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  1. PaquoCastor

    How to start Eternity Engine 4.02?

    Did pressing escape (as prompted) not work?
  2. PaquoCastor

    how does the warning system works on doomworld

    anarchism (winky face.)
  3. Don Gorske, that is all.
  4. PaquoCastor

    Anyone else not like Final doom?

    It's been said many times (and many ways,) but Evilution has higher highs and lower lows.
  5. PaquoCastor

    Melee combat in old FPSes

    Ah, the awesome button. I agree close combat in Doom is fun because it's skill-based and risky. Something I've noticed recently is that I do prefer mêlée in most games, even when ranged is better.
  6. PaquoCastor

    What is your favorite map, that you made

    I don't have much released Doom stuff, but I some nice ideas in my gray boxes. I rather enjoy my keen level pack though. I think the ice bridge would be my favorite, but I do like the circular design of the underworld shrine.
  7. PaquoCastor

    what doom source port is your favourite?

    EE is my waifu!
  8. The options lump in heartland forces that.
  9. PaquoCastor

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    I love instapop. I would agree, still good though. Even if I've only beat btsx e1 of those. I can respect that. I thought it was the best looking thing ever when I first played it, heh.
  10. That's a damn shame. Technical problems right? Well, at least EE is one of the few Doom engines to allow "full" mouse binding.
  11. PaquoCastor

    Mapping Formats & what does what

    Yes, it would be most sane to just make a UDMF (Eternity) map, but something in me really wants to do the zany things. I'll make one of those for that project to support more EE love, but @Kappes Buur and @Kurogachii are right. Even if I can't figure out how to get the editors to support it, I 💯 can brute force it, I already made at least two such concept maps. I need to make it just to make it a thing. I'm too lazy to make a rather simple program that opens the wad, reads the textmap, and sets the lindef specials according to the input arguments. (just use the appropriate libraries, which probably means write in python, hurray!) That's the thing I couldn't get either Slade or DBX to support, iirc. Of course just read the editors' source codes to figure out why smashing portions of editor configuration files doesn't work, that's the smart thing to do. Have to find out how, why, and where that all works though. Nah, just configure the textmap lump by hand in a text editor/processor. Although one of those editor removes some hand edits, it's more annoying than helpful, aargh, bargh, and even cargh. I need to look at the progress I did make. Floating point is reason enough to not just use/write a converter. Of course, UDMF (Hexen) might be easier to force. But at that point why not make a Hexen map, except that only like three engines support that, probably. Could possibly add two more if a Doom map in the format (EE and EDGE.)
  12. Why you have to be like that? 😞
  13. @GRAU No love for cardboard (EE?)
  14. PaquoCastor

    Mapping Formats & what does what

    I've always wanted to make a UDMF (Doom) map, but I'm just too lazy to learn enough code to make it not a pita. The spec does show some benefits of doing so, but maybe I'm not reading it right.