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  1. Era Di Cate

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Sounds like something a xeno would say hmmmm.
  2. Ahh, geeze, it's been a while! I haven't Doom-ed in so long, lol.

    What's new with me? Ahh, nothing really. Rather, you guys tell me what's up, how yall doin'? :3

    1. Xyzzy01


      Doin' fine, only wish I had more time to map!

    2. KVELLER


      So, did you play Echoes already?

    3. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Surprisingly, yes, but haven't finished it yet. I keep putting Echoes off for no reason, really ´:D

  3. Hi everyone!

    What did I miss?

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    2. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Oh snap, got any assumptions on why?


      Well, to be honest, most of my notifs these days involved your postings, might be something about that ;)

    3. Catpho


      Pretty bizarre. I don't think anyone else got that without it being obvious. Your posts were pretty innocent when i last viewed them. Bad luck i guess :/

    4. Starkiller


      Yeah. I'm not exactly the type of guy who would shitpost offensive and edgey topics, but enjoy chatting and having thought-provoking threads. 


  4. Era Di Cate

    What MIDIs can I use?

    I know, I know, obvious question, asked 400 times already, but I guess this question could use a refresh here and there. I was wondering about the "legal technicalities" with using MIDIs. Just what kind of MIDIs are allowed? And I am not asking about the aesthetics, the style or any musical stuff. Say, are those: 1. Well done MIDIs from those midi-downloading sites, 2. MIDI covers of pop songs (or from movie/game soundtracks), 3. Edited versions of certain MIDI songs, allowed to be used with wads, and then posted on /idgames or whatever without any repercussions? I have a feeling that even if these are allowed, I am supposed to credit the artist, right? But what if I can't credit him? Thank you for your time.
  5. Era Di Cate

    What MIDIs can I use?

    Thanks for your input everybody, but I still have a question: (self quoting feels so pretentious)
  6. Era Di Cate

    I'm new to Doomworld. Any helpful advice?

    Well, my forte is Half-Life, any of it in the franchise, official, non-official, mods, literally, Goldsource/Source, I know that stuff in and out. So adding onto it, literally every other shooter you had mentioned in your comment. Although, Deus Ex didn't really look much like a shooter to me, but eh. My "soft spot" would be wRPGs: "The Elder Scrolls" mainly (all the games except the weird spinoffs and the mobile games), but also Fallout, Arcanum, Planescape: Torment, isometrics like that, and my guilty pleasures mainly lie in crack mods, such as the good ole Crack-Life for hl1. You might be asking what am I doing here then? Well, I myself still have no answer to this question.
  7. Era Di Cate

    I'm new to Doomworld. Any helpful advice?

    I'm also a newbie (although a one whom forgets Doomworld quite often), what kind of shooters do you play, Starkiller? Do you have a favorite shooter?
  8. Now what was it what I wanted to tell? Ah yeah, school slowed down for a bit finally. Really, really, looking forward to working on my map again, I might be able to just do it tomorrow >:3


    I think it's kinda proper to continue since I had exercised so many ideas onto paper already.


    And to make your click worth it, here, have this chill beat I found whilst journeying across the ever-vast and dangerous expanses of the world wide web.


    *headbangs in skooma*

  9. Era Di Cate

    Share a random fact about yourself

    At more than once I wondered: "Is this what people around me listen to? How can they tolerate me like this?!". What is worse, however, is recording your own singing voice. Those who had done it, know it. Those who haven't done it, are blessed and innocent.
  10. *has two exams in two days*

    *has a truckload of homework*

    *has a unfinished doom map*

    *has to remain sane, healthy, and has to have high morale during all of this*


    My brain:



  11. Era Di Cate

    First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    Doom 3 got me into Doom, lol. That puts me in the second generation I guess. Can't be first (too young, Half-Life is one year older than me), yet I got into Dooming and everything before Doom 2016 was even announced :)
  12. Era Di Cate


    Yup, I am still one of those Half-Life cultists who see it as the peak embodiment of shooters and the big, proper step in the evolution of the genre took when it did. To even mention all of the reasons as of why I worship the franchise would take a while, and it would look as if I was hired by Valve to sell you the games, so I am leaving that out. Doubtlessly, other members here mentioned the good points Half-Life covered. Either way, I myself tried fiddling with the Goldsource engine, made a house or two before stopping and just continuing on my hunting-gathering spree for all the Half-Life content, either official or community-made, mods, maps, art, name it, and I probably got it. Truly, there are a lot of maps out there on the frontier. And in so far I enjoyed even the worst ones. There wasn't any mod I disliked so far (except for "The Gate"(?) and the overly-edgy "Half-Quake" series), I enjoy all the aspects and concepts that people draw out of Half-Life and the Goldsource engine. All in all, I would lie if I rated the entire concept under 10/10. Would recommend to everyone, maybe go so far to say it's mandatory, but that is probably my excessive fangirl-ism speaking.
  13. Hah, maybe this weekend I will start mapping again. Had been looking forward to it, but now I have to try and make up for the lost hours of sleep. This week was filled with a lot of things insofar, and it's not even the end of it yet.


