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  1. Ahh, geeze, it's been a while! I haven't Doom-ed in so long, lol.

    What's new with me? Ahh, nothing really. Rather, you guys tell me what's up, how yall doin'? :3

    1. Xyzzy01


      Doin' fine, only wish I had more time to map!

    2. KVELLER


      So, did you play Echoes already?

    3. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Surprisingly, yes, but haven't finished it yet. I keep putting Echoes off for no reason, really ´:D

  2. Hi everyone!

    What did I miss?

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    2. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Oh snap, got any assumptions on why?


      Well, to be honest, most of my notifs these days involved your postings, might be something about that ;)

    3. Catpho


      Pretty bizarre. I don't think anyone else got that without it being obvious. Your posts were pretty innocent when i last viewed them. Bad luck i guess :/

    4. Starkiller


      Yeah. I'm not exactly the type of guy who would shitpost offensive and edgey topics, but enjoy chatting and having thought-provoking threads. 


  3. Now what was it what I wanted to tell? Ah yeah, school slowed down for a bit finally. Really, really, looking forward to working on my map again, I might be able to just do it tomorrow >:3


    I think it's kinda proper to continue since I had exercised so many ideas onto paper already.


    And to make your click worth it, here, have this chill beat I found whilst journeying across the ever-vast and dangerous expanses of the world wide web.


    *headbangs in skooma*

  4. *has two exams in two days*

    *has a truckload of homework*

    *has a unfinished doom map*

    *has to remain sane, healthy, and has to have high morale during all of this*


    My brain:



  5. Hah, maybe this weekend I will start mapping again. Had been looking forward to it, but now I have to try and make up for the lost hours of sleep. This week was filled with a lot of things insofar, and it's not even the end of it yet.


    Been thinking and sketching up some interesting things in school, don't want to reveal them though :3 I would, but the thing is, I dunno if it would work or not so I am just going to leave it as secret, for the extra dramatic effect. Of course, I was talking about mapping, if that has brought upon you a suspicious .


    I really need to sleep. 

  6. So I fucked up. I got nostalgic for Daggerfall, and instead of continuing my progress on the map, I delayed it yet again so I can beat up some pixels using a pixelated warhammer and feel good about it.


    (at this point I doubt anyone cares for the map, if so, then no problem for me, I can continue playing without feeling pressure :D )

  7. No, I didn't forget about my Doomworld account again. Just, school kicked in like a dive-kicking action movie hero with a shotgun. I have to lay off mapping for a bit, maybe would continue on weekend.


    In other news, what, good weather, am a bit sleepy, but everything is fine and calm on the Western Front.

    1. Catpho


      Schedule is also my worst enemy too x_x



    Geez, calm yer mammaries, just an update to that map thingy I was making. Gotta say, it's quite fun! I mean, it is fun now, while I am making these houses and all, but I guess the hard part would be balancing it up for yazz. Tell me whacha think!


    Pics in the spoiler below because feed and stuff (also the text is still white, its present inbetween the pictures)



    Hall in front of me ruum, along with the fully modeled bathroom (might add a rug or something, will think of it).


    Ayy. me house! Notice the blood at the front door? I actually went outside my house, spilled a glass of water, and traced the results back to Doom to make it look realistic! Research fuckers!


    The other house in the neighborhood. Something tells me having stairs for the upper floors outside of houses isn't a smart idea in practice, but with a good fence around it should be! I'm probably going to redesign the houses a bit and add some fences to justify open stairs and everything. I haven't rendered what is inside yet, but I am just going to guess how things go, eh?


    View, just as you step out of the hall in the first picture and go outside. Notice that perfect curve? Ayy, isn't that a good testament to my designing skills? :D Just kidding, anyways, "Streets Ahead" is probably going to go through a redesigning, although not a radical,drastil one, just expand the Streets a bit more to accomodate space and ensure good gameplay :)


    Well, I am going to take a break now I guess. I most certainly earned it!


    EDIT: AAAHH THE SOFTWARE HAS CHANGED, LETTERS IN SPOILERS ARE WHITE! Just to tell ya there is text between pictures, thats all.

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    2. mrthejoshmon


      A myhouse.wad being made in 2018?

      You bless us with this gift!


      Facetiousness aside, it looks very solid for a "first wad", you ever mapped before this?

    3. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Thanks yall, and yeah, I kinda mapped before, if you can count GoldSource stuff and Unity houses, I have a clue for how things would go. I love "myhouse.wad"-s, ya know, feels like it was made by a passionate person, no matter how shitty they would be.


      I don't want this to be a overly big project or make an episodical wad or anything, I am well met with how "My First Wad" projects go, and I am trying to run away from such things as far as possible.

