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  1. Don't blame ya. PS had some great ports.
  2. tracermemes

    What was your first anime?

    Attack on Titan. Became a weeb afterwards, which made me stop watching anime altogether.
  3. tracermemes

    what happened to the 5th generation of consoles?

    I thought Dreamcast belonged in the 6th generation? Anyways, the 5th generation of consoles had HUGE problems with piracy. My dad has 10+ games for the PSX and none of them are genuine.
  4. Arcade cabinets count. For me it would probably be the original XBOX. Had some good times with the machine, especially with both of the Halo games and Blinx the Time Sweeper. Pretty much kept me company for years.
  5. tracermemes

    Kate Fox has passed away

    How many wads have she put out? Thinking about trying them out. RIP.
  6. tracermemes

    Things you're most excited for in 2018?

    For real. The trailer was crazy.
  7. tracermemes

    Things you're most excited for in 2018?

    Hey, we got some good memes this year.
  8. tracermemes

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Two words. FUCK. CUPHEAD.
  9. Title. I'm personally most excited for the Ready Player One adaption. Having read the book, I can't wait to see what they'll do to it.
  10. tracermemes

    Any music genres you prefer?

    Vaporwave is where it's at
  11. tracermemes

    Any doom wads I could play?

  12. The game has been here since 1993 and we still have a really strong and active modding community. Also bringing the Brutal Doom v21 dev into consideration, I guarantee we'll be ripping and tearing our way through a few more decades.
  13. tracermemes

    Your perfect FPS

    3D HDoom
  14. tracermemes

    Games that Desperately Need Sequels

    Knack 2.
  15. tracermemes

    Doom WADs set in the Old West?

    Yes I was, lol. Anyways, Fistful of Death looks real fun. Can't wait to try it once I get home. Thank you!