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  1. GZDoom would be perfect since I can do Doom Builder, ACS and I can learn or scrap zscript code, however, for some reason Gaben has to ruin things and not fully implement it in the Steam interface, so yeah, I will need to think what I end up using.
  2. qweqioweuo123

    Does any port do raytracing yet?

    Where can I get the reshade part only? 3d models and other effects are kind lame. I mean, what I like is the bump mapping efffect etc.
  3. qweqioweuo123

    Does any port do raytracing yet?

    so which ports can make doom look like the video i posted? why isnt that route explored? looks neat
  4. qweqioweuo123

    Does any port do raytracing yet?

    ironically it looks worse than the fake ray tracing of the fisrt vide
  5. qweqioweuo123

    Does any port do raytracing yet?

    those fps gave me vietnam flashbacks from trying to play doom in a 286
  6. qweqioweuo123

    How does Room Over Room work in Raze?

    Yeah, i didnt used it to create actual buildings in build... i mostly used it to connect rooms with other rooms throught ventilation ducts, it was cool to connect them on the fly and overlap entire rooms with them, but yeah if you want to make a building with actual rooms stacked on top of each other good look with that. You could still do it by building the floor sectors and then move it all on top sightly off-grid so the vertices don't connect but its a mess. But I can see it having some use for like I said, ventilation duct crossing sectors and seamlesly connect with other rooms on the fly.
  7. qweqioweuo123

    How does Room Over Room work in Raze?

    I get it. What I was refering to with "True ROR" is being able to paint sectors on top of other sectors in the map editor and then the engine rendering it correctly, as you can do in build. I always found this so cool about the build editor that you werent able to do in Doom. Last time I checked you can't do that, you have to use portals.
  8. qweqioweuo123

    How does Room Over Room work in Raze?

    How does Raze achieve Room Over Room which is all over Duke 3d and other build engine games? how it is achieved? or does Gzdoom support true ror and I didn't know?
  9. qweqioweuo123

    The music in Raze

    I think there is some sort of problen and on fluidsynth works
  10. qweqioweuo123

    Does any port do raytracing yet?

    With all those remakes like Quake 2 RTX.. how about original Doom with raytracing? the "banned remake" had some sort of ray tracing emulation and looked kinda cool. I think its called path tracing. Any port can do that? im not sure where this is from
  11. disagree. its all about making it user friendly. if i bother creating a multiplayer, i want it to be embeded within steam, so its easy for anyone that wants to play. the duke3d megaton edition had a nice community of people creating lobbys and playing coops and dm, it was all embeded within steam, it was easy, i personally dont want to deal with having to do all that old school crap myself anymore and im a 30 year old boomer that played in lan back in the day. so if i work on multiplayer, i want to have that feature the question is: what engine will allow you to embed stuff on steam, and get achivements and so on? what criteria is followed for this to be allowed or not? as far as the godot example, i want something like duke3d, not a wolf clone, so yeah im going to need rotation of sprites.
  12. qweqioweuo123

    Build Engine Poll!

  13. i want to design it with coop in mind there has to be a way to download assets designed for a 2.5fps game for an engine that lets you replace the stuff with some minimal scripting
  14. I love this mod and I think its a sane balance between no gore and the absurd Brutal Doom. I just hate how everytime i shoot someone I hear this annoying liquid sound of blood hitting the floor, it just doesnt fit within Doom. But I do like those sounds only after gibing someone. How can I make the sounds muted unless its a gib? Ive tried replacing the sounds with silent sound files but of course this doesnt work since you are muting sounds during gibbing too.
  15. what about sprites? I need something that has templates so i can simply mod the sprites and replace them with my own artwork. like i said before i need the skeleton of the game otherwise i cant code worth shit unforunately if you cant get gzdoom to show up on the dropdown menu of steam its not really an option, i want a nice multiplayer experience thats user friendly