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  1. Seemed to work in EE. Also it's nice to see these kind of demonstrations, scripting in vanilla is neat.
  2. PaquoCastor

    Castlevania Fans?

    Circle of the Moon is one of those rare games that I beat tens of times and spent over two hundred hours playing.
  3. PaquoCastor

    Your favorite Master levels!

    Paradox is best, because Mustaine is best.
  4. PaquoCastor

    Iron Maiden files trademark suit against Ion Maiden

    Fury does a number on me due to my speech impediment, so when I talk about it it's going to sound more like Ion Furry or Ion Fairy.
  5. PaquoCastor

    Is Doom 3's level design bad?

    No. Might not be great, but I wouldn't say bad. I mean there are some open areas and gimmicky sections. But The real problem is that there are so many redundancies in the game, especially in its fear factor. And a lot of the game is strolling through an area while listening to audio logs where the monster spawn once you activate some trigger. But hey, at least it has id gun play.
  6. PaquoCastor

    A Doom Collab?

    Fun fact, there are more engine with some sort of mapinfo than those listed (like a certain fork of the prodigal son.) Not sure how many support episode definition though, but I'd be surprised if EDGE didn't. I'd assume k8Vavoom has it too. So vanilla compatible could be made to work with a variety of ports. Although the best case would be if all engines supported umapinfo, but hey, at least two do. But otherwise, yes, what Pegleg said. Once you have an idea and a few showcase maps, you can come back and start a community project, and you will probably get volunteers. Relevant thread to read.
  7. PaquoCastor

    My gripes with Doom II

    Part of why I like Doom more than Duke is the abstractness, it's more fun. But also Duke is too hard on the easiest difficulty when coming from id Software shooters. I tend to like Doom II mods more than UDoom for the bestiary rather than the armory. But why do I like Doom II more, maybe nostalgia, since I did play it on the GBA before I played much of later episodes of UDoom. I, however, think it's the level design, mainly McGee. Also I have much more fun blasting through "The Space Station" than "Knee Deep in the Dead." And I played a lot of shareware doom before anything else. Also: Doom never took place on Mars. That's 3/NuDoom.
  8. PaquoCastor

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    Oi, I'm one of those play things on normal persons. Even IWADS! Also to: I am a counterexample to this claimed for all. I was playing mods around the time I picked up doom. I used cheats in games as a child, didn't care. For Doom, I didn't actually finish any Iwad until Doom Classic Complete on PSN. Which was 2011 or something, and I played on "baby," I am terribad at gamepad fps play. Didn't complete RDoom on hard till years later in EE. Just checked, it was 2017. Same year I finally beat Final Doom, and on normal no less. Didn't get doom till around 2004; the Doom 3 re-release. Did the same thing with most pc games with mods, took till college till I actually played thing purer, and that's due to DCC, chocolate, and getting annoyed by fan patches to popular crpgs. Still tend to go to mod stuff before I finish a game though, if it's levels and non-intrusive. I was playing modules for Neverwinter Nights before I eventually pulled my hair out playing the banal OC. I tend not to play on baby or nightmare, because that really messes me up. I get too used to half damage if I play it too long. My thing with creation is that end-user and creator should respect one another, but that's just lofty buzzwords. I don't like lillith.pk3, but I think it is art. I really like Jenesis, BTSX, and Fruit Salad, but I never managed to finish any of these. Got burned out with Tower in the Fountain of Sparks by level 16, couldn't get past either of level 27 or 28 of Jenesis, which @Jimmy is broken in EE, but I managed to fix it, and never finished the last level of Fruit Salad. Still enjoy them, might get back into them some day. I think difficulty placements are a nice luxury, not a right. Also preserving the artistic vision is nice. I actually got annoyed by the removed cybers in Sigil myself. It's fine though. I will play things till I am no longer having fun, but if I like it I might try again, that's the respect I'll try to give the creators. And I'll cheat to look at stuff, but that's not playing the set, but quicksaving is not cheating! Save scumming, maybe, but I only save when it's safe, break of the action thing anyway. I also keep enter level saves, if I screw the pooch, I can just start the level from how I entered it, or even pistol start if I have to, most maps are designed around it anyway. I've not much experience as a level developer yet, but I did get slightly irked when I saw @Lingyan203 play my Keen set (which has not been updated on the keen wiki, and I don't know who to talk to about that) and use God mode to get optional goodies. Maybe I borrowed too much from id's playbook there with the bs, but it's optional, I didn't think anyone would need cheats or would try to max a one hit point game. But that's the way I think I'd design doom maps, not for uv-max, but the way I play. I'm sure he had his reason, and I'm really glad that he played through my levels, it's great to see that level of feedback, now if only I could get someone to play my Wolf3D level. And that's something I find interesting, the spectrum of difficulty. For example Keen Galaxy: Keen 6 is easier than 5 or 4 on hard, but harder than 4 or 5 on easy. At least for me. I beat 4 and 5 saveless on easy, but only managed to beat 6 vortstyle (no in-level saves) on hard. I'd say 6 is narrower in difficulty changes than the other two. I think Plutonia is kind of like that compared to other IWADs. But that's not a bad thing at all. I've always felt like RDoom was built around normal difficulty, look at all those stuck monsters on hard, heh. Oh, and revenants are low-tier enemies, change my mind.
  9. PaquoCastor

