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  1. I totally agree with you.
  2. What? Opening the room with cacodemons and exit switch will also open the telefrag-for-cyberdemon teleporter!
  3. Are you kidding me? It is the easiest of Doom II!
  4. Actually E3M2 is easy. I don't have much trouble and the limited ammo and space does not increase the difficulty. In fact, you get a plasma rifle, berserk pack, soul sphere and combat armor in that map.
  5. It's actually possible to do no damage on E4M6. The main thing is to run to the radiation suit as fast as possible and avoid damage from the lava. Also there are a lot of hitscan enemies that cannot be dodged, so be very carefull in that map.
  6. The hardest is actually E4M2: Perfect Hatred, because there is much less ammo and health and it seems a lot, but is too small against everything in the map. So basically scarcity of health/armor/ammo is closer than it appears.
  7. Why in the E4M2 video you kept getting into the southwest opening to the ledge and yellow key, then you kept falling down into the lava, went up, and took the back of the teleporter? Why did you not get to the cyberdemon immediately?
  8. So in your opinion, which is the hardest map out of the four official Doom WAD files, Ultimate Doom, Doom II, TNT Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment, and NO MEGAWADS? I think E4M2: Perfect Hatred is the hardest. Reply about your opinion of the hardest map of the four WAD files or if you agree/disagree with me.
  9. LMAO!! Lol that would be super tricky!! I did do E4M2 without BFG grab or Winterfeldt jump and did it several times and failed to finish it in less than 5 minutes! At least I did do E4M6 no damage in my spare time, the key thing in that challenge is to get to the first radiation suit as fast as possible without taking any lava damage. Then there is a cyberdemon at the end and all that stuff, you must be very carefull in that challenge, and it is extremely tricky, but is actually possible! But E4M2 no damage is impossible!
  10. Well the really worst map is of course Map22: Habitat of TNT Evilution because you must explore EVERYWHERE to get all the secrets and the secrets are only shortcuts into other hallways, and the final secret is right inside the exit, which never occurred in previous maps! Also there CAN be a visplane overflow somewhere in the courtyard beyond the exit, since it is NOT flat, and just everything the map has makes it ugly, and Christopher Buteau's only map designed was that map, what the hell is wrong with Buteau!
  11. Good job. E4M1 is tricky but straightforward, there are no areas that are non-secrets and optional. All areas are required to beat the map otherwise are secrets.
  12. I don't give a flying monkey's ass that E4M1 has limited space. It is enough for everything, at least the shotgun takes care of it.
  13. E4M2 is actually harder. It is hard at all times, including the cacodemons at the start, even with the George Bell BFG Grab or Steffen Winterfeldt Jump, the map is still very tricky. There are 12 Barons of Hell, in such little space, there is a lot of space but most of it is in the lava, and everything is above and cannot jump into the lava, and unless you have a radiation suit you will take damage. Also everything at the start is facing you, and the cyberdemon can have his rockets target you if you take your time while running for the TFC (telefrag for cyberdemon) teleporter. Also besides the teleporter being open a trap will also open at that time, revealing a swarm of cacodemons. Also there is a lot of danger, especially the rock area full of barons, cacodemons, and spectres, that want to kill you. There is virtually no space to hide, not much ammo (the BFG uses 40 plasma units and it is not much against everything protecting the exit switches from Doomguy in this map), also E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly is almost all the difficulty of E4M2 but you can not telefrag the cyberdemon and you must rush for the invulnerability and quick as a wink, without taking your time, dodge the cyberdemon rockets easily, which is somewhat a pain in the ass, but, at least other maps that John Romero designed besides E4M2 and E4M6, Knee-Deep in the Dead, was much more calm and easier, not sure how John Romero chosen to make his maps in Thy Flesh Consumed be overwhelming, but in E1M6: Central Processing, that is also 177 enemies, more enemies than these two difficult maps, but are less powerfull and more of at a UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) base and it probably does NOT allow much hell in it, but in fact E4M6 is even more complicated than the computer-full E1M7: Computer Station, E2M7: Spawning Vats, the crate maze in E2M2: Containment Area (btw I think E2M2 is the best map in the history of Doom), the puzzles in E3M4: House of Pain, the maze in E3M7: Gate to Limbo, and the rock sortof-maze in E4M2: Perfect Hatred!!! Btw I have on my wiki about The Ultimate Doom, to see walkthroughs: Except I am 1 less than my wikia username.
  14. That map is boring sorry
  15. Spiritually, are you talking another Map22? I doubt that one is identical to the one in Doom II: Hell on Earth.