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  1. Jthom

    What are you listening to?

    Ive been meaning to get more into rap/hip hop. Theres a lot of great stuff out there, hoping to fill up my playlist with more. For now its just a lot of 80s and 90s music, I guess.
  2. Jthom

    The Elon Musk Fan Thread

    He seemed okay imo before the whole twitter fight. After that my opinion of him changed as he began to fight with the media. He really came off weird and inappropriate with his twitter comments. Dont have much respect for him now.
  3. Jthom

    Ever Shrine

    Took me an hour or two to play, basically several maps with nice detailing, custom textures, and a unique style to them. The difficulty was easygoing on HMP, however I dont know what its like on UV. The further into the WAD I got, the more difficult it became, with the final level being much more difficult than the previous ones. I am tempted to call the last level a "slaughter" map due to the large hordes of enemies in them. Overall, it was quite good. Would definitely recommend
  4. Jthom

    "It's too cartoony"

    I like the "soft", "cartoony" look personally. Why do things always have to be so dark and grim? I would prefer a more cartoony, less serious art style tbh.
  5. Jthom

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I am an introvert, and I kind of enjoy being alone. Solitude can be good at times, IMO.
  6. Jthom

    What are you listening to?

    I've been on a bit of a 90s kick lately.
  7. Jthom

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    What if you gave him some attacks to counter common player tactics. For example a wave of fire that hits everything infront of the archvile in a wide range, which should discourage people from getting in his face. Or maybe you could give him a kind of side-swipe attack. Maybe a fireball that curves to the left or right before it hits you, for example. Could be useful for players hiding behind pillars. That would also discourage people from just moving side-to-side behind cover. Or maybe give him wings so he can fly around and reign hellfire on unsuspecting players. Of course I dont know how feasible it would be to implement any of that, lol.
  8. Jthom

    Why Doom 2 level design feels a lot inferior to Doom 1?

    Say what you will about Doom 2, but barrels o'fun and dead simple were two of the most memorable doom maps, for me. I may be biased though since I have played doom 2 waaaay more than the original doom.
  9. Jthom

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @HAK3180 Hmmm. I did not anticipate a few things in your run, such as the shootable switch being hard to find and the archvile fight having a lack of weapons. Seeing your gameplay has really revealed some of the flaws in the maps design, and I will definitely have to watch out for those things next time. All in all I would say your feedback has been valuable, and it is appreciated. To be honest I was not thinking a lot about texture usage in this map -- but I suppose it could use some more diversity to change things up a little. I agree it is not as good as my "Hell Complex" map. Anyways, thank you for the feedback, I will be sure to remember it when I am making my next map.
  10. Jthom

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Yo if you wouldnt mind I have one more map I would like you to play, it is my submission to the Doomworld Mega Project 2018. It would be nice to get a little outside feedback on my map. I know you liked my other map Hell Complex (probably my favorite map ive ever made). This one is also a techbase, although a lot smaller. It should be much shorter than my previous maps, I would say <20 minutes for a first play. Feel free to give it a shot whenever you have the time. DarkTerminal.zip I would appreciate it if you gave it a playthrough, thanks in advance @HAK3180
  11. I would like to submit a map. Name: Dark Terminal Author: Jthom Format: Doom format (tested in prboom+ cl2 and cl9) Build time: 1 week Comments: Your standard doom 2 techbase, it is pretty big, for a pretty good player I would say about a 10-minute romp through demon infested halls. I was going to release it as a map in my own short episode, but it turned out larger and better than I expected, so I thought it would be a good idea to submit it here! Map: DarkTerminal.zip Please lemme know what yall think and feel free to download and give it a shot!
  12. dmspacemarine.com bfgblast.com cyberdemonic.com These are pretty shit I'll admit, but they are available. There's also dmslayer.com and dmnslayer.com those are available according to namecheap.com. Yea it has "dm" in the name but, IDK if that counts.
  13. Jthom


    Cool video! I was not expecting somebody to find my wad and record it 8 months after release, out of the blue like that. I'm surprised you actually found all the secrets, some of them were pretty well hidden unless you open it up in a map editor. Also this version of the level is ridden with bugs, such as the missing enemy at the end. It is a revenant stuck somewhere you cant reach. Also, the yellow key door needs to be hugged right up against it otherwise there is a level-breaking bug where the ceiling lowers and closes the area off. Just a heads up if anyone else decides to play it. Incase anyone didn't see it, the music is Only Time Will Tell by Asia :] So yea, thanks for playing my wad, this is probably the 3rd video I have found of it, and I must admit, it is pretty puzzling at some points, but very cool video nonetheless.
  14. When I was a kid I used to think the moon was following our car