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  1. You got it... I guess it wasn't such a challenging question given that most people here know the game inside and out. Also what are you using to get that "Doomgirl" in your status bar?
  2. When I designed the datapad for Marshmallow Doom, it felt like Doom was a pile of Legos and I had to build something new using only those pieces. Can anyone guess what texture the datapad buttons are? (To me, they look like Pez candy...)
  3. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    unpopular retro opinions

    Anything that can be done on a 486, should be done on a 486.
  4. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    ZDaemon is the best online multiplayer experience. There, I said it.
  5. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Bobby Prince or Mick Gordon

    This is a great point about Bobby Prince. A lot of us assume that Bobby's Doom soundtrack is based on his own love for bands like Metallica and Pantera... but I think Bobby would have been a bit too old at the time to be into those "new" bands. It was the younger designers (Romero mostly) that were giving Bobby CDs of those bands to study and copy the style for Doom's music, since that heavy metal style was the game designers' vision for Doom's music. They were right though, it fits the game perfectly. I actually like Doom 2's music a lot less as it lacks many heavy/intense songs. Other games from the era like Blake Stone and Duke Nukem 2 have some great heavy songs as well. Keen Dreams!
  6. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Doom (Spring 2020 Update!)

    Yeah there was a bug that took me a while to catch, where if DOOM.WAD was not present, the game would crash on launch. Being that most people don't have or use DOOM.WAD, I'm sure most people that tried it were unable to launch the game. I felt like a real numbskull once I realized this... Yeah there will be a Linux build down the road if not soon. Do you use Native MIDI music instead of OPL emulation? When music is set to OPL, the freeze when changing songs happens much less frequently. This happens because Doom's functions for starting a song are only designed to be called between level changes, so when it's being called during gameplay there's a delay while the song is being loaded from the WAD. There are a few switch textures that get messed up when you import DOOM2.WAD as a PWAD. This also happens when you do this with vanilla Crispy Doom (the last time I checked.) I have been unable to find a solution, so if anyone else has any ideas why this happens I'd love to hear it!
  7. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Doom (Spring 2020 Update!)

    Ok my next big task will be to get the code synced properly on Github. I also have to clean it up a lot as it is full of goofy comments and notes to myself. Backpacks are now complete. And multiplayer is pretty solid at this point, utilizing most features except random number generation, bots, and item inventory. Thanks for letting me know, I'm going to give this a try and get back to you. FYI revenant missile speed is a gameplay option, and is set to a slower speed by default. The bots do take damage from floors, just silently and a bit slower. You'll notice them die after maybe 15-30 seconds. This was basically an aesthetic decision so the bots aren't going "ARGH! ARGH!" constantly. Bot skill can be adjusted by selecting Doom's usual skill levels. They will be slower, dumber, and less accurate on easy, and impossibly difficult on hard. A bot weapon switch delay is on my todo list. Definitely necessary. While the bots know the path you took, if you are out of sight when they enter the room you're in, they won't notice you, and you can ambush them. I might move them at some point. Originally they were on the datapad so it is clear where Crispy ends and Marshmallow begins. If this is based on a test of E1M1 or MAP01, both of the songs from those maps are blacklisted by default, where a new song is randomly selected. (Go to the next map and you'll see the usual stock music plays.) Most of those options will be added to the in-game menus soon. The setup program was never recompiled to look for marshmallow-doom.exe. Since I use Visual Studio, I could never get the setup program to compile for some reason. Some sort of symbolic link in the same directory could fix this, where it is named crispy-doom.exe but points at marshmallow-doom.exe. There are a small handful of Crispy features that are required for Marshmallow, and are forced-on when the game is started regardless of saved settings. (Colored HUD text is one of these features.) This is pretty much a poor design decision on my part. The run key for the bots is hard-coded to Shift, so this is not good for players who leave autorun off and use shift to run. I'll have to sort this out as soon as possible. Making these new keyboard controls assignable is the best way to go. Definitely a bug. I'll have this fixed next release. An excellent idea though I had not thought of it. I have added this to my list. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! Some of these issues will be added to the FAQ.
  8. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Doom (Spring 2020 Update!)

    A major update has been released! Check out the updated original post above for more information and download link.
  9. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Doom (Spring 2020 Update!)

    Hi Jac, Thanks for giving me such detailed information related to your issue. I was able to reproduce this issue on a separate Windows machine that never before had Marshmallow Doom or its development environment installed. I was then able to fix the issue by downloading a specific version (VS2012) of the Visual C++ redistributable package: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679 (NOTE: On their Download page, make sure you download the file name ending with "x86.exe") I must add that this issue did not exist at earlier times when I tested deployments of Marshmallow Doom on random Windows computers. I suspect that some of the major Windows updates that came out this year have changed/broke something related to older versions of Visual Studio. I hope this resolves the issue for you.
  10. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Doom (Spring 2020 Update!)

    Thanks so much for this information. After tinkering for a bit I was able to discover the cause of the issue as well as a temporary solution (see below.) As for a permanent solution however, I will have to make it a priority to prepare a proper setup program for the next version release which will address this key binding issue as well as a few other config-related issues. Problem: Crispy Doom adds extra key bindings for player movement, and unfortunately the outdated setup program that I include with the download does not give you access to set these alternate bindings. Currently the only way to change these key bindings is by editing default.cfg manually. Solution: If you take a look inside the default.cfg file located in your Marshmallow Doom folder, you'll notice that, for example, key_strafeleft and key_alt_strafeleft are followed by different numbers. These numbers are numeric codes representing each key on the keyboard. Crispy's alternate movement key bindings are named key_alt_up, key_alt_down, key_alt_strafeleft, and key_alt_straferight. For ESDF movement, lines 8 through 15 of your default.cfg file should look like this: key_up 18 key_down 32 key_alt_up 18 key_alt_down 32 key_strafeleft 31 key_alt_strafeleft 31 key_straferight 33 key_alt_straferight 33 In addition, there is another issue I will have to address: if you have coop bots in the game, the 'F' key is hard-coded to order bots to follow/regroup. This was a foolish design choice on my part, and I'll have to do something about this for the next release as to accommodate players who don't use WASD movement.
  11. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Doom (Spring 2020 Update!)

    Ok I figured out what the problem was here. The WAD stealing Yes/No prompt checks for which wads are present, but I never tested it with only DOOM2.WAD present. I have uploaded a new version with this fixed. Thanks again for pointing this out.
  12. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Doom (Spring 2020 Update!)

    Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like I should add a point-and-click IWAD selection like many other ports have.
  13. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Doom (Spring 2020 Update!)

    In my experience this only happens when DOOM2.WAD is not in the directory with the .exe. If you also have Ultimate Doom (DOOM.WAD) you could add command line parameter -d1 and see if Ultimate Doom works.
  14. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Doom (Spring 2020 Update!)

    Hi! I'm in the process of really cleaning up the code for another code update to Github. A list of recent changes is always on the website accompanying every release: http://www.marshmallowdoom.com
  15. Cmdr. J.T. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Doom (Spring 2020 Update!)

    That's a really cool idea for dealing with weapons. And for some reason I always enjoyed the limited weapon capacity in Rise of the Triad where you can only carry one big gun at a time. Also, I think weapon/item balance between players in coop is one of (original) Doom's greatest weaknesses. Typical scenario would have one player armed to the teeth while everyone else runs around with zero ammo. (And we all have that one friend in coop who grabs a medkit even when he has 99 health...)