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  1. After having purchased the Best of Boomer Shooters (Booters?) Bundle™, I "promptly" installed and played a bit of each. Here are some "first" impressions and such:


    Hrot is easily the best of the bunch; no contest.


    Officially sanctioned pistol start is the best contemporary feature in this genre revival.


    I never even gave Hellbound or Hedon a shot. The former feels more like a two-thousands game, and the latter is just not for me (and that's fine as far as I'm concerned).


    Where is the pause function!? Even Wiz8 has a pause function! Of course, the booters made on old tech has such features baked in. Still, only Dusk and Hedon seem to have a border option...


    Ion Fury is an example of how much we lost in terms of readability in video games as a whole. :(


    Dread Templar is far more enjoyable than it has any right to be.


    Amid Evil hates you for rebinding keys. Sad. And it just makes me want to play Unreal instead, for some reason.


    I wonder how well a melee build works in Project Warlock...


    Does Dusk have a move down key? For swimming.

  2. With esdf, I don't have to move my left hand to start touch typing. Also, am I the only one who uses the alt key with the thumb? My basic Doom set-up is: weapon 1-7: w, r, wheelup, wheeldown, mouse3, a, and g respectfully use: mouse2 fire: mouse1 and of course forward: e backwards: d strafe left: s strafe right: f I like mouse4 and 5 for vertical movement in games that have that. And that dpi switch as pause.
  3. CorianderCastor

    Should a wad have to be pistol start compatible?

    No, but it tends to be easier to test/make if you do so.
  4. CorianderCastor

    Why'd you choose your title?

    Now that freedom reigns, let's rat ourselves out to the feds. I'll go first: "Running from Evil" is quite possibly the best song ever made by a human; it was even my ringtone for a few years. The whole is a bad joke based off of a quote, that my daily driver is EE, and I mess around with UDMF (Doom) map making.
  5. Thanks mate.

    1. 1Destro3456


      You're either on the wrong profile, or you mean for the RUNNIN_D mod thing

    2. CorianderCastor
    3. 1Destro3456


      You are very much welcome for showing you the best mod on Doom history

  6. CorianderCastor

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    “By proving contraries, truth is made manifest.”
  7. CorianderCastor

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A transhumanist vampire lesbian mod targeting a certain Doom engine, because such a story has the same name.
  8. CorianderCastor

    what resolution do you play doom on

    I play in video mode 1280x960 in full screen desktop mode with render resolution 320x200 with reduced screen size. I miss chunky borders in computer games.
  9. Just because something doesn't make sense, doesn't mean it shouldn't or can't be. The problem with Animosity is that Strife is Strife. It almost certainly requires much more planning and determination to see the finish line. Also: Breakfast Trek is a thing.
  10. CorianderCastor

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Halflings and Gnomes had to share a book, 2e will forever be worst edition!
  11. CorianderCastor

    Casual thoughts on Wolfensten 3d

    They sure are annoying.
  12. CorianderCastor

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    "No one who speaks German could be an evil man."
  13. CorianderCastor

    This needs to be said...

    It was always a good argument for anarchy. Stateism is a hell of a drug and all that.
  14. CorianderCastor

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    I'd shoot'em-up... what do you mean insert credit?
  15. CorianderCastor

    Casual thoughts on Wolfensten 3d

    The Hyrule Fantasy is really the only Zelda game I do replay. Can't stand the tiny annoyances that add up in the other games. Could probably replay Twilight Princess tough, since I haven't played it since the GameCube release. (And maybe Wind Waker someday.) I mean talk about "malaise of repetition": Skyward Sword didn't need to be nearly as long as it is. (And it's still probably the best, or maybe second best, 3D Zelda game.) That was a problem circa the mid aughties to the mid tens in crpgs, games that were stretched to sixty hours that should have been thirty or less. (e.g. Neverwinter Nights 2 OC.)