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  1. Final Doom: Evilution
  2. A new server is opened on ZDaemon. It's called "Dopefish Lives", and it runs Team TNT:s Pursuit wad. The server is maintained by me. Weapons don't stay. Right now it's for Final Doom Evilution, but I change it to Doom2 soon. Note: The server is in Finland, so if you connect from USA, pings might be high (unless you have T3 or better). BTW my post in the Multiplayer section "Which Final Doom level is best for deathmatch" is meant to be a poll. Everyone, go and cast a vote.
  3. What Final Doom level is the best for Deathmatch? My opinion is that Level 02 -Human BBQ is the best. What do you think?
  4. I wonder why everybody plays only "Old DM". Every server in ZDaemon is set to run the "Old DM". I have played Doom allways with DM 2.0 and it's way better than the "Old DM". Tell me, why do you think the Old is better.
  5. scirmast

    First post?

    Blee Bloo! ____________________ Dope Fish lives!
  6. scirmast

    Termination of Doomserv (?)

    Doomserv might be dead, but why don't u use CS DooM?