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  1. qweqioweuo123

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    another reason modern gaming sucks is that devs keep the toolkits for themselves and we cant no longer make custom content with a proper map editor and so on. fuck them.
  2. qweqioweuo123

    What did it felt like when you guys started mapping?

    It was awesome when I was a kid, then it felt like a waste of time as an adult. I wish I could have made a career out of it and get paid for doing it, but that's a pipedream.
  3. qweqioweuo123

    What Romero and Sandy use to create levels

    my earliest editor was dck, only availible through true msdos mode good old times
  4. qweqioweuo123

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    I still can't get dynamic lights to work. I copied my lights.pk3 file from gzdoom on my computer into the delta folder and nothing happens, i also tried putting it into the mods folder and loading the pk3, same thing..
  5. qweqioweuo123

    baby's first maps!

    screenshots look good
  6. qweqioweuo123

    Can the doomguy hear the music in the map?

    it depends with the doom psx soundtrack he would be traumatised so why would he be listening to that with headphones
  7. qweqioweuo123

    infinite lost souls yes or no?

    i meant the ability for pain elementals to spawn infinite lost souls i guess it's better off left at infinite. i was just almost unable to finish map 29 from hellbound because i didn't kill the pain elementals fast enough, and i was trapped by an insane amount of lost souls
  8. qweqioweuo123

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    that makes sense but still, a list of custom setups for an iwad in order to have a "Doom PSX" in a separate slot etc will be more handy I mean in there, with the screenshot of the Doom PSX menu background: will look nice
  9. qweqioweuo123

    infinite lost souls yes or no?

    when playing a vanilla style map, for example hellbound, i have encountered scenarios in which it's an absolute clusterfuck of lost souls all over the place, most exaggerated situation i've seen is map29, the sky is covered in lost souls at some point. while it looks cool, im not sure if this is viable gameplay wise. should this be disabled to get a proper UV-max demo (disabled as in, limit amount of lost souls spawned like on the original doom 2) or do people keep it infinite?
  10. qweqioweuo123

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    nice right now, it detects .wads and .pk3 files and adds them on the list, which is odd, since you see for example the .pk3 file for the psx doom music on there as if it was clickable to play something.
  11. qweqioweuo123

    DOOM Retro v2.7.5 (updated November 18, 2018)

    anyone knows how to run this in 1920x1080? pixels dont look good in non crt monitors i would like to disable splattering weak enemies with the ssg too, feels too weird the rest of the changes I like it and im using this port to play classic style maps
  12. qweqioweuo123

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    im trying to add the doom psx mod to the list I would like to have it on there along with doom and doom 2 it detects the .pk3 and adds it to the list but it adds it as an iwad, it says below -iwad psxdoom3.pk3 how do I modify this so it loads doom 2 as the iwad and doompsx.pk3 as a file? but still appear as if it's a separate game so it looks nicer? i hope it makes sense im using this: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9wdck062y62gcei/PSXDoom+2.135.zip ps: I put the psxdoom.pk3 file in the delta folder and it doesn't find it as a mod on the "mods and wads" menu, so even if i wanted to load it as a doom 2 mod and not a separate slot, i cant ps2: i was actually able to load it by using an argument with -file psxdoom.pk3, but still, I would like to have it on a separate slot, with it's own screenshot because it looks better and you can choose what to play faster
  13. qweqioweuo123

    PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Version 2.135 now released!)

    anyone knows how to play this on beloko's android port with gzdoom? there's too many files here. it used to be just a pk3
  14. qweqioweuo123

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    I see. What about dynamic lights and brightmaps? they don't show up.
  15. e1m2 i remember being blown away by this shadowing: coming from wolfenstein that was crazy scary unfortunately they didn't bother with these sector shadows that much in other maps duke3d made massive usage of sector shadows back then