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  1. Blue_Juice_

    Extending the Range of vertical autoaim

    I'm afraid that won't help, the problem isn't the visibility of the target. The problem is that the vertical autoaim won't target enemies that are above or below the player, if the enemy is far enough away. In my reading across this forum, it appears that autoaim is limited to lengths of 1016 units.
  2. I am working on a mapset that has mouselook disabled. I would like to make the maps large and have a degree of long range combat, but the range of vertical autoaim needs to be extended for this to be feasible. I haven't been able to find any simple methods. Does anyone know of any simple methods to fix this, or will I have to delve into zscript for a solution? If I need to implement zscript, do you have any ideas for editing the range?
  3. Blue_Juice_

    Using ACS_Execute in Decorate

    Thanks for catching that error, @Nevander @Graf Zahl Okay thanks. I'll try making a CustomInventory version of the backpack instead.
  4. Blue_Juice_

    Using ACS_Execute in Decorate

    I am trying to create stackable backpacks, and the easiest implementation is to use ACS scripts rather than decorate. I would like to edit the backpack in decorate so that it executes the ammo adjustment scripts upon pickup, using "ACS_Execute", which can be done according to the zdoom wiki ( https://zdoom.org/wiki/ACS_Execute ). It doesn't seem to be working, and there isn't even an error message when I pickup the backpack. The script isn't being called at all. I am able to get the script to work by manually placing "ACS_Execute" on each backpack, and the script works as intended, but I would like to figure out how to get "ACS_Execute" to work in decorate. It will be easier for me to import and remove thing resources into doom builder if i can figure out how to use this feature. I am new to ACS and Decorate so let me know if there are any glaring problems, thanks! My Decorate Script:: ACS Source::