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  1. Thanks Voros, I'll have a think how to do it, but as I started my professional life as a texture artist (back in them 90s) I should just knuckle down and do the work myself - if I get stuck I'll come back... thanks once again to you and all here who responded! Chris
  2. Just to be clear, I'd love to give credit for everything, the textures are lovely and pretty much perfect for my need - I'm only asking as I know what is actually possible...
  3. Because I am not any where near that level of production in the project - you will get a credit for instance as 'set designer' or 'writer' or 'make up artist' - my position is that of a supplier to a contractor (production company) who is working for the lighting director - that person (the lighting director) will be credited, it's unlikely but possible my client (the production company) may be mentioned but I definitely won't and neither would the source of my assets. Harsh I know but I'm well used to it having been in show business for many years - check out my showreel here...
  4. Yeah, if the assets require credit, there's no way I'm risking using them, they'd be a small part of a part of a big show and to be fair an audience doesn't want to have their attention broken by on screen text reminding them who's made the carpets, walls, light fitting etc...
  5. I might be able to but as is typical with my work I never get to see any of it :) The show is in Italy while I am in the UK so it's pretty likely that I won't be attending rehearsals - I'm the third link away from the production, me, my client, then the production...
  6. I'm thinking that I won't use any of it, there's absolutely no way in my business to get any sort of credit - I've never had it for myself... It was simply a question about the license - do I need to provide credit or not when using the assets, thanks all for your replies, Chris
  7. Thanks for the suggestion chungy but it's for a live show (opera), there are never credits for anybody and I'm so far down the food chain...
  8. Just a follow up to this topic - if I were to use some of the textures to create a video, would that be ok under the license? I can't see a way in the work I'm planning to include a license and there's generally no way to get any sort of credit on screen in a live show... any thoughts anybody? cheers, Chris