    Been thinking and sketching up some interesting things in school, don't want to reveal them though :3 I would, but the thing is, I dunno if it would work or not so I am just going to leave it as secret, for the extra dramatic effect. Of course, I was talking about mapping, if that has brought upon you a suspicious .


    I really need to sleep. 

  14. Era Di Cate

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I still don't understand how people get nostalgic for a piece of media or something, willing to travel back in time only to play some video games or listen to some music. I mean, I understand the "magical first experience" thing, but still, to travel back in time only to play games, to me it sounds kinda... shit? And this is apparently a normal thing so that is what I wanted to ask without making a thread about it. Other than that, I used to have excessive amounts of acrophobia as a kiddo (but somehow got over it, or reduced it), but the worst part is that I consistently called it "aerophobia" until I saw the definition in a dictionary. And to think, just how many times I "corrected" other people for saying "acrophobia"...
  15. Era Di Cate

    Was Doom Absent from Ready Player One?

    Wait it's already out?! Holy shit, I know what I am doing this week then! Other than that... I think Duke Nukem was in there somewhere, as I had seen from the trailers, or from a video showing all the references in the trailers, like in a blink-and-you-miss it screenshot from the trailers... I don't think I can talk any more about the movie without watching whole first.
  16. So I fucked up. I got nostalgic for Daggerfall, and instead of continuing my progress on the map, I delayed it yet again so I can beat up some pixels using a pixelated warhammer and feel good about it.


    (at this point I doubt anyone cares for the map, if so, then no problem for me, I can continue playing without feeling pressure :D )

  17. Era Di Cate

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Believe it or not, I actually have an easy life because of this. How many times did I dodge actually being ill, by feeling I could get ill whilst near such situation. It's more of a blessing, I guess /s
  18. Era Di Cate

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I've come to realize some art styles can make me feel sick, say, in video games or movies or shows or whatever. Mostly with games. There had been points in my life I willfully skipped over what some people claim to be "pure gold" because their art-style made me feel ill, and I would rather play something else. For example, just watching a clip of "Hello Neighbor" on Youtube made me want to play HDTF. I think HDTF is shit. No, I know HDTF is shit. But there is something so stupid/disturbing/weird that makes me never want to lay my eyes on "Hello Neighbor" again, and that same something makes me want to pick the most trashy game of 2018 and play that instead (even though I don't have the game, I just watched the streams). I guess my sense of distaste is weird, or something.
  19. Era Di Cate

    What if ID started working on a DOOM3.wad?

    Adding onto most of these points mentioned above (with regards to the engine and such), some moar weapons: - Short range flamethrower (the beggar's plasma rifle, five times longer chainsaw, with afterburn). - Another pistol for dual wielding (somehow change the chaingun so that dual pistols can be a legit gameplay tactic instead of a replacement). - Grenades, like in actual Doom 3, for some arc-following explosions and crowd controlling (making rocket launchers a good counter for single more buffed monsters and having the grenades deal with small hordes of mobs). - Having another melee weapon (besides the fists) and adding "ammo" for the chainsaw (and buffing the chainsaw so that it's worth it's fuel >:) ). Possible enemy: - A enemy that would be the same as a Hell Baron is for imps but for the poor pinkies (a melee walking door basically). - A stationary turret-like enemy (possibly a hellish, flesh-infused-with-the-floor monster or a possesed turret). - Some tiny assholes similar to the robo-spider thingies in Strife, who you wouldn't notice until they are already on you. - Probably a summoner-type of enemy which instead of reviving peeps like Archvile does, it just spawns in lower-tier enemies to charge at you (imps and pinkos), something akin to the Icon Of Sin, maybe call it a "Fragment"? Where the story would take place and how the plot goes, I currently have no idea. But, I guess, with my ideas, Doom can be a bit more colorful than usual.
  20. No, I didn't forget about my Doomworld account again. Just, school kicked in like a dive-kicking action movie hero with a shotgun. I have to lay off mapping for a bit, maybe would continue on weekend.


    In other news, what, good weather, am a bit sleepy, but everything is fine and calm on the Western Front.