    4. mrthejoshmon


      I'd say you're more than qualified in Doom map editing if you've successfully mingled with the eldritch horror known as GoldSource mapping, I'm excited to see how this goes.


      Keep up the good work.

  9. Supposed to be my first map.




    Tryharding much? And it's a vanilla-compactible map.


    EDIT: and there is more to the map, but its mostly blank boring space.

  10. Ahh piss, I totally forgot about Doomworld. Still played Doom, still had an active life, everything is fine really. I guess I should start browsing the forums a bit more eh? That, or finally post a map. Choices, choices.

  11. Doomer: I am making a magnificent megawad that no one would notice anyways!

    Another Doomer: I am hosting this deathmatch server, anyone wanna join?

    Third Doomer: Nah I am too busy handling this ACS script for my extended custom weapon arsenal.

    First Doomer: Can relate. Making sprites for my lvl20 Nightmare Hellimp was a BITCH!

    Third Doomer: I know right?!

    Fourth Doomer: Hey, first Doomer! Your high quality megawad sucks! Not enough archviles and/or cyberdemons! Also we need moar brown textures!

    First Doomer: Oh shit you're right. Everyone, the download link was updated! Make sure to type -idk -map666 -idbeholda before starting it!

    Fifth Doomer: Brutal Doom sounds nice with this. Hey third Doomer, when is that Brutal Doom compactibility patch coming up?

    Third Doomer: Go suck a dick. I told you it isn't happening.



    Me: Wait...



    How the fuck can you guys focus so much on Doom btw? Like, do you do anything else but Doom? 

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    2. Widow


      You nailed it Bashe!

    3. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      fyi, I was wondering how do people get to be so dedicated. Not are people dedicated or not. Game forum = game dedication yeah, thats logical. But how? Where do you find that much time to do so? How did you find that enough time to get that experience to do the same in even less time? I am sure as heck that not everyone is supertalented at Dooming that much that as soon as they sit down they can make a decent enough mappack on the first try.


      NIH and 42%HP said it righteously.

    4. Khorus


      When you start doing something and find yourself still doing it 13 years later, you tend to learn a thing or two. Nothing keeps me going other than the enjoyment of doing it.


      When I see the things other people are doing, great! More cool stuff to play. But I always do my own thing and follow my own influences. 

  12. I have spent this entire Saturday at my bestie's house...


    ... Who insisted that I watch Rogue One with her.


    Ah well, I guess it starts out a bit slow, and for someone who doesn't know enough lore to instantly connect things (like yours truly) this might be a bit boring. But it gets better and better. And I am not using sacrasm, it truly gets more interesting the more you watch. And I won't spoil stuff so I will say that this movie fucked with me the first 20 minutes because I wasn't used to seeing xeno scum being the good guys.


    At least I got to finish Dishonored 2! I mentioned it yesterday, I think. Either way my shit PC couldn't handle the game but surprise surprise, my friend's PC could! Game is a absolute masterpiece. Atmosphere: nailed it. Story: nailed it. Gameplay: nailed it. Lore: nailed it. Characters: nailed it. Art and design: nailed it. The developers had some excellent nails and they hammered it perfectly. I played as Emily and got the Low Chaos ending, didn't want to play as Corvo since I thought he would have the same abilities as in 1, so I opted to see what Emily has in store. What I like about this game is it's art-style. Nearly every character other than the protagonists resemble animals when you look at their faces. The caricatural-like design of NPCs so to speak. Also, the mix of steam-diesel-punk and magic, is just... perfect. I am glad this did not become a open-world exploring survival game or something like that. This type of atmosphere, setting, is excellent for more linear, story-driven games, and I wouldn't be surprised to read a book inspired by this setting.


    (Yes I know Dishonored stems from the Thief series but let me enjoy this one okay :P )


    Either way, a nice break from the usual shit my life has become lately. I really needed to play something else other than Half Life and Doom.

    1. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      (*draws inspiration from the Thief series)


      Of for the Peter's fuck's sake why can't we edit our status updates? I guess I gotta be more careful next time

    2. a.7.MAD -  Paramagnetism
    3. geo


      I was bored for the first hour of Rogue One. Then once the laser space battles happened I was happy. Here's something else... I thought I was watching Star Wars: Episode 7 for like 45+ minutes until I realized oh wait this seems to be some sort of Episode 3.9.

  13. Been a busy kitty these days :3


    I guess, this that, unreleting family drama, school-related crap, playing Dishonored 2, blabla, here is a question or challenge to all natural philosophers on Doomworld:


    Is there ANY possible way for a human being to balance upon a trolley in such a way that the trolley could move forward on its own (without the human falling off it so to speak)? Here is a sketch for you to get a basic idea about it:



    (winged hussar for attention)


    If not, what about going downhill? What about going downhill at first and going flat? What about going downhill then uphill?


