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  1. Adahn

    Most disturbing film?

    So it sounds like a lot of the "most horrific" films are either poorly made and centered solely around gore and shock value, or they're just straight up snuff films... I'm not a fan of such films personally, I just don't find them very enjoyable, although if they're actually good movies that have a greater purpose beyond pure shock, then I would be interested in watching them. It's funny, I watched Tetsuo for the first time last year, I don't know if I would consider it "horror" necessarily, so much as just really fucking weird lol. It was pretty enjoyable, especially if you're looking for something different than usual... Honestly not a lot of movies have really made me uncomfortable, the only one I can think of would be The Thing last year, that one scene where the guy is lying on the operating table and his stomach bursts open was pretty gross in terms of the blood and gore. Maybe I haven't watched enough films haha. Might have to give Come and See and Cannibal Holocaust a watch after looking at this thread. The thing is, I've seen some shit on the internet that is truly unholy, so now when I watch horror movies I already know nothing they put is gonna be that bad lol
  2. Adahn

    What are you currently reading?

    currently trying (and failing) to get through all of these. I am only re-reading foucault and the econ textbook, I have in fact read them before, but the others I have never been able to finish. The 48 Laws of Power - Very interesting book, apparently it's one of the most requested books EVER by prison inmates. All about how to influence other people and the rules to follow for success in influencing and manipulating people. He uses a story about a king, queen, emperor, general etc., to illustrate every rule and how it's supposed to be followed. Not sure who Robert Greene is or what he knows about power, but it was a fun read nonetheless. Got through the first half and then got lazy. Journey to the end of the night - It's a story somewhat based on the author's experiences in WW2. French guy gets drafted into the military, he's afraid of war and wants to quit. Gets stuck doing exhausting labor, risking his life, treated poorly by his commanding officer and eventually "lucks out" by getting injured and sent home. It was pretty interesting, I think I like the author's writing style, I mean to read the rest but so far have only gotten about 100 pages in. Discipline and Punish - This one I actually HAVE read, but I am planning to re-read it soon alongside an analysis of each chapter. All about the history of prisons, from the 18th to 20th century. The author says that in the 17th century, new fields of knowledge were established in order to analyze, categorize, and judge criminals. Motive became important, psychology became important, and the law was no longer applied equally to all criminals, instead the "soul" of the convict is judged. He also discusses torture and capital punishment versus the disciplinary punishment of the prison system, which is more focused on rehabilitating people. Argues that prisons incorporate a system of discipline based upon surveillance and labor, and discusses all the methods by which they discipline the inmates. There's WAY too much stuff to explain in a short post here but I thought it was interesting. Apparently its pretty influential in the world of philosophy. Exercise of Power - Another one I haven't finished, but from what I've read there's a loooot of information to digest here. Former secretary of defense talks all about foreign policy, going case-by-case starting with the Cold War era and Iran, what he thinks we did right and wrong, etc. and what the US needs to do in the future. Despite sounding complicated it's actually a very accessible, easy to understand book and the author speaks completely from first-hand experience. What I was most interested by was how he explained the aggression from Iran during the cold war era and how the US used propaganda and "surrogate militaries" instead of directly fighting other countries. Very interesting, but it's a long book and I've only read the first couple chapters. And finally, the textbook from my economics class... This one I HAD to read, but I am studying economics so I don't mind reading it again. I actually enjoy reading about this kind of stuff. Supply and demand, trade controls, the fed, controlling interest rates and the money supply... Really just an overview of a lot of topics which I think are good to know. Whew, sorry for the long blog. I never got the chance to talk about any of these books with other people, so now's my chance to post some reviews. Hopefully once my current college semester is over I can finish ALL of them. I really wish I had more free time to read, lol.
  3. Adahn

    STORE.wad (single map)

    Glad you enjoyed it, hehe. I always feel joy whenever I see cool stuff made out of sectors in doom wads.
  4. Adahn

    STORE.wad (single map)

