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  1. Ahh piss, I totally forgot about Doomworld. Still played Doom, still had an active life, everything is fine really. I guess I should start browsing the forums a bit more eh? That, or finally post a map. Choices, choices.

  2. Doomer: I am making a magnificent megawad that no one would notice anyways!

    Another Doomer: I am hosting this deathmatch server, anyone wanna join?

    Third Doomer: Nah I am too busy handling this ACS script for my extended custom weapon arsenal.

    First Doomer: Can relate. Making sprites for my lvl20 Nightmare Hellimp was a BITCH!

    Third Doomer: I know right?!

    Fourth Doomer: Hey, first Doomer! Your high quality megawad sucks! Not enough archviles and/or cyberdemons! Also we need moar brown textures!

    First Doomer: Oh shit you're right. Everyone, the download link was updated! Make sure to type -idk -map666 -idbeholda before starting it!

    Fifth Doomer: Brutal Doom sounds nice with this. Hey third Doomer, when is that Brutal Doom compactibility patch coming up?

    Third Doomer: Go suck a dick. I told you it isn't happening.



    Me: Wait...



    How the fuck can you guys focus so much on Doom btw? Like, do you do anything else but Doom? 

    1. Bashe


      nope this is objectively all we do with our time epic :)

    2. Jayextee


      I do many other things that aren't Doom. Inbetween gamedev and art/illustration, I like to attend shows (KMFDM last week was pretty amaze if I'm honest), time-attack Sonic Mania (got a rivalry going on with a Facebook friend right now, it's fun) and head to friends' places for D&D or other geeky shit.

      But I hang out here because I love Doom; and talking about Doom on a Doom forum kinda makes sense, you know? ;)

    3. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Yeah okay, but I see people here who seem to live for Doom mapping and modding. Or are super productive and pump out several high quality maps a day (those who read this will know who am I talking about). Like FFS I started one map somewhere half a year ago then I see people like these and I just dont wanna do it :P

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      None of what you describe here actually happens the way you think it does, and nobody is able to make several high quality maps per day, not even people like Mechadon would be able to pull this off, and he is kind of like one of the most efficient mappers that I know of. Very experienced mappers like Ribbiks don't have an easy time creating even medium sized maps once per day, his frog.wad is comprised of maps that he made on a one map per day basis, and they're all vignette style maps.


      And yes, there are some very dedicated people around here. This community (due to a certain subset of people) is probably one of the most dedicated ones to exist these days. However this changes nothing about the fact that some people are so experienced with mapping that they can work a lot faster than somebody who doesn't have a clue as to what's what, the latter being true for anybody who starts their first mapping attempts. That being said, I have yet to hear of somebody who cranks out several objectively high quality maps per day.

    5. 42PercentHealth


      What @Nine Inch Heels said. Some people are probably efficient enough that they spend their "Doom time" making us all think they have a lot more time on their hands than they actually do. Some people here probably don't have an actual life, so they really do spend an inordinate amount of time Dooming. Then there's people like me who don't really do much (I try to turn out a YT video per day, trying to learn to map, etc.), but I hang out here 'cuz there are a lot of cool people who share my interest in Doom. A lot of my posts here (as well as a lot of other people's posts) are not strictly Doom-related.

    6. grouchbag

      Era Di Cate, why are you so concerned?I don't live my life around Doom, but it is my favorite game.I also admire the people who create the wads we enjoy playing.So, if someone wants to focus on Doom, so what?

    7. Bashe


      A forum dedicated to a game contains people dedicated to said game


      Who'd have thought

    8. grouchbag

      You nailed it Bashe!

    9. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      fyi, I was wondering how do people get to be so dedicated. Not are people dedicated or not. Game forum = game dedication yeah, thats logical. But how? Where do you find that much time to do so? How did you find that enough time to get that experience to do the same in even less time? I am sure as heck that not everyone is supertalented at Dooming that much that as soon as they sit down they can make a decent enough mappack on the first try.


      NIH and 42%HP said it righteously.

    10. Khorus


      When you start doing something and find yourself still doing it 13 years later, you tend to learn a thing or two. Nothing keeps me going other than the enjoyment of doing it.


      When I see the things other people are doing, great! More cool stuff to play. But I always do my own thing and follow my own influences. 