    Top 5 Essential WADs

    No End in Sight Back to Saturn X Eviternity Fruit Salad lilith.pk3 That's broad yet contemporary.
  10. I managed to play through every level and find every exit, standard and secret, in every level, I think. I think the secret exit in the first bonus level wasn't that tricky to figure out. I think only a few levels had cryptic secret exits. Map02 and map08, with the latter being far worse. And some levels are more fun with one exit instead of the other, like map05 secret and map08 standard. I think 04 was the only meh boss stage, with map07 having that annoying mancubi on a thin bridge part. I assume that was inspired by "Hectic" of Doom 64. The city level was, by far, my least favorite in the bunch. Not nearly as good as the good Doom II city maps. Some elevator usage in maps seemed odd, but when in Boom? The third bonus map was really cool. Overall, it's a great set, and I'll be sure to play more when it's done.
  11. PaquoCastor

    What is your favourite episode 1 level?

    All in all, I'd have to say "Knee Deep in the Dead" is my least favorite episode of Doom, probably of even RDoom or UDoom. Part of how accurate I'd say DTWID is is how my favorite episode of it is the second with the first being worse by far than the third. This is not to say that Knee Deep is bad, no it's rather good, but I just prefer to run through the other episodes, since they are there, and are more fun with greater variety. Though I'd much rather run through episode one of Doom II than any episode of UDoom. As far as my favorite, It has to be "Military Base." It's quite a blast on UV pistol start; with such lovely architecture.
  12. PaquoCastor

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Whispers of Satan

    If anyone wants to run through with EE, I made an EMAPINFO wad. Normal progression of map35 doesn't seem to work in EE, but the secret exit is doable. Not sure about map34, but everything else should be fine. Also adds creator tags to each level. But I didn't know who made the warp zone. It also lacks a level tag, which is probably better, I guess.
  13. PaquoCastor

    Binding two actions to a single key

    I would like the ability to bind flyup and jump to the same key. Is it possible? I don't know how to call actions from the console. So the classic alias approach doesn't seem to work. This isn't an issue until Hexen support or a mod that requires flying and jumping.
  14. PaquoCastor

    What is your favourite episode 2 level?

    That dang crusher trap got me in my first uv playthrough so hard I stopped playing, only to return to it years later to get hit by it again. I will never forget "Halls of the Damned" because of that. But the reason I'd say it's my favorite map: I just love how dandy-esque it feels. I think I'd say that "The Shores of Hell" is my favorite episode of UDoom. "Refinery" and "Fortress of Mystery" are my two least favorite levels of the episode. Also, "Tower of Babel" is my favorite of the boss levels in registered Doom.
  15. PaquoCastor

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    I agree, and if you don't like fiddling around with the command line, there's always a launcher. Hmm, is there any launcher that has a complevel drop down box (Preferably with short descriptions?) If prBoom+ was more complex it could always support a lump or file that could be read by the engine to automate this. GZDoom has gameinfo and EE has GFSs. Something like that with cl support could allow modders to make it Just Worktm.
  16. PaquoCastor

    Improving the link to the Eternity subforum

    Sure, be my guest. Might be a better way of phrasing that, but I'm drawing a blank.
  17. PaquoCastor

