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    Geez, calm yer mammaries, just an update to that map thingy I was making. Gotta say, it's quite fun! I mean, it is fun now, while I am making these houses and all, but I guess the hard part would be balancing it up for yazz. Tell me whacha think!


    Pics in the spoiler below because feed and stuff (also the text is still white, its present inbetween the pictures)



    Hall in front of me ruum, along with the fully modeled bathroom (might add a rug or something, will think of it).


    Ayy. me house! Notice the blood at the front door? I actually went outside my house, spilled a glass of water, and traced the results back to Doom to make it look realistic! Research fuckers!


    The other house in the neighborhood. Something tells me having stairs for the upper floors outside of houses isn't a smart idea in practice, but with a good fence around it should be! I'm probably going to redesign the houses a bit and add some fences to justify open stairs and everything. I haven't rendered what is inside yet, but I am just going to guess how things go, eh?


    View, just as you step out of the hall in the first picture and go outside. Notice that perfect curve? Ayy, isn't that a good testament to my designing skills? :D Just kidding, anyways, "Streets Ahead" is probably going to go through a redesigning, although not a radical,drastil one, just expand the Streets a bit more to accomodate space and ensure good gameplay :)


    Well, I am going to take a break now I guess. I most certainly earned it!


    EDIT: AAAHH THE SOFTWARE HAS CHANGED, LETTERS IN SPOILERS ARE WHITE! Just to tell ya there is text between pictures, thats all.

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    2. mrthejoshmon


      A myhouse.wad being made in 2018?

      You bless us with this gift!


      Facetiousness aside, it looks very solid for a "first wad", you ever mapped before this?

    3. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Thanks yall, and yeah, I kinda mapped before, if you can count GoldSource stuff and Unity houses, I have a clue for how things would go. I love "myhouse.wad"-s, ya know, feels like it was made by a passionate person, no matter how shitty they would be.


      I don't want this to be a overly big project or make an episodical wad or anything, I am well met with how "My First Wad" projects go, and I am trying to run away from such things as far as possible.

    4. mrthejoshmon


      I'd say you're more than qualified in Doom map editing if you've successfully mingled with the eldritch horror known as GoldSource mapping, I'm excited to see how this goes.


      Keep up the good work.