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  1. catdeath

    Is SNES doom bad?

    and my idiotbox sister sold our C64 in a garage sale for $25. why was I not informed of a Doom for it?
  2. catdeath

    Doom Wad Station has a new owner

    takes a good canadian boy to set things right.
  3. catdeath

    Doom Turns Tricks

    What port is this? http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/6439/73415791kq0.jpg
  4. catdeath

    Chris Benoit dead

    I wish. double murder suicide
  5. catdeath

    Chris Benoit dead

    says the one with THE ROCK (wrestler) and Karl Urban in a nice bow of hearts..........
  6. catdeath

    New (Old) Doom Tunes

    i like un09. but it wouln't have fit well. edit:oh, and un51 sounds like Walk by Pantera editx2:un16 sounds like sod's Speak English or Die
  7. catdeath

    Masters Of Doom: The Animated Series!

    John Carmack is a robit? TOO INEFFICIENT!!
  8. catdeath

    plutonia storyline - wtf?

    If you look at it this way, technically Final Doom is just a really good two mega wads. How many of wads out there have good stories to go along with them? I can name only few.
  9. catdeath

    StrifeToons Episode 2: Doom Marine is still a goofy moron!

    Whats there to get? Too many Duke jokes do not harbor in the minds of Doom fans? Are we that unccultured?
  10. catdeath

    Imp and Mancubus Sketches

    The mancubus scetch looks my dads boss....
  11. catdeath

    [Eating Weed] General Cannabis Discussion

    Thats a good question, would it have the same effects as chewing fresh tobacco? (not the stuff you get from a jar cuz thats full of more chemicals then ozzy osbourn back in the day)
  12. The Flames in the Western Final? is that possable?

    1. Show previous comments  19 more
    2. Ichor


      I just said it out loud.

    3. DooMBoy


      Sports suck

    4. catdeath


      Ichor said:

      I just said it out loud.

      Lier, you can't

  13. catdeath

    Doom's 10th anniversary

    I'll just play doom till 2am and then make fun of my final fantacy people.
  14. catdeath

    Doom Connector Shuting Down

    Gherkin needs a new host for the Doom Connecor server. all the info is on the site i posted in my first post
  15. HELP US OUT! Doom Connector will be shutting down. Gherkin can use all the help he can get here. Go Here for more info http://www.xodemultimedia.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=460