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  1. Disagree Smash 64 is a not a game with a small amount of content, it is a game that's content is compact.
  2. Eric the Sandvich

    Your favourite (non-midi) Doom Remix/Cover Album or Single

    IMO 3DO Doom has the best rendition of the soundtrack because it reflects Doom so well. It's rock, yea, but it's not so energetic that it over exaggerates and doesn't reflect the gameplay, and is calm but still upbeat enough for you to traverse levels with an attitude. The bonus is that the sound design reek the 90's.
  3. I mean, I see words like Socialism, Capitalism, Liberals, SJW's, and a plethora of words get thrown around all the time and I still don't have a grasp on what any of them mean. Everytime some major political event happens, I couldn't care less as I retreat to my mancave of a bedroom and do whatever shut-in people do. But every time it does happen, I wonder to myself if I'm being ignorant to some problem that will surface in the near of long future, that I'm actively doing nothing to prevent circumstances that will bite me in the ass and it will be all too late. Maybe it's because I know (Atleast, to myself) that there's nothing one man in a middle class position can really do other than just participate in events, vote for what they believe in, and have it completely shut down and go the other way.
  4. Eric the Sandvich

    Who else isn't an adult here besides me?

    <- Mr. 15 year old
  5. Eric the Sandvich

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Doom but it's ASMR, you play by choosing which objects are the most satisfying to the monsters. Each monster has a different trigger.
  6. Eric the Sandvich

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Vagina looks unappealing to me. I can relish in putting the stick into the hole, but actually looking at it, let alone the thought of sticking my tongue in what looks like an open wound may turn me off.
  7. Eric the Sandvich


    Just recently turned 15 less than a month ago.
  8. This song I once described as the best song known to mankind, then hated it for a long while. Nowadays I'm meh about it.
  9. Eric the Sandvich

    Emergency medical help needed.

    For a second I thought this would be a joke thread, you may have to re-word the title. A title as jarring and vague as "Emergency medical help needed" might come with some clicks but I almost dismissed this. Try something honest and descriptive like "My mother may die, and I am out of options - I need your help (X)". X is however you want to refer to us. Think hard on you want the title.
  10. Eric the Sandvich

    Do You have a original World?

    My world was originally a show idea and later developed less of lore and more of my main characters so there was nothing lore of the entire world, just one area. It's a slightly futuristic (Only about 40 or 50 years ahead of our own) earth clone and is primarily set in a desert country, its settings based on and the culture inspired by the Middle East. I thought a little bit of the religion and practices (Atheistic religion, a morality that is "Beauty but Fierce"), some of the government (This CRAZY disciplinary law that i'm sure wouldn't work IRL even with religion to protect it), some more of the technologys (Use of drones, ballistics, a few lasers, 3rd World technology relative to this world), some of the wildlife and foodweb, and only ideas on what the storys should be but it is war and gang themed (Tensions between this other country, government being pretty useless against crime, factions, you name it). The other country I mentioned would be the contrasting country of this place, and due to my laziness it's basically the U.S with a different coat of paint and a few rules changed here and there. Not much thought on the this country other than it's technology (Heavy use of drones, highly advanced tanks when needed, ballistics replaced with laser weps, just stuff you predict the U.S might have in 50 years), and that it's where my main character was originally from, basically just a big scare for the desert country. I haven't thought about it as much so that's why I haven't even decided a name for these countrys.
  11. Ill take Map 29 and since we're not mapping I'll make a picture of the 'map'
  12. Eric the Sandvich

    Easy way to look through forums for quality of life mods

    Well, I can help you with some mods I found in my years of Doom; at least, Doom 1. If you have a loader like ZDL, this is how I recommend the load order. (I do edit these mods to my liking though, I'm also assuming you're using GZDoom) Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project Smooth Doom Smooth Textures Smooth Fluids Ketchup V5 - Smooth Doom Patch (Personal Preference) Sound Caulking (You may not like the new chaingun sound if you choose PC) Perkristian's High Resolution Sound Pack (Sound Caulking has this already but they're in .ogg format which makes them sound kinda off. I merged this with Sound Caulking already but this is just if you don't want to go through the trouble of replacing sounds) Knee Deep in Zdoom (The only reason I recommend this is to isolate a .pk3 in there called 'Enable_Item_Rotations' which gives you rotations on items, only use this if you still want to play classic maps) Doom IWAD Brightmaps Doom Skyboxes Fancyworld Duke Nukem 3D Shadows for Doom Footsteps (The download links won't work, the only way to get this mod is to go to the Github Repository and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page) Thy Flesh Consumed Intermission Screen (If you use The Ultimate Doom)
  13. Eric the Sandvich

    Improved E1M1

    edit: i lov you babbe
  14. Eric the Sandvich

    Improved E1M1

    This Wad is E1M1, but I went in to improve it by editing the geometry, give it lighting, giving it some new textures, adding reverb, all while preserving the vanilla look. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ina6meaksa1stw/E1M1.wad/file This map is in UDMF format, tested in GZDoom, and requires Ultimate Doom or Doom Registered IWAD. Below is my crappy collage comparing some parts of my map to the original. Left is my map and right is vice-versa. I would like for feedback for what I can improve- I just got back into mapping- for I deem this a test of sort. I'd prefer you look into the map file itself after you've explored the map.