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Status Updates posted by PaquoCastor

  1. I played through Sigil with my edits to Kinsie's edits to Results May Vary. Just to see how it is with weapon mods. My conclusion; RMV is unbalanced, heh, but fun.

  2. I made this Sigil demo, because someone told me not to.


    Use an eternity devbuild to view.


    edit: Also, it requires version 1.0 of Sigil.

  3. Tried out the modern style full screen hud of Eternity. That look is sublime. I'm too used to my screen border, but this is very tempting. I like how it uses the same layouts of the boom style hud. Choices.

    1. PaquoCastor


      Tried it out with the Doom wads from Midway designers. Is so nice.

  4. The year is getting close to half time and I spent a decent chunk playing id Software games. I really should get back into level design, and maybe release my Wolf level I've been sitting on. Current idea: learn fabrication of jump pads in eternity. I wonder how far can I take platforming without requiring jumping.

  5. Sometimes I just have to say that the Wraith Corp megawads have one of my favorite doom soundtracks.

  6. I think I have the basic technical skills of map making, now I need to learn what this creativity people talk about is.



    Am I nineties yet?

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    2. 42PercentHealth


      You also need:

      1. Wolfenstein textures mixed with other textures
      2. SS Nazis mixed with other monsters.
      3. Huge areas with just a few imps and/or hitscanners
      4. Small areas with 100+ imps and/or hitscanners (bonus points for including barrels as well)
      5. An invulnerability every time the player has to face anything tougher than a mancubus
      6. Soul spheres in at least every other room
      7. Lava textures that don't do damage
      8. Floor textures that do damage
      9. Progression hidden behind unmarked doors -- player should have to spam walls with the use key or with bullets in order to progress
      10. Monsters stuck in walls

      That ought to do it! ;-)

    3. Anidrex_1009


      Point 8. Hate that crap.

    4. Ichor


      8a. Be Inconsistent with the damaging floors. One floor would do damage, but another would not, with no way of telling which is which.

  7. I was playing E1A6 of Square and I noticed how much more fun swimming is with fly up/down keys, good thing GZDoom allows binding them to mouse 4/5, unlike some 90s games. Some games take both buttons as one, others just don't have those actions. Then again this is more of an issue with how I play doom engine games: with the border, no crosshair, and either no mouse look (Doom/Chex/Hacx) or much lower vertical sensitivity than horizontal (I like auto-aim).