    Improving the link to the Eternity subforum

    I always preferred EE to just Eternity. Just sounds nicer. I've always seen EE as the continuation of the spirit of Boom. Extend the engine for modders and players while preserving the feel of Doom. That other engine has always seemed more like comp level Doom to me. 🤷‍♀️
  18. PaquoCastor

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    What is gained from merging EE and prBoom+? And there are some significant differences between the ui of both ports, so which design decisions win? Because I would rather not live in a time line where EE has prBoom+'s menus or odd multi-message system. There are other things about prBoom+ that make me rather used a different engine to play some Doom. I just use it to view demos. If I was a runner, then I'd probably use it to play too. Although Crispy and Chocolate exists, so... Of course fixing -vanilla and adding -boom and -mbf seem rather useful, what I most want is scripting and Heretic/Hexen support. But I would most prefer the devs do what they feel is best.
  19. I love this concept, and would love to see it in the occasional level pack. I played a little bit in GZDoom, since EE doesn't support this yet. I used an older devbuild, so the intermission for map08 appeared. I noticed something that seemed wrong:
  20. PaquoCastor

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    Yes, the first letter being lowercase feels better, I didn't even think about that. Also, I said xBoom too: extended Boom. I think universal Boom is better though.
  21. PaquoCastor

    a "deluxe edition" of the Master Levels

    Well that Mustaine map has always been a mess on HMP, but tagging the blue key for medium skill would be a minor qol change. Part of the fun of a collection like this is curation and continuous play, but I've no experience in music collection. I'd love to see what @Xaser and @kmxexii could input on level order and music selection. But yes, these maps are playable pistol start, so I'm glad it's optional. I'd set it off by default myself. If this is going to require Doom Complete, might I suggest auto loading that IWAD, if dragging and dropping, via GAMEINFO? I mean if UDoom is not included it could be a problem, but I think it might be better. I don't think Mustaine's Final Doom maps are necessary, but I see no issue with them being included. It's not like his works were part of a bigger collection like Anderson's. Also what features of MAPINFO are we talking about? I don't recall EMAPINFO having pistol start functionality though. And I don't think EE likes underscores in internal map names. There's something it doesn't like about Doom Complete. It loads Plutonia's MAP01, heh. I think supporting EE would truly require a remake, definitely a unique EMAPINFO. So that's up to someone who loves EE to do. But most of the other Master Levels collections, both commercial and deluxe, are ZDoom family only, so I'm okay with this being so as well. This is great, and very convenient. I am excited to see this become the standard method of playing through the extended works from the masters.
  22. PaquoCastor

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    Cool, new version. E2M6 still won't work in strict engines, oh well.
  23. Uhm, starport, I meant starport. "The Crusher" is an example of a great level with a cool theme. Also, "Mt. Erebus," "Abaddon's Void," "Dead Simple," "Against Thee Wickedly," "Deimos Anomaly," "Industrial Zone," and "Barrels of Fun." I could go on, but that's quite enough. Also, red brick Hell is cool.
  24. PaquoCastor

    What is your favourite episode 4 level?

    It's no suprise that McGee is my favorite of the id team when it comes to level design, but I have to give it to E4M6. It might be nostalgia, but when I first played through episode four on PS3, it's the one that stuck out the most. I actually like most of E4. I don't like Green's maps as much as others though, but I'd rather play these than "Bloodfalls." "Fear" is a close second though. And I actually like M4 more than M1, but like both less than other McGee maps. I think that is what E4 is to me, some good maps by various authors, but not as good as their other work. I like the Willits and Anderson maps of the Master Levels more. So Romero really did bring the best here, and it makes sense that his levels are at the forefront of this poll. But he had great Doom II levels too. So are we going to do this with E1, E2 and D2? I'd suggest splitting D2 into its three episodes. Although we already know that E2M2 would win it's poll, heh.
  25. PaquoCastor

    What is your favourite episode 3 level?

    I have to give it to "Mt. Erebus," just a great level through and through. I also really like M2 and M7. There's so many radsuits, that it's your poor navigational skills if you take a lot of sector damage in "Limbo." That's better punishment than you held down move forward for a tic too long and now you're in a death pit, but I digress. M3 is my usual stopping point, but it's actually a good level. So are M1, M4, and M5. Even "Dis" isn't bad, but it got slaughtered by continuous play. It might be odd, but I prefer E3M1 over E3M9. I like punchy levels, and it's better when shorter. Less is more! In fact I only really like the secret levels in episodes one and four of UDoom.