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  1. For me it would be the Magnavox Odyssey that my Dad had growing up. He was moving to another state and asked if I wanted it. It doesn't work but it is cool to have.
  2. TMAD

    what would a wolfenstein movie look like?

    WW2 John Wick
  3. TMAD

    OK who is the other doomguy in the box art

    I once heard somewhere that they made that guy into the player character from Doom 3. Don't know how accurate that is though.
  4. TMAD

    Favorite DOOM game

    For me it has to be the first Doom when it comes to single player without mods. Doom 2 is good but when I play vanilla I find myself playing Doom 1 more than Doom 2.
  5. TMAD

    whats your favorite doom music track?

    Doom At Doom's Gate Intermission Nobody Told Me About id Doom II Intermission Shawn's Got the Shotgun also I am a big fan of the BFG Division
  6. TMAD

    whats your most hated doom 1 or 2 enemy?

    For me it would have to be the Lost Souls. They get in your way and take way too long to kill. For Doom 2 then by extension it would have to be the Pain Elementals. Spawning more Lost Souls as an attack is annoying, and then they spawn more lost souls when they die.
  7. TMAD

    Would it be cheating if i..

    In my view as long as you are enjoying the game, who cares. It is a single player game and what others have stated and what I think is that you should have fun with the game. There will all ways be someone who disagrees with how you play Doom. I also bet there is someone out there who prefers to play Doom on a computer from 1993 and insists that is the best way to play the game. Just enjoy the game and have fun.
  8. TMAD

    Doom's charm...

    For me what makes it a good game is the gameplay, the music and the modding. The modding is something that makes it so when I get tired of the vanilla maps that the game came with I can download a random wad and try something new. The music for Doom is what made me get into metal music as well.
  9. TMAD

    Good Movie Soundtracks

    I recently watched the first two John Wick movies and one thing that stood out to me was how much I enjoyed the soundtrack.
  10. TMAD


    I also love how we can read the source code for the engine and learn from it.
  11. TMAD

    Commander Keen — Official E3 Announcement

    For me the worst part is that for a lot of people this will be their first experience with the Commander Keen series.
  12. My favorite FPS games. Quake 3 Half Life Doom Unreal Star Wars Republic Commando Serious Sam Halo Reach
  13. TMAD

    Share a random fact about yourself

    15 years ago when I was in third grade I broke my arm at recess. Now as a result the arm that I broke is 1 inch longer than the other.
  14. I am from South Dakota
  15. TMAD


    Merry Christmas guys