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  1. Adahn

    Be careful on how you use your social media

    These days it feels like "Anti-SJWs" are bigger snowflakes than the SJWs they hate. I don't think having more diversity/inclusion in your videogames and movies is really such a big deal IMO.
  2. Adahn

    Half-Life 3 Was In The Works Years Ago

    bruh. this better be bait. EDIT: I thought you didn't know about HL:Alyx at first, in which case you would have been in for a BIG surprise, heh. But yea I know what you mean, VR can be super expensive and still has some issues.
  3. I wonder if maybe some doomworld users don't actually like doom. Because it seems like there's a lot of threads with negative stuff to say about it. I mean, everyone probably has maps from the IWADs they aren't particularly fond of, but why make an entire thread to be critical of those maps, when you could always just focus on the stuff that you DO like, instead...
  4. It is not a Doom map, but I made a wad for Heretic recently and would appreciate if you could record yourself playing it. IDK if you do Heretic wads, but if you do the map is here:
  5. mansdemo1.zip It took me 30 minutes to get through the map on UV, I got 463/463 kills and 2/3 secrets. I recorded a GZDoom demo just for fun in case you want to view it. This map was pretty tough at the beginning with only the starter rifle and a shotgun. It got easier once I picked up the chaingun and RL. I probably could've finished faster but I completely forgot about the red door with all the good weapons behind it. I remembered eventually however and backtracked to pick them up. overall though not a bad effort, I would recommend this map to anyone who likes classic doom monster shooting type of gameplay
  6. Adahn

    Bright Falls [Heretic Wad]

    glad you enjoyed the map. yea I'm not as skilled as a lot of other players, and so the skill level that Im comfortable with usually reflects in my maps. I tried to make hard difficulty more challenging however. Thanks for playing.
  7. Adahn

    Bright Falls [Heretic Wad]

    Since I am currently quarantined inside my house for a few months, I figured why not pass the time by mapping. So, here's my latest release; a little map I've been working on for the past week or two. It's a Heretic wad, and I made plenty of use of waterfalls throughout the map, so if you like big blue colorful textures, you will love this map! Heretic wads are kinda rare around here, plus I feel like Heretic has a more varied color palette than Doom, so I figured I would make a wad for Heretic. I tested in GZDoom g4.2.4, and don't know about any errors or bugs. The map is intended to be played without freelook and with no jumping or crouching. Screenshots: DOWNLOAD: Bright Falls.zip Just one thing, weapons are a little hard to get in this map, just because I like a little extra challenge. So if you don't get a crossbow or dragon's claw right away, that is intentional.
  8. I don't usually listen to black metal but I'm gonna go with the 2nd.
  9. Adahn

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm working on a Heretic map. Despite my current pfp.
  10. I have never really realized it before, but my perception of Doom has changed ever since discovering the mapping and modding community. it's no longer a nostalgic game for me, which is really weird for some reason. I guess it's because Doom was such a huge video game in my early life. My childhood is filled with memories of playing Doom, Hexen and Heretic with my family and absolutely blasting monsters away on one of those old CRT monitors. I've always kind of thought of Doom as a really goofy and lighthearted game, but now that I'm getting into more modern content the game is kind of losing that old nostalgic feel for me. Most of the wads released now are way more detailed, sophisticated and with more lore/ story elements to them. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I dunno. I feel like Doom was more wholesome when it was just this goofy, outdated game that was really nostalgic and reminded me of being a kid. Does anyone else feel me on this/get what I'm saying or am I alone here?
  11. I just try to think that the only thing we can do as human beings is to contribute to progress whenever possible. Technology is constantly progressing towards a future where all of humankind can live happier and healthier. One day, we might actually solve some of the problems facing the world such as world hunger, slavery, wars, and other important issues facing humankind. For the time being, we simply dont have the technology to help a lot of third world countries and we still have a lot of corruption in our own government, hell, theres actually still a lot of immoral beliefs that are common in society right now. Just look at our president, and how many people support or him. Or the number of transphobic people in the world today. My point is that the world and society in general is just really fucked up right now, the best that you or I could do is to simply stand up for what is right whenever possible, and hope that as time goes on society and technology will progress to the point where these problems dont exist anymore.
  12. I made a WAD for GZDoom, with a bunch of custom weapons and monsters. Tested with GZDoom in openGL, in software mode there are slime trails. This is going to be the last wad I ever make and my last post on Doomworld. No real reason, I guess I just feel like focusing on other stuff, for example school. So here you go, have fun yall.


  13. I made a WAD for GZDoom, with a bunch of custom weapons and monsters. Tested with GZDoom in openGL, in software mode there are slime trails. This is going to be the last wad I ever make and my last post on Doomworld. No real reason, I guess I just feel like focusing on other stuff, for example school. So here you go, have fun yall.


  14. I made a wad. In the short two years I've been on Doomworld I have made probably a dozen maps or so, this is probably going to be the last one. No real reason, I think school is just starting to take up most of my time, and there just isn't enough time to make wads anymore. This is probably also going to be my last post on Doomworld. Anyways here you go, download it if you want, and happy Dooming, it's been fun yall. It requires GZDoom openGL.