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  1. I think I have the basic technical skills of map making, now I need to learn what this creativity people talk about is.



    Am I nineties yet?

    1. Anidrex_1009


      Needs more rock. 

    2. geo


      No you're just poor textures. To be 90s you need a nice cramped area. 64 wide hallways is a good start.

    3. 42PercentHealth


      You also need:

      1. Wolfenstein textures mixed with other textures
      2. SS Nazis mixed with other monsters.
      3. Huge areas with just a few imps and/or hitscanners
      4. Small areas with 100+ imps and/or hitscanners (bonus points for including barrels as well)
      5. An invulnerability every time the player has to face anything tougher than a mancubus
      6. Soul spheres in at least every other room
      7. Lava textures that don't do damage
      8. Floor textures that do damage
      9. Progression hidden behind unmarked doors -- player should have to spam walls with the use key or with bullets in order to progress
      10. Monsters stuck in walls

      That ought to do it! ;-)

    4. Anidrex_1009


      Point 8. Hate that crap.

    5. Ichor


      8a. Be Inconsistent with the damaging floors. One floor would do damage, but another would not, with no way of telling which is which.

  2. Eternity auto-switches like that, and I feel like it happens when using the pistol too. But that's probably a bad memory on my part. Usually it's a good thing for a casual playing on Hurt Me Plenty like me.
  3. I got to an arena with a skybox and after grabbing a BFG and defeating two cyberdemons and a baron nothing happened. I checked the stats and it said all monsters that were spawned were defeated.
  4. I was playing E1A6 of Square and I noticed how much more fun swimming is with fly up/down keys, good thing GZDoom allows binding them to mouse 4/5, unlike some 90s games. Some games take both buttons as one, others just don't have those actions. Then again this is more of an issue with how I play doom engine games: with the border, no crosshair, and either no mouse look (Doom/Chex/Hacx) or much lower vertical sensitivity than horizontal (I like auto-aim).

