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  1. Will they look back at Doom as some sort of ancient artifact of invaluable historic weight? maybe aliens find it and out of context wonder what it is.
  2. I want to play Duke 3D on my phone but turns out there are no decent ports, the controls suck, and the DosBox controls also suck because they lack the ability to shoot while you aim with your right thumb while you strafe with your left thumb as you can do with Beloko's Doom Touch which is the best Android port ever, so the idea is to use a Duke 3D TC for GZDoom in Beloko's port. This would be the end result (this is unreleased) Additionally, if someone knows a way to add that button on the right that allows you to shoot while aiming in any of the Android DosBox ports then let me know. I would prefer this since it would be the actual Build engine. PS: No, I don't want to use a controller, just touchscreen.
  3. on the doom rouch version I have, chocolate doom doesn't save options, for example, the screen size setting is not saved, so everytime i boot i have to increase the default screen size. also i tried some mods like perk's smooth animations for the weapons and when i shoot the sprite disappears. it works fine on gzdoom. also, do you know any way to program your shotting method into any of the existing dos ports? I would love to play duke on my phone, it works fine on magic dosbox, but it lacks the shotting button that allows you to look around while shotting. this method you have is the best i've seen on any fps: i would love a solution. if we can get your shotting button method in a dos emulator we could play pretty decently on touchscreens.
  4. My real estate portfolio would allow me to not ever work again if i wanted to, i just like to have a job to have extra income. I said that in the case I do finish it, I would like to sell it. If I don't finish it, it's not the end of the world. What would piss me off is, I actually finish a good package, and I can't sell it because of some copyright bullshit, which is why im asking if GZDoom/Zandronum/anything else would be good bases for a retro FPS that could be sold eventually.
  5. Duke 3D ripped a lot of textures from existing sources, they also bought most sounds from some library etc. It's all about the end result. I would obviously not just buy all the assets, I would find a balance and make it work. I know how things work here. I've done other projects, huge projects (for only 1 person) in the past with commercial success. I dont care about time, im unemployed right now and with enough money to not need to work for a long time. I dont care if I dont finish it, I just would like to at least try. Just tell me what engine to use. For now it seems like Zandronum stripping the non GPL bits seems ideal but it's not clear to me if it will still be prime for a brand new game to be developed and sold on top. At the same time I would like to the total freedom of Unity and I would definitely learn more but im not sure if I would like to go down that path.
  6. Good tips, I already had that in mind, im experienced with audio editing so things will not clip and so on. I have also made smaller ventures in ZDoom scripting so I can do things like changing music etc. The main problem is GZDoom's multiplayer suck so I would need to know Zandronum's GPL status. Of course, unfortunately I would lose features that are exclusive to GZDoom... but I guess it's worth having a game that can actually be played online. I wonder what's so difficult about having good multiplayer in GZDoom when Zandromum has perfect multiplayer.
  7. Im not sure how i would even go about that. I would also force me to learn how to map in Quake which I always hated due it's 3d nature (im much better at thinking in 2.5D terms so thats Doom and Duke editors basically) In any case, what is the legal status of the Quake engine? can you sell a game using the engine as a base?
  8. I want it to be a sprite based game, so I couldn't use the Quake engine. Now on using the Doom engine, it would need to be a port obviously, and a GPL one. This was my main question, the legal issue, and no one addresed it. As far as I know one can use GZDoom because it's GPL as long as you use no assets, but im not sure about this AND the online sucks. Same goes for the Build engine, not sure of the legal status and sure about the online ports sucking. Then, unity is left, which is the most difficult, since I don't have a base ready for me to work. I would need to do the entire thing. If I could just buy assets, then replace thes with my art it would be doable. I would also need to solve the map editor issue... i've heard one can convert .wad maps done in GZDoom Builder for instance and convert it into .obj maps so I could maybe just map using a Doom editor. Im not delusional, this would take me years to get a decent game, but I can do it all myself, and I dont care if I dont even make money, I just want to be able to call it my own and be able to put it on sale at some point.
  9. I would like to create a game and eventually be able to make some money out of it so it's not a complete waste of time from the monetary perspective (im not a kid anymore, I must be making money if I put so much time into something) I am good at mapping, it's my favorite part. Im also good at sound design, no problems with that. Im not good at: coding, at all. I can do some ZDoom scripting with the help of the wiki and forums, that is all. I could get good at: Art. As in learning a 3d modeling program and taking some sprites out of it. Textures? I dont know. I guess I can buy some somewhere? The idea then would be to use an existing engine so I don't need to code one. Options i've considered: Unity: Problem would be to make the maps in here since the map editors suck if you only have experience with doom and duke's editors which are very different to full-3d mapping. Also I have no idea how I would do the coding to add enemies, the angles of the sprites as you rotate around them, the AI, the movement of the player, the code of the menus and the maps loading in correct order... all of that. GZdoom: This would be way easier. As far as I know you can use the GZdoom engine as it's GPL so you wouldn't have copyright problems as long as all of your assets are yours. The problem is GZdoom has no multiplayer or it sucks and i would like a decent coop and DM mode. Build engine: Same as GZdoom. I think it's GPL as long as you make your own assets, but the online sucks. Any ideas or something?
  10. Yes he did, or whoever was in charge of doing the Duke Nukem 3D sound effects, at least for the Overlord, because these are from Jurasic Park 1 (the t-rex)
  11. I know, but the sounds from the overlord in duke are ripped from Jurassic Park and the Jurassic Park guys actually went to zoos to record and then process the sounds.
  12. Have you tried DosBox Turbo? what options to add display buttons does it have? Actually there is another one called Magic Dosbox with a bunch of options to add display buttons, performance wise it runs decently smooth on my powerful phone, it's definitely playable, the only thing I need is a button where i can shoot while aiming. That is ALL. It would be the missing link. Im not sure if im clear when I try to explain the function of the button or what, seems that people don't get it. I already contacted the developer here: http://magicbox.imejl.sk/forums/topic/looking-for-ideal-duke3d-setup/ I don't want to add a joystick/gamepad, I want to play mostly when im commuting or traveling on public transportation and I dont want ot be carrying a gamepad or joystick. Doom Touch is really playable with touchscreen controls.
  13. Just like on Beloko's port Doom Touch which is the only playable port i've seen, but for an Dos emulator, mostly because I want to play Duke, but not being able to turn while I fire makes it unplayable since I can't dodge projectiles while firing. The idea is to strafe and go forward backward with your left thumb and aim with your right thumb, and have a button that you can press and as you keep pressing you can move your thumb and aim to adjust the crosshair as you shoot See this mechanic in action here: This is unreleased thanks to Gearbox's cease and desist on all Android ports. The other Android port for Duke 3D that got released sucks, mostly because of the controls. So if I could get any of the Dos emulators to have controls like these I could actually play it on my phone and enjoy it.
  14. unfortunately, i have no idea how to code i tried unity, just got at an headache, i wouldn't even know how to start, making the 8 angle sprite thing etc, so my only hope was an already existing old school fps engine that i could use and get started doing what i actually enjoy (mapping mostly)
  15. They sound like straight ripoffs to me, just downsampled to 22khz 8bit or whatever native duke used lol