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  1. Skeletonpatch

    Okay then... how many cells for a rocket?

    100 bullets per stimpack, I rarely use the chaingun after I get the plasmagun and I usually end up with a massive stockpile of bullets that never get used. It may be too expensive to be worth it in early maps, but earlier maps should have ample health; after a point I expect ammo pickups to increase and health pickups to decrease which I believe balances out fairly well in the end (at least with my admittedly narrow assumption of how level progression will work in any given MEGAWAD). 10 cells per rocket. As stated above, I rely a lot on the plasmagun after I acquire it and I think 10 cells to be capable or about the same amount of damage as a well-placed rocket (based entirely on conjecture and not in-game stats). Still 10 cells per rocket after the BFG is acquired. I don't think the BFG's added firepower effects the relative value of cells enough to warrant a change in price.
  2. Skeletonpatch

    Share a random fact about yourself

    (Seriously, no one has posted anything after me? Now I have no choice but to double post!) I'm going to be attending a D&D session for Tomb of Horrors today! I've already created outlines for three separate characters and I look forward to seeing them get killed in horrible, horrible ways. I chose two of the characters' races and classes, the third one I determined with die rolls, so this should be fun! Edit: The session lasted nearly eleven hours of real time. Surprisingly, my first character (and the only one I've prepared a sheet for) hasn't died yet and neither have any of the other three characters in my party. The DM was quite surprised by our survival and we made it about a third through the dungeon before quitting due to everyone being exhausted and needing to go to bed. We are now planning on continuing the session at some later time, where our characters will either die or possibly make it out (likely the former).
  3. Skeletonpatch

    Random Image Thread

    My interest in watching those movies just went from 0% to 19378578979027489578902973298759% in ten seconds flat.
  4. (Since we are now permitted to make less serious suggestions again) TheWorldwideChurchofWad.com
  5. My personal choice would be "cacoworld.com", which I believe has already been suggested a couple of times in this thread. According to the website Xaser used, it would cost $8.88/year (No, I am not confusing "cacoward" with "cacoworld", I went to Namecheap and searched for it myself, but my screeshot won't post). I think it has a nice ring to it and will be easily remembered by anyone familiar with Doom, but may not necessarily be familiar with specific individual map names/technical jargon related to Doom or its engine. Also, I really like the sound of "Cacoworld's Cacowards".
  6. Skeletonpatch

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I consider myself to have somewhat messy handwriting, though I wouldn't call it unreadable. Despite this, it always seems that everyone around me has significantly better handwriting than I do, and I'm actively trying to write cleanly while they're not putting any thought into it. Unless I've written something in cursive, in which case I can understand if someone else isn't able to read it to an extent. Though like my normal hand writing, I make a deliberate attempt to make it as legible as possible and will rewrite anything I don't think is clear. My cursive never looks like just a bunch of scribbles, unlike most people's that I see!
  7. Several years ago during a camping trip with my extended family, we were riding our bikes along a mountain trail that we really shouldn't have had bikes on. At one point the trail started getting really steep really fast so I hit the brakes... and accelerated. With no way to slow down I found myself screaming down the trail (both figuratively and literally) brushing up against several of my cousins as I shot past. I barely managed to make a sharp turn, avoiding a head-on collision with a tree, only to find that the trail now had a massive wash-out full of huge rocks. The bike I was on top of was suddenly on top of me and I nearly face-planted into a sharp rock. Thankfully, the bike helmet I had been wearing since I was eight (I was like sixteen when this happened) absorbed most of the impact and I received a scar on my forehead instead of a fractured skull cap. Ironically, earlier in that day I had said multiple times that the helmet would probably hurt me more if I were to crash, I guess the helmet was looking for the opportunity to prove me wrong. *-$200* Whadya mean that wasn't in the form of a question?
  8. Skeletonpatch


    I guess I'll share a spoopy experience I had several years ago: It was during my high school's annual Hallowe'en dance, I was dressed as a generic Sith Lord I think. At one point one of my friends was looking through the glass doors that led to one of the side wings of the school, which at that time was closed off. He jumped and said he had just seen a mysterious glowing girl appear and walk into the computer lab down the hall. One of my other friends pulled out his brand new iPod touch and fired up a shitty ghost/alien detector app he had downloaded for this exact reason. I don't quite remember what we did exactly, if we found a way through the door or if we just stayed in the part of the school that was open, but that detector app fired up like a Geiger counter whenever we got anywhere near where my friend said he saw the ghost. At one point we were startled by a loud bang and abandoned the investigation.
  9. Skeletonpatch

