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  1. qweqioweuo123

    reception of doom when it came out

    I was atoddler like most here were, and got to play it years latter. I would imagine people went nuts about it. Even myself went nuts when i saw this game, years after the release.
  2. qweqioweuo123

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    very nice. can you make this work with "PerK's Smoother Weapon Animations Enhanced"? i cant play doom anymore withotu the smooth weapon animations
  3. qweqioweuo123

    how much complexity can modern CPUs run?

    did you try gzdoom?
  4. can the modern ryzen cpus run super complex maps with tons of enemies in smooth fps? maybe we can take advantage of new cpus to create insanely big maps with 1000000000000s of enemies i remember back then with my quadcore from 2008 i had problems with deus vult (the one which had to be split in 5 maps because it was too big)
  5. qweqioweuo123

    wads which play nicely on a phone

    for me the gyroscope is useless, it just too weird for me to get any usefulness from
  6. qweqioweuo123

    wads which play nicely on a phone

    i already got those i get bored fast with doom maps because it lacks all of the doom 2 new enemies and ss
  7. qweqioweuo123

    wads which play nicely on a phone

    looks cool but i want doom2.wad wads
  8. qweqioweuo123

    Quad Touch

    Anyone knows how to enable realtime shadows in Darkplaces? it doesnt look like this on my phone: I have a samsung s7 I was hoping that I could enjoy realtime shadows with good fps but im not sure since the other port (FTEQW) has realtime shadows but its very slow just hoping darkplaces is smoother but i dont know how to enable shadows @beloko ?? I also have a problem with Hexen 2, it doesnt load. Where can i check a debug log?
  9. qweqioweuo123

    wads which play nicely on a phone

    considering you are familiar with the awesome delta-touch and its controls, which wads do you think play the best? im bored of playing the original wads on the train, but they are very playable. modern wads have insane amounts of enemie and can only be playable with mouse and keyboard. so which is a good challenge but doable?
  10. Anyone knows the filename for this sound? I mean when the hellish enemies (not zombies) disappear with that red effect, I need that sound.
  11. qweqioweuo123

    Looking for a mod where you were a zombie-revenant

    yeah i can recognize some of these but the scream one ive heard in a million places but i cant find the source
  12. qweqioweuo123

    Looking for a mod where you were a zombie-revenant

    this was it, this is the version I remember: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEFzl7LRsSo anyone knows the source of the sounds for the zombies by any chance?
  13. qweqioweuo123

    Looking for a mod where you were a zombie-revenant

  14. Lets see if someone recognizes this: it was a doom mod were you controled a zombie that was basically a revenant, and you infected other people until there was no one left, you had to run from the infected and it was like a circuit. I would like to find what this mod was so I can play it again.
  15. qweqioweuo123

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    entitled? perhaps you have become accostumed to how shitty modern gaming is. fuck these guys, their prefab joke "editor", and their 12 max revenants bs.