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  1. PaquoCastor

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    It never is. I missed it when coping, pasting, and reformatting. Not to mention reading the screen after completing the episode. I remember this now. That was annoying; had to straferun into it.
  2. PaquoCastor

    Metaternity 2019

    @Walter confetti Have I explained everything clearly in the op now? Thanks for the help.
  3. PaquoCastor

    Metaternity 2019

    Yes. I would prefer to compile everything into one pke, but that ultimately depends on what is submitted. All music supported by EE. Which at least includes mp3 and ogg. Of course it's still a Doom engine, so midi and mus are of course acceptable. I don't have a full list of supported formats, but it should also support spc. edit: Oh my, the dlls clearly state flac, mod, mp3, ogg, and spc. So try those. Any malicious or abusive bundles. It's a play on malware. So, yes that includes terrywads. If you want a jokey or mockwad, I might put those in a separate episode with a warning, since that's a matter of taste. If you can create something that breaks the rules cleverly, and in good taste, I will probably find a place for it. I want to shoot for balance in map slots, i.e. I want to maximize distance between long levels and hard levels. Short and sweet levels are totally cool. A master megamap is fine too. And of course anyone that wants to use EDF is welcome. In the end, if you can convince me to relax rules, I will.
  4. PaquoCastor

    Good to be back after 23 years

    The DWmegawad Club is worth a look at.
  5. PaquoCastor

    Whats your favorite animes

    The only anime I own is Thermæ Romæ, ... so Thermæ Romæ.
  6. Tried out the modern style full screen hud of Eternity. That look is sublime. I'm too used to my screen border, but this is very tempting. I like how it uses the same layouts of the boom style hud. Choices.

    1. PaquoCastor


      Tried it out with the Doom wads from Midway designers. Is so nice.

  7. PaquoCastor

    Metaternity 2019

    Thanks for explaining that Gez. I clarified and added some rules. All feedback is appreciated.
  8. PaquoCastor

    Metaternity 2019

    Eternity is based on a version of SMMU, so naturally doom format (vanilla, limit-removing, boom) is compatible. UDMF (namespaces doom and eternity) and Hexen format (not recommended) are also compatible. Of course it can also read heretic maps, but I don't know if doom in heretic makes much sense, or if it works. I also recommend that people not use ExtraData, since it is deprecated. But I will allow it. The intent of this project is get more Eternity maps. But of course given the way OP and DMP are going this year, this will allow authors to submit two to three maps to year long projects based on their format preference. My condolences to those who want to map using unique features of EDGE, k8VaVoom, Doom Retro, Doomsday, Risen3D, Legacy, DelphiDoom, Zandronum, ZDaemon, Odamex, Classic RBDoom 3 BFG, or etc. I would love to see UDMF (doom) maps by the way, but the lack of the format is totally cromulent. If I get my map done by the end of the year, it will either be limit removing or UDMF (eternity).
  9. PaquoCastor

    Metaternity 2019

    It's about time. The world could use more Eternity Engine love. They say be the change you want to see, so I thought it would be nice to start an EE community project. So here's the plan: to get as many EE compatible maps together by December 31, 2019 and then I'll compile them into (an) episode(s). The goal is a single pke. Rules as thus: One map per participant per category of single and multi player. Mappers of all skills encouraged to submit Doom 2 maps only Map must be playable in Eternity v. 4.00.00 Map can be any format supported by Eternity Doom (vanilla, limit-removing, boom) and UDMF (doom, eternity) recommended Please state in what format the map is Malwads need not apply i.e. no malicious or abusive maps Eligibility of maps is up to discretion of project leader. Don't worry I'm lenient. Want to use monster specials or secret exits, be my guest, we shall sort it in the end Co-op, DM, and Difficulty "support" encouraged I shoot for HMP not UV as default Jumping is allowed by default State if you want jumping to be disabled via mapinfo No overwriting of base resources, but new assets allowed New music in supported formats Midi, ogg, mp3, spc, mod, flac New textures and skies New monsters, ambient sounds, terrain splashes, scripts, or other Eternity features Please give credit where credit is due Demos encouraged or vods Once submitted, maps are allowed tune-ups Once post deadline, only minor changes are allowed, till final release Let's get mapping, have fun.
  10. Save game buffer is too much of a headache to deal with. It's dynamic after all. Not to mention that Chocolate Doom has an option for that. People who play on era appropriate hardware know what they're getting into. Sure it would be nice to never walk into thou shalln't save, but it's just too limiting and toolless. This looks amazing by the way.
  11. PaquoCastor

    Good to be back after 23 years

    https://onemandoom.blogspot.com I just leave that there. Also, the Master Levels are worth playing (if you have them) as far as I'm concerned. Honestly, just try everything. Most of it is good or better, and they tend to be small files. I personally found all twid wads to be harder than vanilla, but not hard per se. Excepting udtwid of course, i.e. E4.
  12. PaquoCastor

    Any DMP2019

    Thanks. That makes sense.
  13. PaquoCastor

    How the hell is The Simpsons STILL making new episodes?

    Last week I only watch Bob's Burgers. I was too busy playing Overwatch to care about Simpsons or Family Guy. But I stopped playing for Bob's Burgers.
  14. PaquoCastor

    k8VaVoom: no good thing ever dies!

    That's how we get wysiwyg (typically wysiwyg, but it's not inherently bad) garbage. especially since this is usually omitted. This! Also, cool engine. Glad to see a VaVoom I can run. It's historically significant and interesting too.
  15. PaquoCastor

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    I not only finished episode four, I went back and finished the first episode again in EE. I'm not sure if every map is uv-max compatible with EE, but all but e2m6 is completable. I updated my emapinfo with creator tags using the credits section of the readme. I haven't put it on line though. Anyway, I really enjoy this megawad. It's something I could see replaying now and then. Although E4 did get rather tedious there. Not enough rockets/cells for me, so I had to shotgun/chaingun a lot of barons. Part of that is bad ammo management on my part though. There were part I really enjoyed in the episode though, like that cyberdemon fight in e4m9, and the barons that ported in after the staircase at the end of that one map was really cool. I think E3 was my favorite episode, but that could easily change. Definitely looking forward to further releases of Count651 and Miss Bubbles: Doom, Quake, or other even.