    Doomguy has just gotten done slaying hordes of demons, and he wants to go home. But on the way there he stops at a department store and decides he needs to take a look at some furnishings for his house. He decides to take a short stop to look around, and will be done in about 5 minutes. There are no monsters, there are no demons, there is maybe one or two guns lying around. This is not a demon-slaying WAD. You are here to go shopping. Walk around and enjoy the sector furniture in all it's polygonal glory. I thought it would be a funny idea to make an entire map filled with sector furniture, so... here it is! This is the first chance I've had in the past year to actually commit some time to mapping, so I decided to make a speedmap and I wanted to try something different. I'm hoping that the people of doomworld will appreciate my sense of humor. Enjoy. Furniture-store-2.zip NOTE: Map slot is MAP02, tested in GZDoom g4.4.2 and PRboom+ here are some screenshots:
  5. Adahn

    (DOOMER) Sad depressing nightwalk WAD

    Heh, too real... If it wasnt for school taking up so much of my time, I would probably blow my life away making maps for Doom and Heretic.
  6. Adahn

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

  7. Adahn

    idiots and angels, and more

    I watched it, and I see what you mean. It's hard to get into, probably because the main character seems like kind of a dick in the first 3/4ths of the movie. But in terms of animation, storytelling and creativity it's definitely one of the better animated movies I've seen. I would rate it 9/10 just for the ending, which I thought was the best part, IMO. Cant give you a rec however, since I dont watch many indie animated films.
  8. Adahn

    (DOOMER) Sad depressing nightwalk WAD

    Yes, the switch is a computer with a glowing sector on it, right where the sawed off double barrel shotgun is. I seem to have a strange habit of designing my maps so that important stuff is easy to miss. Oh well, at least I got to see you play all the way to the end anyways.
  9. Hello, Doomworld. I'm back again with yet another Doom 2 map, this time just a relatively short one with lots of custom weapons, sprites and other stuff. I made it as sort of a goodbye to doom map making, since I decided it would be the last map I ever make. I guess I wanted to say goodbye to doom mapping forever and never come on doomworld again, but, well... what can I say? I enjoy seeing peoples' reaction to the maps I make, so I figured I would post it at least once for other people to play. It has some depressing music that sounds straight out of one of those "doomer" music compilations on youtube, and it does have some shitty low quality weapon sprites that I rigged myself, but don't have the skill to make them high quality. It also has several custom monsters and weapons taken straight from realm667. Either way, here it is, give it a shot if you wish and tell me what you think. It's made for and tested on GZDoom *edit*(jumping disabled). nhtwlk.zip
  10. I remember playing this and thinking it was one of the highest quality doom mods I had ever played... well, this is a strange way for it to turn out. I guess it's high quality in terms of gameplay and design, but quite the opposite in terms of how it handles the main subject matter...
  11. Adahn

    Be careful on how you use your social media

    These days it feels like "Anti-SJWs" are bigger snowflakes than the SJWs they hate. I don't think having more diversity/inclusion in your videogames and movies is really such a big deal IMO.
  12. Adahn

    Half-Life 3 Was In The Works Years Ago

    bruh. this better be bait. EDIT: I thought you didn't know about HL:Alyx at first, in which case you would have been in for a BIG surprise, heh. But yea I know what you mean, VR can be super expensive and still has some issues.
  13. I wonder if maybe some doomworld users don't actually like doom. Because it seems like there's a lot of threads with negative stuff to say about it. I mean, everyone probably has maps from the IWADs they aren't particularly fond of, but why make an entire thread to be critical of those maps, when you could always just focus on the stuff that you DO like, instead...
  14. It is not a Doom map, but I made a wad for Heretic recently and would appreciate if you could record yourself playing it. IDK if you do Heretic wads, but if you do the map is here:
  15. mansdemo1.zip It took me 30 minutes to get through the map on UV, I got 463/463 kills and 2/3 secrets. I recorded a GZDoom demo just for fun in case you want to view it. This map was pretty tough at the beginning with only the starter rifle and a shotgun. It got easier once I picked up the chaingun and RL. I probably could've finished faster but I completely forgot about the red door with all the good weapons behind it. I remembered eventually however and backtracked to pick them up. overall though not a bad effort, I would recommend this map to anyone who likes classic doom monster shooting type of gameplay