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  1. Dingus Khan

    Jedi Academy

    Jedi Academy would be my favorite game ever, bar none, if only it met these two standards: it was longer, and had the gameplay of Jedi Outcast. A lot of Academy wasnt too exciting for me (early levels) but when it's good, it's fucking GOOD (last tier and last two levels). I wish the light/dark side option would have appeared way earlier in the game though. It's fine where it's at, because it doesnt really matter with the gameplay since you can still use all dark force powers, but it still would have been nice to say "i pimp-slapped all those tusken raiders because i'm a SITH. Like a piiiiiiimp!"
  2. Dingus Khan

    Hate: Chapter Three

    That was a pretty excellent chapter. As this book progresses the feelings of isolation and lonliness seem to increase greatly. The purposes and goals for the character in this story are nonexistant. He simply is. He kills something. He fucks something. He does drugs. Pure carnality. Occasionally it shows glimpses inside his mind, which reveal a long forgotten past. It's almost sorrowful, the character almost misses it, but then he realizes it doesnt matter anyhow. My assumption is that this story will never develope any sort of climax. It's all a climax i suppose. Its only goal is to portray a particular feeling, hence the title. Christ it's an honest portrayal.
  3. Dingus Khan

    This sucks

    does leeching actually make you immune? it say's they're getting people that are illegally downloading files. I download them, then move them out of my shared folder so that they arent being shared. What the RIAA is doing is outrageous. I generally dont download a whole cd. Or i didnt until now. Now i do (ive done it like twice) because I dont support anyone affiliated with an industry that fucking sues 12 year olds because their business went down 13%. Second, the reason I dont buy the cd is for the same reason their album sales went down: CD'S COST TOO FUCKING MUCH. Now if i truly support an artist i'd pay 50 bucks for a cd, but a band that i just like? fuck paying i'll go with the freeness. The music industry has some big problems anyhow. I think that no musician deserves to have the insane amounts of money that some of them do. living leisurely, yes. but not fucking bill gates rich. The amount of users hasnt went down much at all on Kazaa. I dont think Kazaa damages album sales that much. or at least not 13%(by the way, 13%, big fucking deal).
  4. Dingus Khan


    I plan on going to full sail or some sort of game design college. I'll probably be living under a bridge rather than designing games, but hey, i'll have taken those classes.
  5. Dingus Khan

    Diversity of musical taste

    Didnt I read that Circle of Dead Children is Grind? If so, then they're deffinately a band to add to the list because they're HEAVY.
  6. Cloning is like twins only one comes out the pussy and another comes out a tube filled with blue water and wires and shit. The soul thing is an argument clone haters use now.
  7. Dingus Khan

    Diversity of musical taste

    I'm currently listening to 'Vital Remains'. When Glen Burton howls "LET THE KILLING BEGIN" you know he fucking godamn means it. "At War with God" also strikes a chord of total wrath and hatred. Some other stuff i'm listening to is Severe Torture, Bathtub Shitter, Skinless, Cattle Decapitation, Pentagram, Incubus, Fear Factory, Tatu, Merle Haggard, Justin Timberlake, Tool, and that new Limp Bizket cd.
  8. Dingus Khan

    /Me goes bye-bye

    I think the size of her boobies is VERY relavent.
  9. Dingus Khan

    Christian Computer Game Reviews - what a joke!

    I think the christian computer game reviews are quite helpful. I ended up not buying RtCW because of that review. It's helped me a lot.
  10. Dingus Khan


    I think part of the reason it's not legalized is because the government would have a hard time to tax it, and therefor wouldnt make as much money off it as arresting every fag who smokes it.
  11. Dingus Khan

    the computer show hits a new low

    I think the furry booth thing is pretty fucking cool, myself.
  12. Dingus Khan

    microsofts future??

    I think Microsoft's hold on the computer market will start to slip pretty drastically if things like msblast.exe continue to be created. I feel pretty goddamned ripped off if i'm buying a 2-300 $ OS that a fucking hacker can shitcan so easily. I know little of linux, and i doubt i'll ever move to a mac...but microsoft better start making things that arent shit.
  13. Dingus Khan


    Just because tobacco kills more people it makes it ok to legalize pot, which kills less people? That's like legalizing murder as long as you keep it to a maximum of 3 kills per person. Pretty silly, eh?
  14. Dingus Khan

    SUPER RPG: The Doomworld Adventure.

    It's really rad that you liked the song we did for the RPG. We were slightly worried. I've changed my mind about my character. I'd like to be a musician in a bar or something. or on a street. anywhere.