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  1. I haven't touched Doom all day, but...


    Having a blast playing some Half Life custom maps. It is funny how a lot of these are Doom-or-Quake-inspired, having keycards, teleporting squads, acid pools, this and that, yet actual Half Life game barely had any of these stuff. Either way, fun to play both styles. I still haven't touched any of the TCs from yesterday, but, hey, its summer. Summer = long day. Long day = moar games.


    Had there been any Half-Life inspired Doom maps though? Like, industrial areas, warehouses, canals and stuff? Would be funny to see a "switcheroo", having played Doom-like Half-Life maps.


    It won't be long till I start posting stupid stuff here :P

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    2. Misty


      When I registered here, I've tried to not comment stuff, but I couldn't resist, so here I am posting/commenting stuff. This forum became my virtual home. 

    3. Battle_Korbi


      Wait what maps did you play? Stupid question, I know, but I haven't played anything since Crack-Life and I could use a break so to speak.


      Dunno of any Doom wads though. I found Hell on Earth Starter Pack to have some good urban maps, but that is just a guess, I guess.


      By the way I got banned from posting stupid shit so you might wanna regulate your shitposting.

    4. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Kirby, tday I downloaded this: http://www.runthinkshootlive.com/posts/arctic-incident/

      I am not keen on artic themes and everything being white, but it was a solid enough mod.

      I also had a shot at this immediately after: http://www.runthinkshootlive.com/posts/mystery-house-parts-1-2/


      I played Crack-life as well, some really weird shit, saw it on youtube and played for myself. Dunno if its smart talking too much about mods here on a site called Doomworld, so I won't dilly dally.


      And I will make sure of that. Last thing I need is to get banned for shit. Smart content from now on!