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Sir Deus Midi

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  1. Sir Deus Midi

    Your Vision of Hell?

    I see Hell as a barren landscape with rivers of blood and fire spewing out of the ground, filled with uncanny creatures similar to that of the lovecraftian mythos. it has no overlord and no order, thus filled with torture and murder. All souls who enter get a free ticket to more torture and being exposed to their greatest weaknesses and fears. So yeah.
  2. Sir Deus Midi

    What's your favourite Red vs. Blue character?

  3. That's it. I just wanted some good mods/wads that I should check out.
  4. Sir Deus Midi

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm drinking that right now 0_0 also, I used to be afraid of dogs.
  5. Sir Deus Midi

    absolute least favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    E1M8. Even though I love the music and that one part where you blow up all the demons, I just hate its anticlimactic ending. but then again it is a good area for spawning enemies and seeing which weapons are better against which enemies.
  6. Sir Deus Midi

    how to use wads on chocolate doom?

    okay everyone, i don't need help anymore, i'm using a more superior doom emulator.
  7. eating a piece of cheese rn

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Doomkid


      Damn, how exciting

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      With bread or just cheese?

    4. Sir Deus Midi

      Sir Deus Midi

      now its melted

      i feel so alone without the cheese


      it is a sad time for everyone without their own cheese

      RIP cheese

      he was delicious


  8. Sir Deus Midi

    how to use wads on chocolate doom?

    thanks! it did!
  9. Sir Deus Midi

    Hey Doomworld what's your favorite rpg game?

    The Dark Souls/Bloodborne series as a whole. Also I really hate turn based rpgs for some reason. (the only exception being undertale because thats not just "you attacked" "suicidal moth died")
  10. Sir Deus Midi

    how to use wads on chocolate doom?

    thanks! i didn't think i would get a response this quickly!
  11. Sir Deus Midi

    how to use wads on chocolate doom?

    I'm new to doom world and I was just wondering... how do I use the wads I download on chocolate doom? I'm running on macOS Sierra.