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  1. I have spent this entire Saturday at my bestie's house...


    ... Who insisted that I watch Rogue One with her.


    Ah well, I guess it starts out a bit slow, and for someone who doesn't know enough lore to instantly connect things (like yours truly) this might be a bit boring. But it gets better and better. And I am not using sacrasm, it truly gets more interesting the more you watch. And I won't spoil stuff so I will say that this movie fucked with me the first 20 minutes because I wasn't used to seeing xeno scum being the good guys.


    At least I got to finish Dishonored 2! I mentioned it yesterday, I think. Either way my shit PC couldn't handle the game but surprise surprise, my friend's PC could! Game is a absolute masterpiece. Atmosphere: nailed it. Story: nailed it. Gameplay: nailed it. Lore: nailed it. Characters: nailed it. Art and design: nailed it. The developers had some excellent nails and they hammered it perfectly. I played as Emily and got the Low Chaos ending, didn't want to play as Corvo since I thought he would have the same abilities as in 1, so I opted to see what Emily has in store. What I like about this game is it's art-style. Nearly every character other than the protagonists resemble animals when you look at their faces. The caricatural-like design of NPCs so to speak. Also, the mix of steam-diesel-punk and magic, is just... perfect. I am glad this did not become a open-world exploring survival game or something like that. This type of atmosphere, setting, is excellent for more linear, story-driven games, and I wouldn't be surprised to read a book inspired by this setting.


    (Yes I know Dishonored stems from the Thief series but let me enjoy this one okay :P )


    Either way, a nice break from the usual shit my life has become lately. I really needed to play something else other than Half Life and Doom.

    1. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      (*draws inspiration from the Thief series)


      Of for the Peter's fuck's sake why can't we edit our status updates? I guess I gotta be more careful next time

    2. Ahmed


      Ok... interesting? 

    3. geo


      I was bored for the first hour of Rogue One. Then once the laser space battles happened I was happy. Here's something else... I thought I was watching Star Wars: Episode 7 for like 45+ minutes until I realized oh wait this seems to be some sort of Episode 3.9.