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  1. Gah! I forgot I had a account here! Arrived with dozens of notifications even! How busy can one person be to forget stuff like this?


    Either way, I wish I could share some relevant Doom info, but sadly I don't have anything. Been dipping into movies and games constantly. It doesn't help that I had not even touched Doom for two-three days now. Gah, it's terrible. I wish I had actual business to deal with, but instead I was busy with nothing in particular. Wanna start mappin', but I don't feel like it.


    In other news: started dipping into wh40k. Luv it. Other than that, I watched The Wedding Ringer and Fantastic Fear of Everything. TWR was ehh, not that great, but was a well made movie. Doesn't help that I constantly thought of The Wedding Derringer, as I imagined a western shootout movie based around a wedding, imagine that. Heh. I can already see like, the bride, content to bring justice on her wedding (either by stopping a bandit raid or a nasty trickster or her future husband) by whipping out a Derringer from her sleeve and putting two precise shots into some fool's head. Instead, I got a bromantic comedy with Kevin Hart as a rent-a-best-man for weddings. Generic plot, execution was okay, some moments were actually funny, 7/10.


    FFoF however, was brilliant. Having Simon Pegg as a super-paranoid writer equipped with a Long-Jump Module was really entertaining (I mean, the way dude jumps), and also, while the entire premise feels generic at first, it offers up multiple plot twists during the movie, fitting for a horror comedy. My friend's older sister said that the whole movie correctly presents how does it feel to live on your own for the first several times. So, great plot, excellent execution, awkwardly-lovable characters, all in all 9/10, cuz I am not sure if this is supposed to deconstruct or parodize serial killer movies.


    I guess I should get back to Doomin'. It is weekend after all. Even if I don't do anything else during the rest of the week either.

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    2. 42PercentHealth


      @Era Di Cate Yep, that's pretty much what they're for. :-)


      @Tracer My bad! (For some reason I'm not getting the popup after typing '@').

    3. 42PercentHealth


      I did hear a funny (supposedly true) story about two women in the 18th or 19th century who were going to have a duel over a man. Both of them fired, neither of them was injured, but the man was shot through the heart and died! :-P


      (It's always funnier if someone dies.)

    4. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      "Hey Patrick"


      "I thought of something funnier than one guy dying"

      "Lemme hear it"

      "Two people dying"


      Joke Of The Year, All Years