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  1. LMAO!!!!!! Cyberdog!!!!
  2. Red key room in Map28: International Space Station.
  3. Except Into The Beast's Belly, because it is boring, waste of time to listen, and sounds like baby crying.
  4. The first with invisible floor was Well of Souls. The second was the invisible bridge (however it is marked with torches) to the blue key in Aztec.
  5. In Plutonia, I haven't seen a stupid map, and I think that all maps (except Neurosphere) are pretty, and there is no ugliness at all, so which map do you think is the worst in the wad? Addition to that, I think that Map18, Neurosphere of Plutonia, is the worst, because one of the Casali brothers thought of stealing the design for Map14, The Inmost Dens of Doom II.
  6. The worst one is actually Facing The Spider. It being used for Plutonia Map12 (which btw is a super awesome map) doesn't help it either, and only harms the map's reputation. The best track would be Message for the Archvile, because it has cool sounds and a cool pitch drop, but unfourtunately it has only the rhythm for the first 75 seconds.
  7. Computer room in And Hell Followed With UAC.
  8. The worst one, after all, would be Untitled (E2M9 and E3M1 and Map16 of Plutonia) because it is just so annoying and there is clapping all over the song, and the clapping is not even drums, it is now made out of instruments, and the song around just sounds like riding a horse when I am not even riding a horse!
  9. Well sorry the pistol is only useful to kill the first shotgunner / chaingunner then once you get a hold of more powerfull weapons I begin to hate the pistol
  10. My version of E1M4.
  11. I also am still working on my first megawad, where I already made Map24 "The Chasm Resurrection" but I am still working on Map02 "Holly".
  12. Actually the best map that ever existed is Map13 of Doom II. Because several buildings feature a crate maze, and it is just fun stuff that is complex and it is fun for a long time. Also everything is well designed, especially that it is really like a downtown, but even more effort by putting in everything into one building out of all of them, rather than teleporting to separate areas (or even separate maps). Indeed, making a warehouse + a lot more complexes into one map alone is just so much effort, but Odyssey of Noises is better than Doom E2M2, E3M6, E4M6 and Doom II Map06, Map08, Map11, Map13, Map15, Map16, Map20, Map26, Map29, but not much of TNT. In fact, the only maps in The Ultimate Doom that I hate are pretty E2M9 and E3M5, because their annoying design, and the only three maps in Doom II that I hate are pretty much Map09, Map10, and Map24, due to annoying, tricky, unfair, etc. design, but the main problem with Refueling Base is that it is very hard to get 100% kills and 100% secrets because for a UV-Max run, there is just so many hiding enemies that I may miss and two many hard-to-remember secrets, and furthermore, the fact thatto get 100% kills and secrets should be average, and Refueling Base is just so overwhelming, it would be considered bad. However I love E2M2 after all since everything in it is no longer a pain in the ass, and that I know where all the secrets and enemies are without missing any, but I found out that some funnier marines like AltimaMantoid or BigMacDavis still dislike E2M2 because it is boring, but in my opinion, it still is fun nevertheless.
  13. Feel free to download the map from and on that thread, reply with a video of a successfull attempt of the map (YOU playing through the map and successfully getting to the exit, also don't even think about reading the walkthrough, I wanna see if you can find out how to get to the exit).....
  14. You are free to express your opinion, and you have done so. Others are free to disagree with that opinion, and they have done so.
  15. In my version, the ledges are 4 DOOM UNITS WIDE! And they are above a poison trench that there is not way back up if you fall off! P.S. I use Doom Builder to make my maps since Doom Builder 2 does not work for some reason