    I know that weight distribution is often a issue, and this and that, so you can make up your own variables, it is not like I am going to do this (any soon), but this had been haunting me for a while, so thanks for understanding.

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    2. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate



      Thanks for clearing it up for me, you who is just another natural philosopher fightning against unjust you :P

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      There is no way you can move into any direction consistently by way of just being in perfect balance on a surface that has an angle of 90° relative to the centre of gravity, even if you have wheels below you. Your centre of mass, along with the centre of the trolley's mass, is always directly above the trolley's wheels in a scenario of perfect balance, meaning there is no force or energy present that could be translated into velocity. Leaning forward or backward would simply change the position of the centre of mass relative to the trolley's wheels, but that doesn't "create" anything that wasn't there before, because the moment you go out of perfect balance you're simply inviting gravitiy to have its ways. The loss of balance simply makes you fall until you hit the ground.


      The only way you can move forward by balancing on a trolley, or any other object that has wheels on it, is by abusing the very things 42% deemed to be a problem. Friction is not only the one thing that makes movement energy consuming, it's the only thing that allows us to move anywhere to begin with. However, you will need a force of some sort to start moving at all (A kinetic impulse strong enough to overcome the resistance that is friction), and eventually the friction would make you stop on your way yet again, at which point any further movement requires additional energy.


      It really doesn't matter what kind of ideas you come up with to make yourself and the trolley move into any direction, all require a force that starts the movement in and of itself by translating it into speed, which makes friction a necessity, thus the idea of travelling without any energy loss, simply by way of shifting balance falls apart entirely.

  14. Gah! I forgot I had a account here! Arrived with dozens of notifications even! How busy can one person be to forget stuff like this?


    Either way, I wish I could share some relevant Doom info, but sadly I don't have anything. Been dipping into movies and games constantly. It doesn't help that I had not even touched Doom for two-three days now. Gah, it's terrible. I wish I had actual business to deal with, but instead I was busy with nothing in particular. Wanna start mappin', but I don't feel like it.


    In other news: started dipping into wh40k. Luv it. Other than that, I watched The Wedding Ringer and Fantastic Fear of Everything. TWR was ehh, not that great, but was a well made movie. Doesn't help that I constantly thought of The Wedding Derringer, as I imagined a western shootout movie based around a wedding, imagine that. Heh. I can already see like, the bride, content to bring justice on her wedding (either by stopping a bandit raid or a nasty trickster or her future husband) by whipping out a Derringer from her sleeve and putting two precise shots into some fool's head. Instead, I got a bromantic comedy with Kevin Hart as a rent-a-best-man for weddings. Generic plot, execution was okay, some moments were actually funny, 7/10.


    FFoF however, was brilliant. Having Simon Pegg as a super-paranoid writer equipped with a Long-Jump Module was really entertaining (I mean, the way dude jumps), and also, while the entire premise feels generic at first, it offers up multiple plot twists during the movie, fitting for a horror comedy. My friend's older sister said that the whole movie correctly presents how does it feel to live on your own for the first several times. So, great plot, excellent execution, awkwardly-lovable characters, all in all 9/10, cuz I am not sure if this is supposed to deconstruct or parodize serial killer movies.


    I guess I should get back to Doomin'. It is weekend after all. Even if I don't do anything else during the rest of the week either.

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    2. 42PercentHealth


      @Era Di Cate Yep, that's pretty much what they're for. :-)


      @Tracer My bad! (For some reason I'm not getting the popup after typing '@').

    3. 42PercentHealth


      I did hear a funny (supposedly true) story about two women in the 18th or 19th century who were going to have a duel over a man. Both of them fired, neither of them was injured, but the man was shot through the heart and died! :-P


      (It's always funnier if someone dies.)

    4. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      "Hey Patrick"


      "I thought of something funnier than one guy dying"

      "Lemme hear it"

      "Two people dying"


      Joke Of The Year, All Years

  15. So I kinda want to be a webcomic artist. However, I don't have crippling depression or social anxiety so I cannot instantly relate to people by drawing "awkward situations". Yet I wanna do it! I would make a thread in Creative Works, but I have only one comic to "present", so I am dumping it here.



    Revenants are so relevant I sometimes call them Relevants.


    Either way, had been busy with crap these days, but I think I am going to start working on stuff here.

    1. JudgeDeadd


      ...For some reason I thought that was Papyrus from Undertale at first. Especially since the kid in panel 2 resembles the protagonist.

