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  1. fun-da-mental

    Do you think HL2 will have better graphics than Doom 3

    I am not a HL2 fanboy but I honestly think HL2 to will be graphically and technically better than Doom3. Character models and facial animations in HL2 looks more realistic than plastic looking models Doom3. HL2 lighting system is more advanced and looks much better than than Doom3 ligthing system.(watch one of those HL2' DX9 blink videos). HL2 also will also feature large terrains, deformation, and advanced shader effects. http://www.planethalflife.com/screenshot.asp?src=/features/articles/sigg04/phl_c17_Slide02_hi.jpg http://www.planethalflife.com/screenshot.asp?src=/features/articles/sigg04/phl_c17_Slide05a_hi.jpg http://www.planethalflife.com/screenshot.asp?src=/features/articles/sigg04/phl_c17_Slide05b_hi.jpg http://www.planethalflife.com/screenshot.asp?src=/features/articles/sigg04/phl_c17_Slide13b_hi.jpg http://www.planethalflife.com/screenshot.asp?src=/features/articles/sigg04/phl_c17_Slide16_hi.jpg
  2. fun-da-mental

    how many have beaten doom 3?

    already beaten it, it took me less than 2 days. The game is good overall but its not that great. I somewhat dissopinted at the end as game has no replay value and multiplayer is full of loopholes.
  3. fun-da-mental

    doom 3 = average

    All the cools things we saw in videos and previews were just to showcase the engine. Most of the things id promised are missing in the game. Physics is almost non existent in the game. I remember in one interview they said that you can break glasses and manipulate objects etc.
  4. fun-da-mental

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    Gamespot is not the only ones who gave lower score. here is another review: http://firingsquad.com/games/doom_3_review/ Score : 85%
  5. fun-da-mental

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    I agree, 8.5 is a great score. I don't kwnow why people are complaining too much. And people who compare Far Cry score to Doom3 are missing the big picture. Far Cry offered much more to table in terms of Gameplay, Environments, AI, physics and multiplayer. Also, it came with much lower price tag compared to Doom3.
  6. fun-da-mental

    What is Doom 3???? (A gamers perspective)

    its a good game but I kind fee ripped off by paying $54 the game. Game brought nothing new to the table except graphics. All the elements in game either too repetitive or boring. Game doesn't deserve taht high price tag IMO. There are much better looking games with cheaper price.
  7. fun-da-mental

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    Consistency is suitable for stealth games games like Deus Ex or Splinter Cell, not in games like Doom 3. Problem with Doom 3 is that its gameplay doesn't quite fit environments. Its just moving point A to B, open doors, shoot stupid looking monsters. You do the same thing over and over for 10 hours.
  8. fun-da-mental

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    You missed my point, Painkiller environments had different look and feel on each level. Painkiller's gameplay may be repetitive but it was fun and doesn't suffer from annoying hinderances like Doom3. Doom3 suffers from extremely dark and boring environments with minimal variations in design. It doesn't offer any fun gameplay elements like other games.
  9. fun-da-mental

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    Painkiller had much better environments and had unique and fun weapons. Honestly, in terms of gameplay, Doom3 is not even on par with PainKiller. Doom3 has extremely boring level design and repetitive gameplay.
  10. fun-da-mental

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    Gamespot review was very good and I completely agree with all points reviewer mentioned.
  11. fun-da-mental

    Only for those with good sight

    cool pics, Notice the third pic, is he a marine holding a flashlight?
  12. fun-da-mental

    Is the technology looking more and more "nothing special"?

    As some people trying compare HL2's Q3 type lighting with DOOM3. here is an example of real-time lighting & stencil shadows. http://www.doomworld.com/php/screenie.php?dir=/doom3_051303/&number=1
  13. fun-da-mental

    Is the technology looking more and more "nothing special"?

    There is no need to argue with these morons like AndrewB. He is one of those guys who come on message boards to spew their rethoric how smart ass they are , thats all. BTW, he has proven his stupdity by by comaparing Hitman2 lighting with DOOM3. I bet he doesn't even know what real-time lighting is.
  14. fun-da-mental

    Falling to the floor

    I noticed tbat too, but after watching closely again, I could tell it was a scripted scene.
  15. fun-da-mental

    Worried about Doom 3

    Ok people who bash DOOOM 3 of having linear gameplay compared to revolutionary Half-Life2, read this interview with GABE NEWELL http://www.gamescenter.sm/spec.php?id_r=33&pag=1 "Tell us about the plot. Will it change and evolve according to the player's actions? The game is still pretty linear (e.g. the same as Half-Life). When we experiment with other approaches, we find that if we can simulate things (e.g. physics or character emotions) then we make them player action dependent, and when we still can't (e.g. plot, character arcs) we stick to linearly authored experience."