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  1. SkillZilla

    Doom inside Doom HUD (video)

    I could only find the smiling one and the regular one. There's no set, unfortunately. It would be easy to have a functional original doom face up there though.
  2. SkillZilla

    Doom inside Doom HUD (video)

    I think you may appreciate this then... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rqdc0Y9OE0&t=1s
  3. SkillZilla

    Doom inside Doom HUD (video)

    When are we getting someone to MOD this?
  4. SkillZilla

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Hi guys! I just wanted to share you something my friend made. He is a big fan of Payday 2 and DOOM so he combined it together to present some new update for payday 2. The result is really cool! I also helped him in working on it to make it feel as authentical as possible.
  5. SkillZilla

    Brown - My first map on Doomworld

    Thanks for making this map! Small review, what I liked and disliked. Gonna give you 5/5 for the map design, the used textures were excellent, and I can see the level of detail put on the map. Like small details on the walls and the way, you played with the floor height. the map. Like small details on the walls and the way, you played with the floor height. Level layout also 5/5 the map was small but very interesting to play cool ways to create the rooms were used, I liked the stairs at the beginning of the level and somehow you managed to create a bridge which was new to me. Ammo and health distribution 2/5 I played this map on the hard mode, and I was almost always out of ammo. I, unfortunately, missed the super shotgun, which made things even worse. When I tried to go back to get it ( near the golden door ) the lift got stuck midway and I was unable to go back. Most of the time at the level I was on very low HP and I always ran out of bullets. The only refills were rushing to the nearest pile of ammo and ignoring all enemies ( while getting shot..) Balancing/Difficulty. I would give you 2/5 on that as well. I am not aware how many maps you have made, this map looked great, but the difficulty was really extreme. Like said before, the ammo/HP was scarce, there were too many revenants, and high tier monsters to fight with and the only weapons you had were shotgun or machine gun. Next time you make a map, let someone else play it before submitting. Sometimes when you keep playtesting by yourself you get great on the map and keep adding difficulty. Overal enjoyability 3/5 While the map looked excellent and was designed well, the enemies were a chore or just unfair. I literally skipped the end, did not even pick up the rocket launcher and just ran to the end because it was just really bad design there. However, I finished the level because the level design/textures and work put into that was really great and made me want to explore more. Little recommendation from me, make more secret rooms/places that offer more ammo but don't make the player rely on finding secrets, but an opportunity to find ammo/power-ups never hurts. PS: I found the only secret too! Thanks for making the map, thanks for reading this review, the purpose of the review is to make future maps more enjoyable for others, and not to insult anyone.
  6. SkillZilla

    Episode 1- In Trance

    Also tested on Zandronum 3.0
  7. SkillZilla

    Episode 1- In Trance

    I played it with Zdoom 2.8.1. I think it should work on any platform. EDIT: I tested it with it on Zdoom2.81; GZdoom 3.2.1 and QZdoom 2.0 also SkullTag 98d It was made with GZDoomBuilder.
  8. SkillZilla

    Episode 1- In Trance

    Hello everyone! I decided to make a new, this time it is rather casual and takes around 5 minutes to finish. I am thinking about making a full episode so this would be the first level of it. The map uses E1M1 Is made to run on Doom2.wad I tested it on Zdoom2.81; GZdoom 3.2.1 and QZdoom 2.0 also SkullTag 98d and Zandronum 3.0 I only use original textures The map is meant for casual players and is rather easy than difficult. The story is short and simple: STORY: Before going home you have one last source of evil to clean out. You enter the odd base covered in vines. The base looks abandoned and full of pain. Your final task is to clear the abandoned base and sent the demons back to hell. Download here: EPISODE 1- In Trance.zip
  9. SkillZilla

    My first map

    Hi! Thanks for the map! The map was not bad, but it was sloppy. Remember, just because it's first does not mean you can't use different textures. Visually the map looked boring, too many same textures were used, no variety and pretty bland in visual style. The overall enjoyability was good, the level was not dragging, however, you should try building stairs and stuff to bring more variety to your levels. Thanks for the map and please continue to make maps, if you put enough effort in your future projects then It will be worth it. Good luck & have fun. EDIT: Played it on zdoom.
  10. SkillZilla

    My First Map

    Hey dude! Thanks for making the map! I played it through and must say it's a really nice first level. You could try to add more decorations/ make the map more interesting, by architect not by itsy bitsy details. Like make some bigger areas better in the future... however I really enjoyed the layout and the map itself. the textures were nicely placed and there's nothing that did bother me. The map itself was rather easy, but I just finised "Alien Vendetta" megawad, so everything seems easy compared to that now.. lol. thanks again for the map and looking forward to your next maps!
  11. SkillZilla

    Throwback to my first maps (2013)

    Hey! Thanks for contributing to the DOOMWORLD community with your maps! I played it through and I must say that it was not really good, but it was not bad either for "first map". The first map is kind of hard without the first rooms secret, and the blue key secret is just silly as there's a horde of monsters but no loot. The map itself looks bad as you did not use any textures except the base ones, that are there by default. The overall architecture was not terrible, it was fine for the first map. The doors were unpegged so they looked weird aswell. The secrets were too obvious perhaps. the second map is not "bullshit" it's just unfinished, or barely started. If you have any recent maps you've made, please let me know I will gladly look into them aswell.
  12. SkillZilla

    First Finished Map i Made

    Hi Memfis, Thanks for this map! Played it through and It was fine. The lava and stuff at the start is confusing, I thought it's gonna be a secret but it was just weird. The rooms looked nice, comfortable to play however the "key" rooms are kind of boring way too linear. It's fine as it is but should be more complicated I think. I took 3 min to finish the map, so it could be a little longer, you should edit on what you have done and re-release it in the future i think. I noticed too much ammonition/hp vs the enemy count, perhaps try to balance things out little better next time, kind of easy to beat map. However it was actually fun to play and it's nice.
  13. SkillZilla

    Home near hell ( Single map WAD )

    Great suggestion! Fixed this problem!
  14. SkillZilla

    Home near hell ( Single map WAD )

    Fixed many major problems, feel free to check it out once more if you are interested or enjoy your first time on the map!
  15. SkillZilla

    Steelbox - MAP01

    Hi Gustavo6046! Thanks for making this map! I played it through and 100% it. What I liked was the bold and simple level design you were aiming for, the rooms were huge, which was cool, however I also agree with others that the textures were kind of boring and random, should put more effort in that, even if you want to keep it simple. by doing huge rooms I noticed that it is easy to skip many enemies by running away from them. Also you should think more about resource giving. the only ways to replenish health is near red key (5 stimpacks) and the megasphere found in secret other than that I was on low HP most of the time, which is not relaxing. Also the ammo is rather scarce and you can finish the map having barely any ammo. I noticed on earlier comments how you "quit" making maps, please don't. Keep up the map making and share them with us. No need to quit if someone does not like what you've made. Keep making levels and suddenly you can make "huge, relaxing simple maps" and with nice balancing and effort in making the simplicity great you will make maps that everyone will enjoy. Thanks agian for the map and good luck! Weird white ceiling i think, as the rest of the map has this black one.