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Everything posted by VOliver9

  1. VOliver9

    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    Well I haven't played any RPGs, but tabletop ones look really interesting actually.
  2. VOliver9

    Metra: HacX Tribute

  3. VOliver9

    Some easy but well-made wads?

    I meant the first three episodes.
  4. VOliver9

    Some easy but well-made wads?

    The Ultimate Doom is easier than Doom 2, except ep. 4
  5. VOliver9

    25th anniversary project proposal

    Hey, this is just an idea. Also, I've seen this exact same message about 3 times. :D
  6. VOliver9

    A first mediocre WAD with a little story

    I think there are too many gray textures. Otherwise, it looks cool. :)
  7. VOliver9

    The Room

    @Nautkillius Is this your first map?
  8. VOliver9

    Very bad MAP01 Remake!

    Now I think about it again, such a megawad wouldn't be good. The messed-upness would lose its funniness after a few maps, and it'd become annoying and/or boring. Although...bad design doesn't (always) mean bad gameplay. Who knows.
  9. VOliver9

    Very bad MAP01 Remake!

    @NoisyVelvet Wait, was there a joke map in this thread? Which one?
  10. VOliver9

    Very bad MAP01 Remake!

    "lol-random" was what I was going for. Was it funny at all? :/ EDIT: you are talking about the thread and the idea in general, right?
  11. VOliver9

    Very bad MAP01 Remake!

    Challenge accepted. Totally_accurate_MAP01_from_memory.zip (It is the first time I release a map. Should have uploaded something better first...) EDIT: I forgot: I might make a megawad with maps like this some time... :D EDIT 2: Tested with GZDoom. EDIT 3 (omg): Jumping and whatnot allowed.
  12. VOliver9

    So, where are you from?

    As you have probably guessed, I am from Earth. Ok, seriously, I'm from Hungary.
  13. VOliver9

    What food can you make the best?

    Maybe... Bread? :)
  14. VOliver9

    Place crazy weapon ideas here

    Someone must make a weapon mod with the weapons of this thread.
  15. VOliver9

    question about naming screenshots

    Just right click on the picture and rename it. You don't have to save it with another app.
  16. VOliver9

    The BFG, do ya like using it??

    The BFG? Oh, yes.
  17. VOliver9


    No. Actually, I knew that it's going to be terrible. ;) "This looks promising", "Can't wait for next maps" were obviously jokes. :) Everyone knows what to expect from a title like "myfirstmmap XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD". :D
  18. VOliver9


    So far, this looks promising. I'm gonna play it. Can't wait for your next maps. :D EDIT: I played it. WTF?!
  19. VOliver9

    Legal Question about Borrowing IWAD Textures

    Well, you probably won't get to prison because of this. Where did you read/hear that you mustn't use IWAD textures in PWADs?
  20. VOliver9

    my second level THE ROOMS OF DOOM!!!

    I played the map. One thing is certain: This map is way too hard for me, mainly because it has way too much Arch-Viles. I won't lie; I cheated. I couldn't finish Dooms of Room Rooms of Doom otherwise. On the other hand, your map looks good, mostly. And the story is... amusing: (^Well, this is what happened to me :D) Overall, this might be a good map for the best players, and definitely not for people like me.
  21. VOliver9

    my second level THE ROOMS OF DOOM!!!

    LOL, I gotta play this! :D
  22. VOliver9

    Obligatory - 32 Map Community Project

    I might do a starport map. How big should the map be?
  23. VOliver9

    Soviet-themed WADs/maps?

    Russian Overkill. :D