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  1. Can you run QI4A? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.n0n3m4.Q4A I don't get it, I can't run it because it doesn't detect my .pak files, and they are from my original Quake 1 CD. Unless they became corrupted or something, I don't understand why it wouldn't load. Can you test it out? I did put my files in the qi4a/id1 folder but it wouldn't load..
  2. Well I guess I will just wait. Are you still working on Q-Touch too? I would like to see how it plays on my new phone. I tried to run QI4A but it doesn't load the .pak files and they are original so I dont know.. so I wanted to see if Q-Touch works and hopefully it is as responsive in controls as D-Touch Did you ever upload Q-Touch somewhere or I have to buy it from Amazon?
  3. @beloko can you look at my problem? why lights.pk3 and the brightmaps.pk4 files don't show up? I just cant get any lights on the game and dynamic lights is enable and according to the log the pk3 loads with no errors, yet there are no lights ingame... wtf man im going insane with this.
  4. Dynamic lights are ON.
  5. but it's not only the SBrightskins.pk3 one, the lights.pk3 one also didn't load and I tried changing the name with _dt at the end too. Well in the log they load, but they don't show up in the game.
  6. I cant make it work. Im stuck with no .pk3 files until beloko fixes it.
  7. What app are you using? Im using this link that beloko provided: I don't know this is so weird. According to the log, the pk3 is loaded, and there aren't any errors except that "Could not ascertain driver capabilities. Some things may be weird. (Error -1)" line but I suspect that is irrelevant. Maybe you can upload the zdoom.ini file so I can get it exactly like your setup.
  8. They are enabled.
  9. Doesn't work. I renamed it to lights_dt.pk3. Put it into the wads folder, into the mods folder, and into the root directory where doom2.wad is, tried with -file lights_dt.pk3 and didn't load, also tried loading it as a mod, then as a wad, and the dynamic lights don't show up in the game.
  10. Can anyone see anything in the log?
  11. Btw, if lights.pk3 are added by default, why im not seeing any dynamic lights?
  12. I tried 3 phones: My old LG Optimus Black and a Galaxy S2 from someone else and I get a similar feeling, I think it must be the way the skin on my thumb is or something.
  13. I have tried loading the lights.pk3 of my Gzdoom folder to get the dynamic light effects on D-Touch, but it also doesn't load, so this confirms .pk3 files are being ignored..
  14. the file is SBrightmaps.pk3
  15. Yes, I select GZdoom. The brightmaps are easily noticeable, just load map27 or any other dark map and the eyes should have this nice effect: Or any buttons, computers with lights etc.