    1. Catpho


      Schedule is also my worst enemy too x_x

  21. Don't worry, I fail as well. Maybe the fact that in Wolf3D you fight against soldiers and dogs, in Doom you fight against zombies and imps, but what do you fight in Hexen or Quake again? Some... flying thingies? Lovecraftian references? And with what really? Staff thingies, or whatever those guns were? System Shock 2? I kinda liked it at first, seemed like a fun adventure, building your stats and fighting some zombies controlled by a hive mind, but I managed to save-lock myself in a bad situation, rage-quitted, and never tried again. So those are my justifications, I guess. And I also guess I played both Wolf3D and Doom and finished them because I could play them on my phone during school, so I just did the things during the boring minutes.
  22. Uhh, let's go from the beginning. My forte is Half-Life so for this list you can automatically assume why or what or how. Never finished Quake, I mean, I did play both of them (and finished the "multiplayer campaign" of the third) but got bored, dunno why. Duke Nukem 3D kinda turned me off somehow. I guess the concept was neat but a bit too abstract for me, or something. Couldn't really sit down, guess I like my protagonists mostly mute or something. Heretic/Hexen, while I did play them both up to a certain point, I never bothered finishing them, I guess the concept was neat, but it was too abstract for me, or something. Shadow Warrior, got to try it, and never played it again. I guess the concept was neat but a bit too abstract for me, or something. System Shock 2. IGTCWNBABTAFMOS. ... I guess I like my games to have a sort of sense then or are grounded, or some really bizarre or unknown reason. Most of these games appear to be too "cartoony" for my sense or something. Something that can stick to a formula, like Wolf3D, Strife, Doom and Half-Life does the thing for me. I don't want to try Marathon because I think it would be yet another one of the IGTCWNBABTAFMOS games. I cannot really go off and list any more games because... well, either I haven't heard of them, or I did but never gave them much of a thought. (and yall who are skipping on Half-Life, yall missing some gold. Guess the same can be told for me and Duke3D and Hexen and whatnot.)


    Geez, calm yer mammaries, just an update to that map thingy I was making. Gotta say, it's quite fun! I mean, it is fun now, while I am making these houses and all, but I guess the hard part would be balancing it up for yazz. Tell me whacha think!


    Pics in the spoiler below because feed and stuff (also the text is still white, its present inbetween the pictures)



    Hall in front of me ruum, along with the fully modeled bathroom (might add a rug or something, will think of it).


    Ayy. me house! Notice the blood at the front door? I actually went outside my house, spilled a glass of water, and traced the results back to Doom to make it look realistic! Research fuckers!


    The other house in the neighborhood. Something tells me having stairs for the upper floors outside of houses isn't a smart idea in practice, but with a good fence around it should be! I'm probably going to redesign the houses a bit and add some fences to justify open stairs and everything. I haven't rendered what is inside yet, but I am just going to guess how things go, eh?


    View, just as you step out of the hall in the first picture and go outside. Notice that perfect curve? Ayy, isn't that a good testament to my designing skills? :D Just kidding, anyways, "Streets Ahead" is probably going to go through a redesigning, although not a radical,drastil one, just expand the Streets a bit more to accomodate space and ensure good gameplay :)


    Well, I am going to take a break now I guess. I most certainly earned it!


    EDIT: AAAHH THE SOFTWARE HAS CHANGED, LETTERS IN SPOILERS ARE WHITE! Just to tell ya there is text between pictures, thats all.

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    2. mrthejoshmon


      A myhouse.wad being made in 2018?

      You bless us with this gift!


      Facetiousness aside, it looks very solid for a "first wad", you ever mapped before this?

    3. Era Di Cate

      Era Di Cate

      Thanks yall, and yeah, I kinda mapped before, if you can count GoldSource stuff and Unity houses, I have a clue for how things would go. I love "myhouse.wad"-s, ya know, feels like it was made by a passionate person, no matter how shitty they would be.


      I don't want this to be a overly big project or make an episodical wad or anything, I am well met with how "My First Wad" projects go, and I am trying to run away from such things as far as possible.

    4. mrthejoshmon


      I'd say you're more than qualified in Doom map editing if you've successfully mingled with the eldritch horror known as GoldSource mapping, I'm excited to see how this goes.


      Keep up the good work.

  24. Era Di Cate

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Oh well, first time seeing this. Might be the fact that its GZDoom operable instead of Xash3D has thrown me off trail, but I am already downloading these, thanks for the recommendations :D
  25. Era Di Cate

    Mapping for different engines

    I ultimately presume Unity is good for fun and for beginners, because... well, the way stuff works and all (I was never good at coding), and the community assets and all, it's good for getting a grip (I guess), but in the end, yeah, better off with UE or Sorse :3 or any other engine for that matter, never really liked the Unity's aesthetic and/or looks.