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  1. hello guys, after playing some wads recently and going back and forth between ultimate doom and doom 2, it seems that maps that utilize the super shotgun seem easier to finish rather than ones without it. maybe this is just me, but i feel like the super shotgun is pretty damn good. in fact, so good it can very well be used above all other guns in the game, other than the BFG. this is obviously just my opinion, however i would like some debate and hear what you guys think about it. i notice a trend in some mapsets that the super shotgun gets placed when apporaching hordes of monsters (large packs in this instance, not so much slaughter tier) whether it be revenants, hell knights, or even barons.. but can't help but notice that it largely dimishes the difficulty of facing high and mid tier monsters. imagine if you will in this same scenario, the super shotgun were replaced with say, the rocket launcher? it would seem like it would provide the best firepower along with splash damage needed to face packs, yet i hardly see some scenarios like this play out. it usually ends up with the fomer, a lone super shotgun and a box of shells. i wanna say that in no way shape or form am i complaining (hell the super shotgun is my favorite weapon) , but playing mapsets at 4AM in the morning, while running on 5 hours of sleep leads to me provoking thoughts like this regarding difficulty. sooo.. thoughts?
  2. playboi carti

    Games you play with special rules

    complete morrowind without finding the 'boots of blinding speed'. it's literally a nightmare once you're used to levitating around the map at 500mph on previous saves.. (or you could just try rolling a argonian or khajit for the same experience).
  3. playboi carti

    What's your favorite death animation in any game?

    cant forget the 'critical hit' animation with energy weapons, where human npcs literally turn into goo with there skeleton falling down shortly after... since i always rolled small guns in fo2, blowing somebody to pieces with shotguns was always satisfying for me (i think fallout gets slept on by most people when regarding how violent it was...)
  4. playboi carti

    coming back after a 3 year hiatus

    i'm glad someone else notices this as well, i noticed how most maps (especially in valiant and aaliens) were fast pasted-somewhat linear levels forcing the player to push forward or get murdered by crowds. when i say crowds i don't necessarily refer to slaughter map tier groups, but just like 4 or 5 imps or shotgunners clustered in packs as an example. difficulty setting do indeed matter haha.
  5. playboi carti

    coming back after a 3 year hiatus

    so after a playthrough of about 10 levels each from ancient aliens, and jpcp. i'm really enjoying the progress of level design that has changed compared to a few years ago. when i last played doom wads, it seemed like authors were more focused on the aesthetics, and how pretty the maps look rather than monster placement (my biggest factor in determining if a mapset is good or not). then we flash to 2017... the maps that you guys have provided, (have yet to try the ones you listed fraggle lol apologizes i need to download all of those real quick) were not just really well paced, but shown great usage of traps, monster placement (with hitscanners AND projectile enemies! something i loved) but also focused on aesthetics secondary to the gameplay, something that really makes me happy to see. thank you everyone for reintroducing my interest in this community, you're all awesome EDIT: did i forget to mention these wads were tough? haha, but yeah along with great gameplay they really humbled my skill quite a bit. I actually needed to play these on HMP because UV was kicking my ass pretty bad. i guess that's what you get for not playing in over 1000 days...
  6. playboi carti

    coming back after a 3 year hiatus

    gotcha thanks man
  7. playboi carti

    coming back after a 3 year hiatus

    i apologize for double posting, but what source would be best to play modern wads? chocolate doom seems to have an error everytime i run these wads, and i am open to different source ports.
  8. playboi carti

    coming back after a 3 year hiatus

    will do actually! I just got home, and im downloading these wads as we speak
  9. playboi carti

    coming back after a 3 year hiatus

    thanks guys, appreciate the help. and yes doomgater played on UV. but did uv-fast for doom 1, i played it so many times its easy for me lol.
  10. playboi carti

    coming back after a 3 year hiatus

    yes. i finished up the pwads this week.
  11. playboi carti

    coming back after a 3 year hiatus

    so i haven't played doom in around 2 or 3 years, and the last thing i really used was GZDoom and i forgot all the wads that are really essential to having a great community experience. its a long shot but can anybody sort of tell me what i missed in these few years? the thing that got me back to doom was the new release (well, new as in most recent obviously). im really itching to get back with the game and all, but i have no clue where to start lol.