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  1. but what version are you using? the one I got from there that beloko posted doesn't show any dynamic lights or brightmaps: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By-hODX7poT3d3RtekkyTFZfT1E/view I have double checked that dynamic lights are enabled in the options.
  2. I just had a dream where this was finally released and I was able to play with brightskins and dynamic lights on
  3. I hope dynamic lights and brightmaps work on the new release because I never managed to make it work.
  4. The port that was released sucked. Duke Touch looks so much better on that video with the same very nice playable layout of buttons and controls of Doom Touch. Even if the HTTK thing got released im sure it would suck compared to Beloko's. We need this. It's not releaseable because of copyright problems?
  5. Holy fuck!!! please @beloko work on this duke port too!!
  6. Btw, I have a problem with brightness. The game is too dark and when I raise gamma and brigthness settings nothing happens... what do I do? @beloko
  7. Would it be possible to get a Duke Touch and other Build Engine games like Blood and Shadow Warrior? All these 2.5D FPS play pretty decent on touch controls. 3D FPS where you need to aim up and down not so much. I would love to revisit all the classes while im bored out of my mind on public transportation. I could finish them all.
  8. So we can compile the code for Q Touch 2 and Q Touch 3 and it will work? https://github.com/emileb?tab=repositories I can't find it here. I don't even know how to do that anyway. I wanted to play Q2 and Q3 on my phone really bad but I guess im screwed until you bring everything back to Google store.
  9. Again, why does Q Touch work then? I never bought anything. Q Touch works, Q Touch 2 and 3 doesn't. I can't buy them anymore anyway, so what do I do now? I want to play Quake 2 and 3 too on my phone, and the controls on the other ports suck.
  10. but again, how come Q Touch works just fine?
  11. Makes no sense to be honest. Why would Q Touch work, but not for Q2 Touch and Q3 Touch? it just seems to me that the app isn't recognizing the pak files, tries to access Beloko's server, Beloko's server is not online and thus fails to download whatever files needed.
  12. Quake 2 and Quake 3 touch don't work. They ask you to download something, but that something doesn't work. I tried putting all the pk3 on the folder so it doesn't have to download anything, it still asks for it to download and it doesnt work. q3 says: Bad accessing server: Bad file name: q3_extra_pk3.zip @beloko any help??
  13. Oh well. Can you upload the Q-touch apk just like you did with D-touch? I will buy both once they are on Google Play, I just don't want to buy it off Amazon tbh. Also I want to test how it works on my phone (and hopefully the pak files are recognized)
  14. Can you run QI4A? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.n0n3m4.Q4A I don't get it, I can't run it because it doesn't detect my .pak files, and they are from my original Quake 1 CD. Unless they became corrupted or something, I don't understand why it wouldn't load. Can you test it out? I did put my files in the qi4a/id1 folder but it wouldn't load..
  15. Well I guess I will just wait. Are you still working on Q-Touch too? I would like to see how it plays on my new phone. I tried to run QI4A but it doesn't load the .pak files and they are original so I dont know.. so I wanted to see if Q-Touch works and hopefully it is as responsive in controls as D-Touch Did you ever upload Q-Touch somewhere or I have to buy it from Amazon?