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  1. datajake

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    According to strings in wince_gm.dls, some of the instrument samples were composed by Nathan Grigg, who also composed flourish.mid and town.mid. Their is also a drum kit that contains some interesting windows sounds that apparently were composed by Ken Kato.
  2. datajake

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    I have a rarity that I would like to share. This is the Windows CE GM sound bank converted into a soundfont. https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/1254
  3. datajake

    Doom OPL Windows MIDI driver

    I upgraded this driver with the latest Nuked OPL3 emulator. https://github.com/datajake1999/OPL3EMU
  4. Can you please post the program you use to edit the genmidi file? Thanks.