    Level design tropes you use

    I haven't released many maps yet, but I think I've already got some 'tropes' (arguably, I don't consider them tropes). Every map I've make has a radically different feel and it's own set of motifs. When making maps I tend to come up with a central idea, and expand that idea in random directions once I open the editor. I often try to start/end my maps with an entrance/exit teleporter inspired by those from Plutionia. I try to establish a consistent set of motifs to set apart the various kinds of doors I use in my maps (normal, requires key, switch, inaccessible, etc.). I use a lot of teleporter closets. I rarely build my geometry with space included for monster closets, so I just teleport monsters in when I need an ambush/repopulation. I try to make man/demon-built structures look like they may serve some kind of purpose, whilst not conforming to strict realism. I try to strike a healthy balance between symmetry and asymmetry. I don't think it's necessary to favour one over the other. I am a perfectionist and will clean up my automaps as much as possible. If a linedef/sector isn't normally visible, it's flagged as hidden. I often add details to my automaps that serve no gameplay purpose and are only there for aesthetic reasons. Environmental storytelling. I try to make it possible for you to piece together what happened just by paying attention to how an area is decorated. A corpse with a shotgun and brains behind it? That guy wasn't letting the demons get to him. A dead marine at the end of a trail of blood in front of a springboard? Comical training accident. I try to make my texturework look natural, I don't like wallpaper in real life so I don't want my maps to feel like they've just been wallpapered on.
  10. Skeletonpatch


    I'll probably wear my D&D costume around the University again. Hopefully I remember to put it on in the morning instead of the afternoon this time... I might try and find time to play some more Blood, something I've been meaning to do for a while. I've never been interested in scary movies. There's some horror movies I should probably go see at some point, but that genre doesn't really appeal to me. An overabundance of shitty movies trying to pose as the next modern classic probably has something to do with that. Too much shit to sort through... I love Hallowe'en but it's getting harder for me to enjoy it now that I'm an adult.
  11. Skeletonpatch

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I like oranges. And apples. And grapes. And kiwis. And plums. I like a lot of different fruits, though I'll admit that I don't eat them very often even when they're readily available to me... Unless they're mini oranges. Those are irresistible!
  12. Skeletonpatch

    Random Image Thread

    I'm from a farm and have built/repaired many a' barbed wire fence. My reaction to this image wasn't, "people actually collect this crap?", it was more like, "who in the hell would ever use the top four wires to build a fence?". Seriously, those look like they'd be a massive pain in the ass to splice together, and they look like they'd be expensive as hell! I'll admit that I've seen this kind of barbed wire display before here in Canada, but it was in a ghost town that had been converted into a heritage site. The display in question was in an old smithy and was meant to show the various kinds of barbed wire that the blacksmith made in the shop and how they evolved over time.
  13. Skeletonpatch

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I finally managed to make my avatar a GIF! WHOOO!
  14. Skeletonpatch

    So how come a lot of music and games suck now?

    In general, I think that there is always good music, games, movies, shows, books, etc. However, there is always mediocre, bad and terrible shit that gets poured on top of the good. I think part of the reason why it's so much easier to find examples of good culture from a past time period is because the stuff that may have been more popular, but was crap, doesn't hold up and people who aren't blinded by nostalgia will be less likely to revisit the crap from that time period, and will instead rediscover the good stuff and recommend it to others who may be interested in things from that time period. METAPHOR TIME!!! Lets say you have two manure piles. Both of them are embedded with diamonds at varying depths, and the deeper it's buried, the larger it is. One of the piles is fresh and is still being dumped on, the other has been drying for over a decade. Which one would you say is easier to dig through?
  15. Skeletonpatch

    What are your favourite 'Hidden Gems' Games?

    Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue This is one of the first games I played on the PS2 and is an all time favourite of mine. It's aged magically, and even has a rather recent remaster on Steam. This game came from a time when it was still entirely possible for EA to publish a game that's not only good, but downright excellent.