  3. I am Era Di Cate.


    I will adopt you.


    *slasher smile*






    This is my pet. It used to be loud and korean, now its LOUD... and korean.


    shitpost i dunno

    1. R1ck


      so, I didn't follow much, I need context.

    2. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Basically this account belongs to a spam bot which made at least 42 threads filled with useless korean text. And no it wasn't a disturbed korean person who needed assistance, just a spam bot sent here by some korean haxxor I guess.


      Now its mine :333

  4. A lot of modern gaming elements are being discussed, yet I haven't witnessed any sort of discussion over "special vision modes" in games. At least on PC, the game would tell you to press "V" or any other button to activate a special "sight", "vision" or "eye" where suddenly everything is blurry and dark sans items, NPCs and occasionally mechanisms, doors and traps which become highlighted. I guess this is useful for relaying info on positions of this and that, but is it really that neccesary? Can such a element be replaced with something else? With what would you replace it (if you would like to)? Can this element be used in FPS games more effeciently? Also when did this trend start to get used?
  5. I have spent this entire Saturday at my bestie's house...


    ... Who insisted that I watch Rogue One with her.


    Ah well, I guess it starts out a bit slow, and for someone who doesn't know enough lore to instantly connect things (like yours truly) this might be a bit boring. But it gets better and better. And I am not using sacrasm, it truly gets more interesting the more you watch. And I won't spoil stuff so I will say that this movie fucked with me the first 20 minutes because I wasn't used to seeing xeno scum being the good guys.


    At least I got to finish Dishonored 2! I mentioned it yesterday, I think. Either way my shit PC couldn't handle the game but surprise surprise, my friend's PC could! Game is a absolute masterpiece. Atmosphere: nailed it. Story: nailed it. Gameplay: nailed it. Lore: nailed it. Characters: nailed it. Art and design: nailed it. The developers had some excellent nails and they hammered it perfectly. I played as Emily and got the Low Chaos ending, didn't want to play as Corvo since I thought he would have the same abilities as in 1, so I opted to see what Emily has in store. What I like about this game is it's art-style. Nearly every character other than the protagonists resemble animals when you look at their faces. The caricatural-like design of NPCs so to speak. Also, the mix of steam-diesel-punk and magic, is just... perfect. I am glad this did not become a open-world exploring survival game or something like that. This type of atmosphere, setting, is excellent for more linear, story-driven games, and I wouldn't be surprised to read a book inspired by this setting.


    (Yes I know Dishonored stems from the Thief series but let me enjoy this one okay :P )


    Either way, a nice break from the usual shit my life has become lately. I really needed to play something else other than Half Life and Doom.

    1. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      (*draws inspiration from the Thief series)


      Of for the Peter's fuck's sake why can't we edit our status updates? I guess I gotta be more careful next time

    2. A7MAD


      Ok... interesting? 

    3. geo


      I was bored for the first hour of Rogue One. Then once the laser space battles happened I was happy. Here's something else... I thought I was watching Star Wars: Episode 7 for like 45+ minutes until I realized oh wait this seems to be some sort of Episode 3.9.

