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  1. Tingsing

    3d floors: horizon workarounds?

    So, at this point I'm just making the outdoor area so big that you can't see the edge anyway. The only thing I worry about is the map size being too big (not just in terms of file size) but if I remember right, there can be rendering issues if the map is too big. I could be wrong on that though. Here's what I'm at currently. In game, you can still see the edge of the outdoor sector if you look at it at an angle, but it looks endless if you're viewing the edge face-on. Is this a problematic way to go about this method? Otherwise this seems to solve my problem for now.
  2. Tingsing

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Rooftop map. Part of a ~10 map coop Wad I'm making.
  3. Tingsing

    3d floors: horizon workarounds?

    Here's the map I'm working on that I cut from the whole wad. Its MAP01. The dummy sector is outside of the main play area, to the right, separate from the other dummy sectors. Maybe someone can mess around with this and find a solution? Again, MUCH appreciated. And thank you for the help so far! I test using GZDoom g3.2.5 with hardware rendering. The map itself requires jumping, but you start outside anyway which is all you really need to see. aaahelp.zip
  4. Tingsing

    3d floors: horizon workarounds?

    I wondered if there were some sector portal shenanigans you could pull, I hadn't tried it yet though. Thanks for experimenting!
  5. Hey everyone, I've been working for hours trying to get a cloudy horizon effect working on my map and its driving me bonkers lol. I'll post some screenshots showing what I'm dealing with below. This is the effect I'm looking for, but I would like to have a horizon effect on this fake floor (this is using sector set 3D floor). Here's what happens if I use Transfer Heights: As you can see, this gives me the horizon effect I'm looking for, but this gives me a few problems. You'll notice the fake floor isn't translucent anymore. I can't figure out how to achieve this effect with transfer heights. Here is another issue: When entering an area outside, below the fake floor, I want it to be a dark+foggy effect. Using Transfer Heights, you can't see outside if you're below the fake floor., all you see is the skybox viewpoint. Example: Now, I can solve this if I use 3D floors, but again, I won't have the horizon effect on the fake floors. Here's what the above problem looks like with 3D floors: That looks a little better. Remember, this is below the fake floor, and here's what this looks like when I get closer to the edge of the map. No horizon on the 3d floors. It cuts off at the edge of the sector. If I remember right, theres nothing you can do when it comes to giving 3d floors a horizon, and since 3d floors seem to be the closest I can get to achieving this effect, I was wondering if there are any workarounds via scripting or otherwise, or if theres something I can do for a similar effect. Sorry if this was formatted badly or if the images are way too large, I've posted here maybe 3 times in my life and its probably been 3+ years since my last time. Any help is HIGHLY appreciated!! Thank you for reading.
  6. Do you just mean cluttering the ceiling with stuff in order to stop you? That could be an interesting solution, if the ceiling isn't too high. Unless I'm understanding you wrong lol
  7. I thought of using 9999 to teleport back, and I guess that's good enough for my situation. And I see what you mean, even if I lower the floor I feel like one could still get through the whole thing, although at that point they definitely deserve it haha
  8. This is a question I've had for a while, I'm a fan of "platforming" sections and I love making them myself, however depending on the size or structure of a platforming section, I notice its possible to rocket jump to a further point in the platforming section in order to shortcut. This is something I'd like to prevent. I attached a couple images describing my most recent example. I don't want the floor to insta kill, but I'm thinking during online coop (which is what I'm going for in this WAD) then insta kill may not be terrible. However I would like to see if I could solve this problem for the sake of it not being an issue in the future. So I'm asking everybody for any suggestions on what could be done to prevent any form of shortcutting, via rocket jumping. Thanks in advance!
  9. Tingsing

    Official Tutorial Request Thread

    I would like to see a tutorial on making a large, open area (maybe a "platforming" section) inaccessible to rocket jumping, any ideas I come up with seem to have a work around to shortcut through the level or through a section.
  10. Tingsing

    MAP01 not showing up in Doom Builder

    Thank you for the tip and everybody else for helping.
  11. Tingsing

    MAP01 not showing up in Doom Builder

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ld70xsq4apz29oy/UltraThing.wad?dl=0 Here is a link to the .wad file. I get that, I neglected to mention that I checked each configuration and MAP01 didn't appear for any of them. I hope this was just a simple mistake or oversight from messing around in SLADE without a good amount of experience. Lol
  12. So, I currently have 5 maps in my .wad, all of which are configured as UDMF. However, MAP01 does not show up in my map list when I open the .wad file. The map does still exist if I idclev01 to the map, so I know it is still in the .wad, I just can't seem to find it in the map selector, even if I try different configurations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I stopped noticing the map on the map select screen after making some changes in Slade, but I don't know what I could have done there to cause this. Thanks in advance!