  5. I thought the top 100 list has some known inaccuracies, so I could see that. I still need to finish Final Doom, I'm currently working on Evilution again. I think I like Sieban's and Mustaine's styles over the Casali Brothers. It's like Jimmy Sieban does what I like about Petersen maps without the same flaws, and Tom Mustaine has a similar style to McGee, which makes sense. Also I'm bad at Doom; I tank homing missiles with my face and strafe into imp balls. I have finished Hell to Pay for what that's worth.
  6. Josh Sawyer? I wonder If I'll even be on long enough for a custom title. Eh, time shall tell.
  7. I couldn't figure out how to finish the level. This is a mostly linear frag fest with battle arenas, was fun enough honestly. Also very hard? Nightmare is the harder than hard right? I ignored that and played on normal.
  8. Does Second Life count? Also, let's just admit that G4 was the Eternal September for My Little Pony.
  9. I'm too pedestrian for cheeses so nut butters. Or if I'm not feeling very patriotic, pasta!
  10. +1 for Rise of the Wool Ball, recently beat it on hard. I'd also like to mention skinnyman.wad, that was unexpected and fascinating.
  11. @Urthar Great compilation, the map names and text screens are icing on the cake. @Egg Boy Heh, some e1m1, eh? Also nice hellish entryway. Well I noticed some errors in my map, some missing textures and a zero-length linedef, and I wanted void columns but was using an outdated editor so I made a revision which you can get here. Hmm, if my calculations are accurate we only need one more map for a megawad, fantastic.
  12. Whew, that took less time then I thought it would, I got bored and did a remake from scratch instead of memory: Meh, close enough. Tested with Chocolate, Eternity, and GZdoom; because why not? Download
  13. Downloaded straight from Devbuilds and saving then loading during an expansion didn't crash the game. Thanks for the speedy fix.
  14. I was playing through the Master Levels via the in game browser and when I tried to quick load the game crashed with P_ArchivePlayers: inventory size mismatch, tested that the same thing happens when loading No Rest for the Living via episode select. Saves work fine when loading the wads via -file. I tested this on 3.42.02, 3.42.03a, x64-3.42.03a, and x64-3.43.03a-10. Master Levels loading worked on version r3.40.46-167-gdb21379 which I had lying about on a another drive.
  15. Define friends, cause I don't really have those, maybe buddies who have some little things in common. I even feel like an oddball at a furry convention. Of course I could barely manage to have a conversation with fellow classmates about any game besides the most popular ones, it's the way it is. I couldn't even get the IT LAN parties at my high school to play anything besides Halo, Quake 3, or Unreal Tournament 3. I did submit a ZDoom map thingie as a CompSci project at university though, so there's that. Sadly I have misplaced it. It was the same course I submitted what is now my avatar: the "hipster horze."
  16. Sorry I was neither clear nor very descriptive. To recreate: Start the Eternity Engine with Doom 2 (either 1.9 or bfg) Select new game Select either No Rest for the Living or Master Levels Alternatively open the menu and start the Master Levels browser If Master Levels select a wad Save the game via the menu or by quick save Load the game via the menu or by quick load Engine crashes to terminal with P_ArchivePlayers: inventory size mismatch as the penultimate line (before press any key) Hopefully this helps. I'd be very appreciative if someone can test this to see whether it's an engine or user error. Thank you for your time.
  17. Abstract and outdoorsy Medium to easy I guess A fun challenge, usually Short, definitely short Neither, I like Petersen maps
  18. Because I am who I am, I have three answers to that question. First would be Neverwinter Nights, the latter one, since it was the game that got me into my Western RPG addiction I'm recovering from. It's also the one I seem to revisit the most. Next would be Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, if that counts, since I beat it like twenty or so times and played for over two hundred hours. Something addicting about that game. Lastly would be Alpha Protocol since Obsidian Entertainment is my favorite RPG dev and that's the one I probably enjoyed the most. Of course there are many other great RPGs of Different subgenres, like Stone Soup, but I'd like to keep this to a top three for arbitrary reasons. Since Elder Scrolls was mentioned, I'd just like to say that Morrowind feels like a black sheep to me, I just can't get into that game. Last time I tried I stayed on level one why doing guild quests and meh, too slow and not enough dungeon crawling. I mean those half-hour to an hour long crawls is why Daggerfall is probably my favorite of that franchise, and that character creation tool.
  19. Does Hacx count, oh wait not a full 32. Then Maybe Cyberdreams, that's where I learned about shootable switches so, ... I know I was introduced early to Alien Vendetta, Hell Revealed 2, and Momento Mori early on via co-op through Player Connector though. I don't think I really was keen on finishing megawads, or much of anything doom, until Classic Complete dropped on PSN. I then went into a lax purist mode and insisted on using Chocolate Doom as much as possible, which resulted in me finally beating most of the Id and Raven Iwads. So Batman Doom is very likely the first I beat. Go Ace Team.
  20. Strife made Freedom Planet, but I think the Taxman worked on the engine for the sequel. Personally I found Freedom Planet a little over-rated and that Spark the Electric Jester is a better balance of combat and platforming with saner boss fights. I did finish both and would totally play Freedom Planet 2. As for Sonic Mania, I'll probably pick it up cheep with Forces, I still need to hunt down some of the older titles first, it's not like Zelda or Mario where I have already finished most of the main series. Plus, there is always more time for some Amy in Sonic 1.
  21. That looks like it would cost $10 for one pint. Hey I know that brand, my brother used to get that. Now he's more likely to purchase Graeter's. I've been getting Lactaid recently, it's quite good for no lactose, and a good value. Too bad they don't have mocha chip or something.
  22. Added this to autoload, but I'd like to mention that GZdoom (x64-3.2pre392) conks out when trying to use Delaweare, Rise of the Wool Ball, or Blade of Agony as the iwad with a gamedefaults.txt not found error. Loading these as pwads with doom2.wad works for the first two but not BoA (game seems to work fine, just no nums.) It does seems to just work with every other game in iwadinfo however.
  23. I made an FDA in Eternity here of revision one. It may be a little too easy to cheese the encounters, but it was still rather fun, and I like small maps.
  24. I don't know if I'm doing this right, but I made an demo using Eternity's vanilla switch. I'll probably try this out without infinitely tall actors sometime, and do actual FDAs in the future. edit: Here's an Eternity Engine demo, I quit because it was 3hard5me. I'll try save scumming, and if I have anything to say, I'll report back.