  6. And I am myself as well :P I wish I was a superhuman with telekinetic powers but here I am :D
  7. I don't care if it is a prank. Rest I care deeply so.
  8. I am looking at 40oz's comment and I see heresy. Half Life 2 IS NOT Doom. Doom IS NOT the ideal shooter game. Half Life 2 had excellent gameplay. Doom also had excellent gameplay. But Half Life 2 bases it's gameplay on creativity and experimentation. Doom is more arcade like. Half Life 2 had the fucking gravity gun. But even if you only used the Zero-Field Energy Manipulator when it was absolutely essential, the rest of the gameplay was great because of solid shooting mechanics, beautifully translated from 1998 into Source. Also, no cutscenes at all. The player was in control of his actions all the time (sans several minutes of all episodes together whenever the player/Gordon Freeman was pinned down by something, rather than just locked into talking with NPCs). Yeah, scripted sequences, the bane of old shooters, I understand that, but if you don't like scripted sequences, get Garry's Mod and fuck with the game as much as you like. And look, there is a Doom source port for GMod as well, called gmDoom, and you can play the entirety of Half Life 2 and episodes with the gameplay of Doom. But you cannot change the essence of Half-Life, and what makes Half-Life; Half-Life. Half-Life has a way of telling stories, too bad they are not demo-compactible nor playable with prboom+, boo hoo. If you have a issue, don't use Half-Life, one of the best FPSes, as a scapegoat. Half-Life is not Doom. Half-Life does not posses the same gameplay as Doom. Half-Life shares a common ground with Doom with both being shooters, but nothing else. If this was a "prank" or a troll attempt, I don't care. This goes for everyone.
  9. My bestest friend drew me as a cat demon thingy for my birthday (just so that she wouldn't spend any money on me, clever move). After I stopped squealing with joy, I tried repaying her the favor by drawing her:
  10. Why is everyone so surprised and dissapointed lol Even I as a diehard half-life fan knew there wasn't going to be the third episode. Valve deals with making popular mods standalone games, it's their bread and butter. Counter-strike? Started as a mod. Dota? Started as a mod. Team Fortress? Started as a mod. Left 4 Dead? Started as a mod. They said the guy who made the MINERVA mod had been hired to work on Episode 3, ask him then. Also, if someone would want to see the Borealis, play the "Missing Information" mod for Half Life 2. There are few levels dealing with the adventures inside the titular ship, although with no cool teleportational stuff mentioned in the document above, and you only go along with a guy named "Odell". Who is to blame the dissappearence of Half Life 3? It isn't Valve, but whoever leaked Half Life 2 while it was still in the production. Because of that asshole, they had to swamp out the entire game and delete/replace most, if not all the stuff, which also involved the Borealis arc, and a satisfying end to the serie. Heh, ironic. Almost feels like we are in a timeline that went wrong. If only someone could dial back to September 2003, find the hacker and stop him before he leaks the files... Who knows what kind of a world would we live in?
  11. "Business" always kinda perked me. When you look at it, one think it is pronounced "busy-ness" and not "buise-ness", so I sometimes write it down as "buisness". It is like reading "Wednesday". When you look at it, its "Wed-ness-day", but everyone pronounces it as "When-sday". English language stronk.
  12. Been a busy kitty these days :3


    I guess, this that, unreleting family drama, school-related crap, playing Dishonored 2, blabla, here is a question or challenge to all natural philosophers on Doomworld:


    Is there ANY possible way for a human being to balance upon a trolley in such a way that the trolley could move forward on its own (without the human falling off it so to speak)? Here is a sketch for you to get a basic idea about it:



    (winged hussar for attention)


    If not, what about going downhill? What about going downhill at first and going flat? What about going downhill then uphill?


    I know that weight distribution is often a issue, and this and that, so you can make up your own variables, it is not like I am going to do this (any soon), but this had been haunting me for a while, so thanks for understanding.

    1. Ichor


      This kind of reminds me of those old bal rail games...




      ...where you have to adjust the rails in such a way to get the ball rolling 'uphill' as it were, but not to the point of falling through or rolling backwards.

    2. 42PercentHealth


      @Era Di Cate I don't think so, unless you include electronic stuff so that the trolley can "detect" which way the human is leaning and accelerate to prevent him/her from falling.


      Reason being, when you lean forward on a wheeled platform resting on a level surface (as in your drawing) there is a "diagonal" force applied to the wheels, downward and backward. The downward component is countered by the ground, but the backward component is countered by nothing. So the human leans forward and the wheels roll backward, and PRESTO! You just won $10000 on America's Funniest Home Videos! :-D


      If you are on a slope, however, the platform will either be accelerating or decelerating. In order to maintain your balance, you will need to lean one way or the other so that your center of mass is accelerating/decelerating at the same rate as the wheels. If you stand straight up, then nothing will exert a horizontal force on you, and either the wheels just move on without you (in the accelerating case) or you will move on without the wheels (in the decelerating case).


      Newton would love this question. :-)


      @Ichor Hey, I remember that game! It was hard. Of course, I'm not very dextrous...

    3. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      @42PercentHealth okay, but what if...


      If a chair can have a balance point where it can stand still while resting on its two back legs, can the same balance point be found and used on the trolley to move forward? Not leaning too much or too little, is it possible to balance oneself and just move?

