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  1. Aquashark

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    I just finished the new episode - I thought it was really fun! I cheated playing it when it came out back in '97, and didn't really get to experience the last 6 or 7 levels of the main game properly because of it, so this time I did things fairly :> Thanks to the team for porting it and introducing it to everyone who wasn't able to play it before! (SPOILERS for new episode end under the cut)
  2. Aquashark

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Has anyone else had problems with their saves disappearing on PS4? I just started it up tonight: chose "Bring it on" skill level went through level 1, then Hectic and beat it saved at start of level 2, then loaded a Fun level (Panic) and beat it reloaded the previous level 2 save and started playing through the game as usual got to Omega Outpost and went to collect the demon artifact, and noticed that I could no longer reload my quicksave went to the menu to try and save my game manually, and see that all of my save files have disappeared I also cannot create new save files Any help would be appreciated! If more info is needed I will do my best to provide it. EDIT: The tried-and-true fixer of closing out of the game and rebooting it seems to have done the trick. I will keep my eye out and edit this again if it recurs. One more thing: it won't let me sign into Bethesda.net and always gives me an error. Not sure if that would cause anything like this to happen? In any case, at least I kept screenshots of my passwords :p
  3. Aquashark

    Book 4 - Thy Flesh Consumed

    Wow - I had forgotten that I read the first book 12 (!) years ago and really enjoyed it. Rereading it and then the two sequel episodes was a delight. You write Doom wonderfully, and I can't wait to read Episode 4 once it's complete!
  4. Aquashark

    Nightdive Doom 64 Interview (new maps!)

    The announcement of a new D64 episode finally got me to cave in and preorder Eternal :p I'm very excited to play the new episode and will definitely be doing so before D:E :> I wonder if we will be able to select the new episode from the start, or if we will need to play through the rest of the game to get there?
  5. Aquashark

    Risen3D v2.2.07 released

    I did get a hold of Abbs, and we were able to track the issue down to everything being a videocard driver problem :P Really enjoying the model packs and some of the custom levelsets. A great port!
  6. Aquashark

    Risen3D v2.2.07 released

    I, too, seem to be having problems with using the Risen3D install with models enabled. I've got Windows Vista SP2, and an ATI Radeon HD 4850. It always crashes out 1-2 seconds after loading the level. I'm only working with the standard model packs installed (r3d-models1.exe and r3d-models2.exe). When installing them, Vista gives me a warning about "this may not have installed correctly"... I've tried the options "reinstall with suggested settings" and "this installed correctly", but neither seem to make a difference. I've tried going into the Models tab on the launcher and disabling sets of models, too... If I disable Monsters/Player and HUD weapons, I can run around the map for longer (although it's for a variable length of time... on MAP30 sometimes it will crash in 3-5 seconds, sometimes I'm able to pick up weapons/items, go through the teleport, activate the bossbrain, and then it'll crash when a Baron throws a fireball). It's quite confusing. Any help is much appreciated!
  7. Aquashark

    Novella Completed! (Knee Deep in the Dead)

    I've been (silently) anticipating the finish of this novella, and you've definitely delivered a successful product! You definitely have quite a talent for writing -- I hope you continue! (Maybe even with the Shores of Hell episode? :>)
  8. Aquashark

    post your new Doom monsters

    You guys got it right -- Baron torso, Imp head, Centaur body, Baron hooves. I enlarged the Centaur body a bit, since it seemed a bit small to me, and the horns on his head are actually from the Lost Soul :> Hopefully I will get him done soon. @Mordeth - Sorry about the IMG thing... at least I know now. Thanks for pointing it out!
  9. Aquashark

    post your new Doom monsters

    I like this idea! I'm a sucker for new monsters. I love the work that's been done so far... I wish I had such art talent as the people here! Anyway, here's one of my new WIPs... it's from an idea I had 6 or 7 years ago, back before we had the ability to do DECORATE monsters... He's called a Kantaar. And this one was from a project of mine that will probably never get finished (I'm still not good at mapping -- although I would like to finish the sprites, at least)... it's a sort of female variant of the Mancubus...
  10. Aquashark

    Every known Doom 3 monster

    Just a thought... do you think that perhaps the last Unknown and the Chainsaw Zombie are one in the same? They look like they have nearly identical face structure... *shrugs* Could be!
  11. Aquashark

    What games do you want to see made with the Doom 3 engine?

    Resident Evil Survivor was kind of close to a first-person RE.. maybe the battle mode in RE: Code: Veronica moreso. True, neither were actual FPSes (closer to lightgun games), but that's quite close! Has anyone made any RE-themed wads yet? It would be lovely to play in the mansion (although terribly cramped). A Raccoon City level would work quite well, though. And it looks like a sequel to RE: Survivor is coming out... and it's actually good! No more unlimited ammo and such... Pardon me for going a bit off topic, I'm sorry.
  12. Aquashark


    About the whole Gretel saying "Mein Puten" thing, it says in the official Wolf3d Hint Manual she says "Mein Busse" (My repentance!) Then again, of course, ID might have just felt too modest to put what she actually said into the manual. And if you're talking about what monsters say, one's always got to remember that the Pain Elemental in the Playstation/Nintendo 64 versions is always the chattiest. With phrases like "geehahahrreem" and "aaahcum", you've just got to love the guy! And I think the Arch-Vile says "Gory-ortle!" when he dies.