't fit in episode 3 difficulty wise. I'll try rebalancing with harder monsters from the beginning whilst attempting to keep it pistol-start friendly. I don't think I can do much about the architecture, if I try adding more floors I'll probably need to restructure everything about how the level progresses (and at that point I may as well start all over, which I'm not doing). @amok made quite a few good suggestions that I will keep in mind. And about the midi, feel free to PM me your suggestions. The default Doom II MAP25 midi works, but it doesn't do much in terms of setting the atmosphere. I don't actually know how to modify the resources and add my own stuff to .wad files yet (this is only the second map that I've made for public release), so I'd appreciate the help. If I had the know-how and the software I'd probably make my own composition for this map, but that's beyond my current skillset at the moment. Regardless, thank you for the feedback and I will keep it in mind while trying to improve my map.
  6. I'm really looking forward to playing this. I just put a bunch of TF2 crates and some duplicate trading cards up on the Steam community market, so hopefully I'll have the extra $1 I need before the game is no longer 10% off.
  7. Stephen Hawking Has Died At Age 76

    Humanity has lost another great mind. Whilst most certainly is not the only brilliant mind of his generation, he is most definitely the one who spent the most time in the spotlight. Hopefully this vacancy will encourage new people with new and ambitious ideas to step in and fill the newly created void. Pray that whomever takes this mantle is as selfless and strong as he was. A diagnosis that would have effectively destroyed the spirit of most people did not dwindle his; in fact, it probably strengthened him. He and his frail body have contributed things that very few people of similar ambition and more fortunate circumstances could ever dream to. Like Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and many others before as well as alongside him, Stephen Hawking has expanded the foundation of knowledge on which future scientists will hopefully build upon as we continue attempting to advance ever skyward instead of imploding anticlimactically on the ground. What a beautifully poetic coincidence that Stephen Hawking was born on the day of Galileo's death and passed away on the day of Albert Einstein's birth. The universe is doing a rather terrible job of convincing us that everything is completely random. Methinks I am detecting some kind of cycle, perhaps? Sleep well, dear physicist. May you rest peacefully.
  8. Share a random fact about yourself

    For me, a cemetery is literally one of the most relaxing and peaceful places I can visit. The general atmosphere is just so calming and tranquil that any stress I may have had beforehand just melts away and doesn't return until some time after I've left the cemetery. I find it kind of funny that my experiences with cemeteries are almost the polar opposite of how they are generally depicted in most media that I've seen.
  9. Classic Doom I/II Maps vs. Fan Maps

    I love them all as well! I love every single map in the official IWADs. Hell, I even love Mount-- *Ducks under desk as a brick shatters the window*
  10. The Indefatigable developed, New Blood published Amid Evil released on Steam Early Access yesterday. I haven't seen any threads about this yet so I decided to create my own. This is meant to be another throwback to the mid-late '90s era of FPS classics, this time taking influence from Heretic and Hexen by Raven Software, with most inspiration seemingly coming from Heretic. These influences can be easily seen through the fantasy setting and blue/green mana system used for the weapons, though everything else seems to be turned into overdrive with many examples of pure awesomeness thrown in; for instance, one of the staffs literally rips entire planets out of space and fires them as explosive projectiles. Players collect souls from slain enemies to fill a gauge, and when full, overpowers all weapons in a similar manner to the Tome of Power from Heretic. The game will have seven 'chapters', each of which supposedly features a completely different enemy roster and setting much like HeXen II's individual hubs did, currently there are only three chapters available. I personally love Heretic and HeXen, to the point that my first publicly released map was actually for a Heretic community project. I hope this game has its own expanded lore in a similar fashion to that of Heretic and HeXen, as I really love that kind of stuff. The game runs on the Unreal Engine 4, and it looks like the developers were going for an unusual blend of retro-inspired and modern graphics. Enemy models are low-poly and low-rez textured while seemingly everything else is seemingly of better quality, weapon are highly detailed and special lighting effects enhance the aesthetics. I actually really like this bizarre mish-mash of inconsistent graphical quality, and it isn't such an extreme difference to the point that it looks just plain bad like the vast majority of 3D enemy models I see in the Doom engine. My favourite piece of info about this game so far is this little blurb from the game's store page on Steam: "OPTIMIZED to run on a toaster (a pretty nice toaster)". I love the way the New Bloods handle their written marketing. Hopefully this means that the game should have fewer problems that Ion Maiden... While I haven't been able to play it yet*, I'm confident that if the New Bloods are backing it, this game must have the type of experience I enjoy. *Due to having less than a dollar below the already 10% off $20.51 CAD price in my Steam wallet. Here are some obligatory screenshots I pulled from the Steam store page: And of course, if I don't post this video here someone else will:
  11. Nova III - map slots still available

    Actually this is something I kept in mind while I was making my map, though for a different reason. For the central room that you need the yellow key for I created three possible entries to that area and because of the way I wanted that encounter to work I placed a W1 trigger that closes the bars surrounding the teleporter in each possible entrance. Naturally this made it possible for someone to enter the room, trigger the encounter, press the switch and then inadvertently trigger one of the other W1 linedefs that would have locked them out of the bossfight had I not made the switch SR. Though now that I am aware of the linedef skips I may choose to add an extra W1 lindef to each entrance just in case.
  12. Nova III - map slots still available

    That's a casual playthrough!? You're significantly better at this game than I am! I always forget that linedef skipping is possible, I'll add redundant triggers to reduce the chances of that happening again. Thank you for the demo, it was very helpful!
  13. Nova III - map slots still available

    Okay, here is V3 of my map, which should have the Player 1 Start Spot in the correct place this time (and if it doesn't, I'm clearly not that bright) along with fixing some cosmetic errors I noticed. Another repeat of the map's background info: Platform Base V3 Download If anyone is willing to send me some demos of them playing the map, that'd be greatly appreciated. Also, @Scotty, what's the current status of this project on your end? Have you had time to look over my map yet?
  14. Nova III - map slots still available

    After looking back at the .wad I uploaded, it would seem I forgot to put the Player 1 Start Spot back at the beginning of the map after revamping the bossfight. Thank you for pointing that out, I'll fix it and upload V3. Though that should make it a bit less time consuming for you to playtest the bossfight since that was the only major thing that I changed between versions of the map and I deliberately designed the encounter to be beatable without collecting any resources from the rest of the map (mainly to make my own playtesting less time-consuming), though the only weapons available are the rocket launcher, plasma gun and BFG if you start the map at the bossfight.
  15. Nova III - map slots still available

    I found some time to work on my map and address some of @rdwpa's concerns, hopefully the bossfight is more interesting now as well as more easily approachable with more than one method of fighting. I cut the number of Cybies down from four to two, and also divided the arena into quadrants that the monsters cannot freely pass between (I did this so that there wouldn't be massive clumps of monsters infighting with one another, in V1 the arena was divided into halves). I also added some more monster types to hopefully inject the fight with more variety since that was rather lacking before. A quick repeat of the map's background info: Platform Base V2 Download