    2. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Well I kinda drew Undertale comics back then. Emphasis on kinda. I wouldn't really share them because they were absolute shit. Its hard to get rid of old habits I guess.

  16. Long time no siege.


    So, I was having fun with Brutal Half-Life. Out of all "Brutal [X]" type of game (modfications), I prefer this version the most. Everything is nicely incorporated, the "kick" button is really fun to use, plus, somehow, the whole jig makes me feel more... Immersed, so to speak. Plus, dive kicking vortigaunts and finishing them off with a shotgun reminds me of Doom 2016's gameplay.


    Why was I inactive? Stupid family drama. I cannot believe my family is into talking behind backs and long term plotting and this and that. I feel like I am getting sucked into a plot of a soap opera and I don't want to be raped or shot by some dude who turns up to be my uncle but my mother and also my future's son's grandchild at the same time or some shit.


    If it wasn't this hot I would just camp in the woods until they would sort it out. For now I am kinda stuck in my room :p

    1. leodoom85


      That's unfortunate of you. That sucks....I mean, who can endure all of that shit?

    2. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Soap opera actors are so brave and strong. I as a agitated teen still cannot stand it... And those people have to live with it... :( 

    3. leodoom85


      "I as a agitated teen still cannot stand it..."



      Seriously though. Sadly, in the meantime, you'll have to endure until you find a way out or things get quiet.

  17. Relaxing song of the day:


    Damn this shit triggers memories.


    Who hasn't played Beginner's Guide, should try it out. Such a beautiful game about making art, I was drowning in tears by the end of the game. I wasn't sad though, I was kinda happy. Definitely should inspire the creator inside you. I know I started mapping as soon as I finished the game.


    Also, I had tried out that mapset wad Albertoni recommended me last time. Beautiful wad, although I still had to load a custom gameplay mod or two, because vanilla gameplay feels... limited. I feel like I am missing on a load of stuff when I try playing vanilla. Must be hl talking again.


    Going to try out other TCs and mapsets I placed on my "priority list" durimg the rest of the day.

  18. I haven't touched Doom all day, but...


    Having a blast playing some Half Life custom maps. It is funny how a lot of these are Doom-or-Quake-inspired, having keycards, teleporting squads, acid pools, this and that, yet actual Half Life game barely had any of these stuff. Either way, fun to play both styles. I still haven't touched any of the TCs from yesterday, but, hey, its summer. Summer = long day. Long day = moar games.


    Had there been any Half-Life inspired Doom maps though? Like, industrial areas, warehouses, canals and stuff? Would be funny to see a "switcheroo", having played Doom-like Half-Life maps.


    It won't be long till I start posting stupid stuff here :P

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    2. Misty


      When I registered here, I've tried to not comment stuff, but I couldn't resist, so here I am posting/commenting stuff. This forum became my virtual home. 

    3. Battle_Korbi


      Wait what maps did you play? Stupid question, I know, but I haven't played anything since Crack-Life and I could use a break so to speak.


      Dunno of any Doom wads though. I found Hell on Earth Starter Pack to have some good urban maps, but that is just a guess, I guess.


      By the way I got banned from posting stupid shit so you might wanna regulate your shitposting.

    4. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Kirby, tday I downloaded this: http://www.runthinkshootlive.com/posts/arctic-incident/

      I am not keen on artic themes and everything being white, but it was a solid enough mod.

      I also had a shot at this immediately after: http://www.runthinkshootlive.com/posts/mystery-house-parts-1-2/


      I played Crack-life as well, some really weird shit, saw it on youtube and played for myself. Dunno if its smart talking too much about mods here on a site called Doomworld, so I won't dilly dally.


      And I will make sure of that. Last thing I need is to get banned for shit. Smart content from now on!

  19. Do I really have to be active on this forum all the time? How much exp can one get by being active all the time here anyways? Asking bc its summer and I am getting more busier than in school, for foxtrot's sake!


    Now that you clicked on this post, what TC can you recommend me? Yeah, total conversions... Or should this be a thread? I guess I'll try this out first (^ω^ )

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    2. Battle_Korbi


      No I guess not. Just don't be a dick and don't troll people and I guess you will probably be fine.


      Adding to the TC pool: "Zombies!"


      If you like G. Romero movies I guess this would be cool for ye. Also, if you like mods, try the Extreme Epidemic Edition as well, mixes up the gameplay by a ton.

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      There's no exp system here... NOT ANYMORE :_[


      About TCs, I recommend Osiris.

    4. galileo31dos01


      As for your first question: what the others said


      As for your second question: Batman Doom, Hacx, Aliens TC.


      If you want to stay tuned for this one:


      and welcome!