    4. 42PercentHealth


      Theoretically, yes. If we ignore random motion of atoms, air resistance, friction, etc. But even in this case we can't speed up or slow down, you have to somehow start out moving and then just stand straight up to just coast along.


      If we add friction and air resistance, then you'd probably have to lean slightly to maintain balance.

    5. 42PercentHealth


      ^Just realized that I just used the word "just" twice in just one sentence. Maybe I should just stop.

    6. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate



      Thanks for clearing it up for me, you who is just another natural philosopher fightning against unjust you :P

    7. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      There is no way you can move into any direction consistently by way of just being in perfect balance on a surface that has an angle of 90° relative to the centre of gravity, even if you have wheels below you. Your centre of mass, along with the centre of the trolley's mass, is always directly above the trolley's wheels in a scenario of perfect balance, meaning there is no force or energy present that could be translated into velocity. Leaning forward or backward would simply change the position of the centre of mass relative to the trolley's wheels, but that doesn't "create" anything that wasn't there before, because the moment you go out of perfect balance you're simply inviting gravitiy to have its ways. The loss of balance simply makes you fall until you hit the ground.


      The only way you can move forward by balancing on a trolley, or any other object that has wheels on it, is by abusing the very things 42% deemed to be a problem. Friction is not only the one thing that makes movement energy consuming, it's the only thing that allows us to move anywhere to begin with. However, you will need a force of some sort to start moving at all (A kinetic impulse strong enough to overcome the resistance that is friction), and eventually the friction would make you stop on your way yet again, at which point any further movement requires additional energy.


      It really doesn't matter what kind of ideas you come up with to make yourself and the trolley move into any direction, all require a force that starts the movement in and of itself by translating it into speed, which makes friction a necessity, thus the idea of travelling without any energy loss, simply by way of shifting balance falls apart entirely.

    8. Kapanyo


      Busy is best!


      With the right balance, anything is possible >:3


  13. That sounds nearly as exactly as this short mod for Half-Life that I played. It is called "Night at the Office", and you are put into the shoes of a simple office worker who is employed in this international postal service of sort. Eitherwho, the company building gets invaded by this group of terrorist who had seized most of the floors, and you indeed get to choose to either save yourself or save the others. Combat is realistic, although you can still dash around, that isn't neccesarily a smart thing. The atmosphere is quite tense, since the terrorists had pretty much hunted down almost everyone else and are hunting you out. You have to go from floors to floors, backtrack sometimes as well, to find a way to escape or put a end to it. The only difference from your idea is that this mod doesn't have procedural level generation nor randomizing floors. It is pretty much heavily scripted to work this or that way. But your idea was eerily similar to the idea you proposed and oh god I am having flashbacks of the mod. If anyone thinks of playing it, the mod can be found on moddb. Fair warning though, sound quality is all but quality. Takes a bit from the atmosphere, but still, a well thought out design.
  14. I am going to take this one seriously instead of just going: "Its Doom" just to look like I don't give a fuck and to appear cool for it. Perfect FPS would include all possible action "dimensions" into play. Performing stunts, acrobatic moves, or even "brutal/glory" kills/moves as well. FPS may be all about shooting, but even Doom feels tiring time to time. If they could take all those fancy-pantsy third person sandboxes from all those fancy gaming consoles (stuff like GTA, Just Cause, Uncharted and crap), combine them, set them in the first perspective with a dynamic camera to follow (as to actually see like you are looking with your own eyes), and port it over to the PC, they would have a perfect combo of action and FPS needed for a super enjoyable game. But no, the market ALWAYS needs ANOTHER open world exploring sandbox 3rd person shooter set in a exotic location with pirates and tyrants, because originality is overrated. I say, combine Doom 2016's shooting and slaughter, with Mirror's Edge parkour/movement, add some Elder Scrolls magick to the fray, along with special abilities from MMORPGs (which no one cannot apparently dodge), add difficulty options with some emphasizing atmosphere and story, and some emphasizing scaringly accurate realism seen from ArmA. I think I could play that without a single drop of un-interest, and considering my taste, that is quite hard to achieve, purely because I don't care about skill or competition.
  15. Then how much at 90%? :3 Which is often around...?