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  1. Skeletonpatch

    Teaser pic of "Sonic" movie pretty dang weird

    When it comes to Sonic the Hedgehog, nothing is infinitely preferable than something if it has more than 2 dimensions. I mean, what the actual ass is this?
  2. I haven't, but I would really like to at some point. I plan on seeking out a physical copy at some point in the future. Back on topic with this, our monk has been branded by the Demon Lord, but he doesn't know where the brand came from and now our party is searching an ancient city that sank in the desert millennia ago in hopes of finding information on the brand. The guy who plays as the monk wasn't present at the last session, so we literally stuffed him into a bag of holding to justify his absence and sudden appearance next session. We need to make sure he gets let out before being in there for eight hours, I doubt the guy that plays him would like it very much if at the next session the DM went, "Oh, yeah... You suffocated in a bag of holding..."
  3. Skeletonpatch

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    I really should be working on a paper for university right now. I should be studying for all the exams I need to write in the next three days. Naw, reading all of this won't take that long...
  4. Skeletonpatch

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    Hmmmm... Also, I'm pretty sure there is a translator log at the start of the game written by a prisoner that threatens to 'tear the larynx' out of the 'bitch' in the cell the player starts in if she stares at him again.
  5. Skeletonpatch

    Sandy Petersen Interview (w/ Mahmut Saral)

    This interview is interesting but the translation isn't very good... I feel like the Doom 3 comment in particular may have suffered quite a bit due to that.
  6. Skeletonpatch

    Who is better?

    I think he's trying to make some Frankensprites that resemble the Z-secs from Doom 3. I'd personally pick the ones on the right.
  7. Skeletonpatch

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    I'm assuming that you mean other than Doomguy. I'm glad that the first response to this thread is also the first character that popped into my head when I saw the thread's title. I think if Blackbird wasn't in Strife, the game would have felt lifeless and dull. After Blackbird, probably Caleb followed by Gordon Freeman, Lo Wang and Prisoner 849.
  8. Skeletonpatch

    What were the first videos you watched on Youtube?

    I remember the first time I ever watched YouTube, it was coincidentally the first time my dad ever let me go on the internet. The first videos I ever watched were all LEGO stop-motion animations that I'll probably never find ever again, eventually I found Forrestfire101's channel and he was a staple of my early YouTube days. His videos have actually aged quite well:
  9. It is really starting to annoy me that Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks decided to keep 'Bethesda' in both of their names when the two companies split however many years ago, as any stupid things done independently by one company is going to bleed over into the other's reputation. All the evidence I've seen points the blame for Fallout 76's disastrous dumpster fire of a launch to really poor decisions made at Bethesda Game Studios. As far as I can tell, Bethesda Softworks' first-party studios enjoy a fair amount of autonomy and are more or less able to pursue their own interests without interference. BGS isn't being forced to use the Creation Engine by Bethesda Softworks, the development team at BGS just doesn't want to invest in creating or adapting a new engine despite the fact that not doing so is so moronic that it's hard to comprehend. I kind of wish that Bethesda Softworks would intervene a little more on the game engine side of things, wouldn't it be great if Starfield or The Elder Scrolls VI ran on a fork of idTech? I'd personally love to see that happen, unlikely as that seems now. If the stupid shit from Fallout 76 was Bethesda Softworks' doing, I would expect that Dishonoured 2, Prey and Doom (2016) would have suffered from similar problems as well. Seeing as they didn't (I've happily played all of those games), I don't think there is cause for concern that Fallout 76's problems will in some way have a negative affect on Doom: Eternal. That is the only thing I've ever preordered and I have zero regrets.
  10. Skeletonpatch

    Similarities between Doom and DnD mapping?

    The Cacodemon got it's design and functionality from the Beholder, but its actual appearance was copied from the Astral Dreadnought's face. So the Cacodemon is, in a sense, an amalgamation of the Beholder and the Astral Dreadnought. (By the way I really want a copy of that book just for the cover art alone...)
  11. Skeletonpatch

    Why is the modding community so extremely small?

    This is partly true, but you also seem to be missing a crucial aspect that has already been pointed out: Doom was made with modding in mind and id Software actively encouraged and endorsed the modding of their products. Wolfenstein 3D was released shortly before Doom, so by your logic shouldn't Wolfenstein 3D have more mods? Modding for Wolfenstein 3D most certainly does exist, but that game wasn't built with modders in mind and so the community-created tools are much more difficult to work with by comparison with Doom's. This is why you will more often than not see mods that emulate Wolfenstein 3D's limitations that actually utilize the Doom engine, because it is literally easier to emulate Wolfenstein 3D's style elsewhere than it is to utilize the actual engine. Modern games more often than not are not built to facilitate modding, in fact I'd suspect that most mordern games are built in direct opposition of it. Most big companies do not give a shit about the artistic expression of their customers, and will do everything in their power to limit the possible artistic expression a customer might derive from modifying their product if they think it might have even an infinitesimal chance of harming their profit margins (i.e., they think modding the game will produce a cracked version that can be pirated). Me too!
  12. Skeletonpatch

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I've done this very thing multiple times. I once spent two or three hours working on a single post only to abandon it at the last second. I usually do this when I'm about to post something that I realized I would have regretted in retrospect, or when I realize that I have nothing worth saying in a conversation.
  13. Skeletonpatch

    How do you have your controls set up?

    I use a standard WASD setup for most games, but for most Doom engine games I prefer a more bizarre control scheme: Mouse Controls: Forward: Hold down the mouse wheel Strafe: Hold down right click and move mouse left/right Turn left/right: Move mouse left/right Backwards: Move mouse backwards Fire: Left click Keyboard Controls: Use: Spacebar Automap: Tab Jump: V Crouch: C Look up: X Look down: Z Centre view: B Next inventory item: Left Forward Slash Previous inventory item: Left Shift Use inventory item: Enter Fly/Swim up: F Fly/Swim down: D Start/Stop flying: S Third person camera: L Command prompt: ~
  14. Skeletonpatch

    What is your favorite soda?

    I've met some people who live in Sweden, and it genuinely made me sad when I found out that they'd never heard of Root Beer.
  15. Skeletonpatch

    How important are complex room shapes?

    Those Doom 64 maps disprove nothing. A map that features funny shapes and angles can play like shit, and a map that features a boxy layout can play like shit. Likewise, a map that features funny shapes and angles can play really well, and a map that features a boxy layout can play really well. The geometric complexity of a map is important, but it is not true that a high geometric complexity = a high quality experience, only that one map may potentially look nicer than another. Even then, it is still possible for a boxy map to look better than a geometrically complex map. A map simply needs to be well designed, whether or not that map is boxy is not a determining factor of its quality.