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  1. I've been mapping with SLADE3 due to the irrational reason that I could actually manufacture a UDMF map in Doom name space with it with a lot less tinkering than GZDoom Builder despite the fact that I'm probably not going to make maps in that name space. Then I actually liked the editor, and since I very much plan on using EMAPINFO in the future that's one less editor I need anyway. Which is weird since I tend to like a variety of specific tools rather than a swiss army knife. But it's really I put more time in learning SLADE3, and that familiarity makes me like it.
  2. Sometimes I just have to say that the Wraith Corp megawads have one of my favorite doom soundtracks.

  3. The horizontal auto-aim gets on my nerve sometimes, just need to git gud. On the other hand, I need to be less Good-At-Doom.
  4. For some reason those automap screenshots surfaced repressed nightmares of using the Kafkaesque Daggerfall map. (Of course I'm joking, overhead view and knowledge of level curves worked wonders there.) This is truly crafted from fine beauty.
  5. So, like a hip drop? Cool. Honestly I liked the platforming in The Golden Souls, so I'd probably enjoy this more. Due to the games I was raised on, I like it when the character winds up jumps, like Vorticons Keen, or those cinematic platformers, like Blaze Epic's oeuvre. Then again, SMB in the eighties has a learning curve to it compared with the average contemporary indie plat. Nintendo "fixed" that in the super version.
  6. Ergo Consistency argument; i.e. I agree. Thing is far from ready, terrible layout too, needs less linear.
  7. Physics. This is why one shouldn't abstract oblivion but rather abstract nonsense. Consistent contrast is better than meaningless non-chaos no? At least I fixed the invisible walls surrounding a skin column in an other room. Is still a room bigger on the inside. Cause why not?
  8. Tink by Obsidian The Revenant Problem by Revenant100 for Machaward
  9. Creatively bankrupt the wadsicle: Yep, I've been trying to make some sort of three-dimensional playable environment or something.
  10. I can name two maps off the top of my head that I didn't like as much: 16: The Omen and 26: Bunker. I don't think Plutonia is that hard either, TNT has maps that are harder than most of Plutonia actually. Some of the Master Levels aren't walks in the park either. But I think I'd rather replay Perdition's Gate than Plutonia anytime soon, maybe a few maps here and there. Doom II is still my favorite of the official sets. Actually I recently played most of the officially constructed, contracted, and licensed Doom sets this year on normal or higher with quick saves via Eternity. I even managed time to finish Strife. I still need to play the console levels though, maybe PSX TC sometime next year.
  11. I think I have the basic technical skills of map making, now I need to learn what this creativity people talk about is.



    Am I nineties yet?

    1. Anidrex_1009


      Needs more rock. 

    2. geo


      No you're just poor textures. To be 90s you need a nice cramped area. 64 wide hallways is a good start.

    3. 42PercentHealth


      You also need:

      1. Wolfenstein textures mixed with other textures
      2. SS Nazis mixed with other monsters.
      3. Huge areas with just a few imps and/or hitscanners
      4. Small areas with 100+ imps and/or hitscanners (bonus points for including barrels as well)
      5. An invulnerability every time the player has to face anything tougher than a mancubus
      6. Soul spheres in at least every other room
      7. Lava textures that don't do damage
      8. Floor textures that do damage
      9. Progression hidden behind unmarked doors -- player should have to spam walls with the use key or with bullets in order to progress
      10. Monsters stuck in walls

      That ought to do it! ;-)

    4. Anidrex_1009


      Point 8. Hate that crap.

    5. Ichor


      8a. Be Inconsistent with the damaging floors. One floor would do damage, but another would not, with no way of telling which is which.

  12. Eternity auto-switches like that, and I feel like it happens when using the pistol too. But that's probably a bad memory on my part. Usually it's a good thing for a casual playing on Hurt Me Plenty like me.
  13. Your avatar is a thing of sheer beauty.

    1. PaquoCastor


      Thank you kindly. It was a project for my digital arts course where I had to digitize a sketch. I still have the original horse scan and GIMP file, but I lost the physical copy.

  14. I got to an arena with a skybox and after grabbing a BFG and defeating two cyberdemons and a baron nothing happened. I checked the stats and it said all monsters that were spawned were defeated.
  15. I was playing E1A6 of Square and I noticed how much more fun swimming is with fly up/down keys, good thing GZDoom allows binding them to mouse 4/5, unlike some 90s games. Some games take both buttons as one, others just don't have those actions. Then again this is more of an issue with how I play doom engine games: with the border, no crosshair, and either no mouse look (Doom/Chex/Hacx) or much lower vertical sensitivity than horizontal (I like auto-aim).