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  1. Eric the Sandvich

    Easy way to look through forums for quality of life mods

    Well, I can help you with some mods I found in my years of Doom; at least, Doom 1. If you have a loader like ZDL, this is how I recommend the load order. (I do edit these mods to my liking though, I'm also assuming you're using GZDoom) Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project Smooth Doom Smooth Textures Smooth Fluids Ketchup V5 - Smooth Doom Patch (Personal Preference) Sound Caulking (You may not like the new chaingun sound if you choose PC) Perkristian's High Resolution Sound Pack (Sound Caulking has this already but they're in .ogg format which makes them sound kinda weird. I merged this with Sound Caulking already but this is just if you don't want to go through the trouble of replacing sounds) Knee Deep in Zdoom (The only reason I recommend this is to isolate a .pk3 in there called 'Enable_Item_Rotations' which gives you rotations on items, only use this if you still want to play classic maps) Doom IWAD Brightmaps Doom Skyboxes Fancyworld Duke Nukem 3D Shadows for Doom Footsteps (The download links won't work, the only way to get this mod is to go to the Github Repository and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page) Thy Flesh Consumed Intermission Screen (If you use The Ultimate Doom)
  2. Eric the Sandvich

    Improved E1M1

    edit: i lov you babbe
  3. Eric the Sandvich

    Improved E1M1

    This Wad is E1M1, but I went in to improve it by editing the geometry, give it lighting, giving it some new textures, adding reverb, all while preserving the vanilla look. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ina6meaksa1stw/E1M1.wad/file This map is in UDMF format, tested in GZDoom, and requires Ultimate Doom or Doom Registered IWAD. Below is my crappy collage comparing some parts of my map to the original. Left is my map and right is vice-versa. I would like for feedback for what I can improve- I just got back into mapping- for I deem this a test of sort. I'd prefer you look into the map file itself after you've explored the map.
  4. Eric the Sandvich

    HELL YEAH!!!

  5. Eric the Sandvich

    Having trouble with animated textures

    When I added the PLAYPAL to the wad, suddenly it showed the negative colors instead of greyscale in Slade, how peculiar. I reimported the textures and convert to Doom and it works! No issues anymore.
  6. Eric the Sandvich

    Having trouble with animated textures

    Well it's animated, but it's still in negative colors. That there I have absolutely no clue as to why.
  7. Eric the Sandvich

    Having trouble with animated textures

    For the past hour I've been trying to find the solution to this. Refer to the image below. My end texture comes out in negative colors and not animated. Note that the texture itself being greyscale is (I think) normal, since a Doom 1 texture pack for Doom 2 I used was like this and worked with no issues. I assume the color data is still there because it wouldn't turn out negative otherwise.
  8. Eric the Sandvich

    Has there been a WAD that just makes minor improvements to original maps?

    WOWZERS, that is a good looking mod! Deviating from the original, but not so much it's unrecognizable.
  9. Eric the Sandvich

    Has there been a WAD that just makes minor improvements to original maps?

    Damnit, as soon as I posted this I realized I was in the wrong forum, oh well.
  10. I'm talking like more polygons on 'rounded' structures, more texture variety, and/or GZDoom integrated features like Reverb and Colored Lighting, etc., all while preserving the Vanilla aspect of the original Doom/Doom II/Evilution/etc. maps. I'd imagine something like that might have some legal issues, with little difference between the original maps and the improved ones, even if you need an IWAD to play those maps anyway. Has there been attempts, or do they already exist?
  11. Eric the Sandvich

    Your favorite video game announcers.

  12. Eric the Sandvich

    How did you come up with your username?

    Not my first username, but I was big in TF2 and played music regularly in-game. So it was first 'Eric is currently playing music' then 'Eric the Sandvich'.
  13. Eric the Sandvich

    Do any Doom ports support Ambient Occlusion?

    If that's true, I'd be pissed to find that something as simple as rendering SSAO on Doom level geometry taking up 40% more GPU usage on a GTX 1080 Ti. Although I'm fairly certain something else is causing that...
  14. Eric the Sandvich

    Random Image Thread

  15. Eric the Sandvich

    Ducks quack

    my nam is thred invadr i invad threds i post irrlevnt posts hoping 2 mak u agry