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  1. Doomer: I am making a magnificent megawad that no one would notice anyways!

    Another Doomer: I am hosting this deathmatch server, anyone wanna join?

    Third Doomer: Nah I am too busy handling this ACS script for my extended custom weapon arsenal.

    First Doomer: Can relate. Making sprites for my lvl20 Nightmare Hellimp was a BITCH!

    Third Doomer: I know right?!

    Fourth Doomer: Hey, first Doomer! Your high quality megawad sucks! Not enough archviles and/or cyberdemons! Also we need moar brown textures!

    First Doomer: Oh shit you're right. Everyone, the download link was updated! Make sure to type -idk -map666 -idbeholda before starting it!

    Fifth Doomer: Brutal Doom sounds nice with this. Hey third Doomer, when is that Brutal Doom compactibility patch coming up?

    Third Doomer: Go suck a dick. I told you it isn't happening.



    Me: Wait...



    How the fuck can you guys focus so much on Doom btw? Like, do you do anything else but Doom? 

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    2. grouchbag


      You nailed it Bashe!

    3. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      fyi, I was wondering how do people get to be so dedicated. Not are people dedicated or not. Game forum = game dedication yeah, thats logical. But how? Where do you find that much time to do so? How did you find that enough time to get that experience to do the same in even less time? I am sure as heck that not everyone is supertalented at Dooming that much that as soon as they sit down they can make a decent enough mappack on the first try.


      NIH and 42%HP said it righteously.

    4. Khorus


      When you start doing something and find yourself still doing it 13 years later, you tend to learn a thing or two. Nothing keeps me going other than the enjoyment of doing it.


      When I see the things other people are doing, great! More cool stuff to play. But I always do my own thing and follow my own influences.