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  1. VOliver9

    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    Well I haven't played any RPGs, but tabletop ones look really interesting actually.
  2. VOliver9

    Metra: HacX Tribute

  3. VOliver9

    Some easy but well-made wads?

    I meant the first three episodes.
  4. VOliver9

    Some easy but well-made wads?

    The Ultimate Doom is easier than Doom 2, except ep. 4
  5. VOliver9

    25th anniversary project proposal

    Hey, this is just an idea. Also, I've seen this exact same message about 3 times. :D
  6. VOliver9


    I think there are too many gray textures. Otherwise, it looks cool. :)
  7. VOliver9

    The Room

    @Nautkillius Is this your first map?
  8. VOliver9


    So did I.
  9. VOliver9

    Very bad MAP01 Remake!

    Now I think about it again, such a megawad wouldn't be good. The messed-upness would lose its funniness after a few maps, and it'd become annoying and/or boring. Although...bad design doesn't (always) mean bad gameplay. Who knows.
  10. VOliver9

    Very bad MAP01 Remake!

    @NoisyVelvet Wait, was there a joke map in this thread? Which one?
  11. VOliver9

    Very bad MAP01 Remake!

    "lol-random" was what I was going for. Was it funny at all? :/ EDIT: you are talking about the thread and the idea in general, right?
  12. VOliver9

    Very bad MAP01 Remake!

    Challenge accepted. Totally_accurate_MAP01_from_memory.zip (It is the first time I release a map. Should have uploaded something better first...) EDIT: I forgot: I might make a megawad with maps like this some time... :D EDIT 2: Tested with GZDoom. EDIT 3 (omg): Jumping and whatnot allowed.
  13. VOliver9

    So, where are you from?

    As you have probably guessed, I am from Earth. Ok, seriously, I'm from Hungary.
  14. VOliver9

    What food can you make the best?

    Maybe... Bread? :)