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  1. Spriteclad

    DOOM Retro v4.6.2 (updated September 1, 2022)

    Hey there! Just wanted to say thank you for making this excellent port. Really nice for playing anything that doesn't involve ZDoom. I do have a few questions about it, though: 1. Have you considered adding ENDOOM support (like Choco/Crispy Doom has)? 2. Is there a way to turn off the B&W/blur effect the pause menu has (and if not, can that be added as a feature)? 3. Any plans to add a local manual to the engine (e.g. so you can view commands without having to use the Internet)? 4. Is there any way to change the MIDI soundfont to OPL/ADL instead of just using the default Microsoft midi mapper? Thanks in advance!
  2. Spriteclad

    How do you organize your .wad files?

    Good stuff so far, but I'm also wondering whether you guys leave your maps in .zips or just extract the .wad and .txt into the same folder.
  3. So about a month ago I made a topic about how you all launch your DOOM mods, and all of you had some interesting ways to do that. My next question for you all is: how do you organize your downloaded map/mod files? Like, what's the folder structure? Do you keep them in .zip files or do you keep them in individual folders? How I currently do it is: D:\DOOM\iwads D:\DOOM\launchers D:\DOOM\maps D:\DOOM\mods D:\DOOM\sourceports D:\DOOM\utilities D:\DOOM\maps\1 - single levels D:\DOOM\maps\2 - miniwads D:\DOOM\maps\3 - episodes D:\DOOM\maps\4 - megawads D:\DOOM\maps\5 - deathmatch D:\DOOM\maps\6 - jokewads D:\DOOM\mods\1 - total conversions D:\DOOM\mods\2 - gameplay D:\DOOM\mods\3 - graphics D:\DOOM\mods\4 - monsters D:\DOOM\mods\5 - music D:\DOOM\mods\6 - jokemods and all the maps are currently in their original .zip files, however the mods are in their extracted .pk[whatever] forms. I think I might transition to using folders for the maps instead, so Doomseeker and whatnot can find them easier.
  4. Spriteclad

    Free Software Essentials?

    I have a HUGE plethora of FREE games and software, listed on my personal website (but not hosted because that would take a tremendous amount of disk space). You can find them here: Games: https://spriteclad.com/games.html Software: https://spriteclad.com/software.html Let me know if you pick up anything from here!
  5. Spriteclad

    How do you launch your Doom games/mods?

    I'm kind of tempted to make a thread asking how you organize all of your WADs now, actually. Should I?
  6. Spriteclad

    How do you launch your Doom games/mods?

    Wow, can't delete posts, eh? Lame. Anyways, I've been content with using Rocket Launcher since I organize my maps, mods, and sourceports in different folders under the same folder (my DOOM folder). I'd use batch files if I could, but in that case I'd have to use the filepath along with the filename since it's in a different location. (If I used Linux I certainly would use commandline though. :P) Thanks for letting me know, though, guys!
  7. Spriteclad

    How do you launch your Doom games/mods?

    UPDATE: I recently switched from Doom Launcher to a little program called Rocket Launcher (as well as organizing my mods into actual folders). It's a cool little launcher program that is a little bit more straightforward than editing batch files all the time. Check it out here! I'll give Doom Explorer a shot too! Thanks Doomkid!
  8. Spriteclad

    How do you launch your Doom games/mods?

    Yeah I just might end up sorting the PWADs by folder and making batch files for each combo. Thanks! Also, I've never used prBoom+, only (G)ZDoom, Doom Retro, and Choco/Crispy Doom. Are there any advantages to using Boom over the others? a) what's ZDL (still new to this, apologies)? and b) what's the 'skins' folder do?
  9. (this is referring to Doom 1/2) I have a question for you all... how do you launch your Doom wads? Because I currently use a program called Doom Launcher but it's kind of glitchy and doesn't have working stats saving for some reason (but I use it because it saves a copy of every wad I import to its own folder). I'm wondering if you peeps have any better solutions for playing Doom mods and whatnot. Whether it be an external program, batch files, or something else. How do you guys launch your Doom .wads? (I'm still sort of new to Doom so go easy on me, hehe)
  10. Spriteclad

    Games with Doom

    There's a custom E1M1 map for THUGPRO, as seen here: