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  1. Eric the Sandvich

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    O'l Jilly Jobber must bang and bongle to live. He's also the person that carries the team while the rest slack off (Or don't know how to play their own instrument)
  2. Eric the Sandvich

    Recommend me YOUR wads

    This was the first serious WAD I've ever made and it uh... really shows. I didn't want to do vanilla doom, I wanted to go all out. That means this map is hilariously broken at times, since it was tested on ZDoom only. That's why the skybox is broken and scripting fails near the end if you play on GZDoom. I've also somehow managed to make scripting invisible to the map editor, so it's basically phantom code. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ah4ep0gyugj9drg/Laboratory.wad/file The other "serious" wad I made was supposed to be a remake of the first, but the load I put on myself was too much for me to continue. I'd say I'm still rather proud of this WAD for what it is. Destructible objects, tweaked weapons, and some nice atmosphere and ambience. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ppua8y9chh3vh9i/Laboratory2.wad/file
  3. Eric the Sandvich

    The gaming market has been flooded with crappy "retro" consoles.

    Ok, I'm gonna steer the thread off-topic because frankly both sides are cancerous, and we need to replace it with something actually concerning. As briefly mentioned here, streaming video games is going to be the norm in the near future. It'll likely be controversial on all sides, considering the U.S has pretty shitty internet for a 1st-World country - not just expensive wise - and latency issues. But once those issues are fixed, and streaming becomes as clear and responsive as ever, every video game company is going to follow suite. I'm actually worried that consumer-grade GPUs will get a REGRESSION because of this. You're not simulating and rendering a world on your computer, you're just receiving images. And once everything moves to streaming, there won't be a high demand for powerful GPUs aside from what companies need to render the games on their end. Nevermind not being able to keep the games forever once the servers shut down, you won't even be able to render them without the companies computers! Streaming is going to be the logical future of digital related things, and it makes sense despite the cons, whether we like it or not.
  4. Eric the Sandvich

    The gaming market has been flooded with crappy "retro" consoles.

    What the hell even is this thread?
  5. Eric the Sandvich

    Do you still have your very first map?

    Oh man, this thing... I remember how I was unsatisfied with vanilla doom, and wanted to go real big and ambitious. I spent quite the time on this, making some test maps that I long since deleted, researching, asking SOMEONE ELSE to make a custom monster that triggered music when I could've just set a linedef property. This mentality is why when I made my sequel map, I stopped after a while because it was getting too big, and learning everything was becoming a hassle. The first wad and here is the """sequel""" which is just a cancelled remaster of the original
  6. Eric the Sandvich

    What is your favorite soda?

    Sunkist Master Race
  7. Eric the Sandvich

    Does anyone have the source for the Spider Masterminds 'Sight' sound?

    I have found it!
  8. Eric the Sandvich

    Does anyone have the source for the Spider Masterminds 'Sight' sound?

    I have checked his website, I said so in the original post. I was surprised to even get a mention of that one sound effect. Right now I think it's specifically a boar as I found one sound that sounded close to the Spider Mastermind but wasn't exactly it.
  9. Eric the Sandvich

    Does anyone have the source for the Spider Masterminds 'Sight' sound?

    I don't think he's active anymore. His last blog was in 2013, and his last time on doomworld was in 2017. Now that you mentioned it, I really should have just messaged him anyway to get a direct source for the sound, but at this point I don't think he'd respond. Ill try later if I still can't find the sound.
  10. I'm working on a personal project that requires that sound in a better quality, but I don't know the source of. Perkristan's sound pack isn't enough as it ends prematurely, and I don't want to resort to upsampling for barely any gain. The only "lead" i have is this quote from his website: The Spider Mastermind sight sound is found 100% accurate. ...which is nothing, and having to search what could be the entirety of Sound Ideas for 1 sound on slow internet is a no-go. If you would be gracious enough, it would help.
  11. Disagree Smash 64 is a not a game with a small amount of content, it is a game that's content is compact.
  12. Eric the Sandvich

    Your favourite (non-midi) Doom Remix/Cover Album or Single

    IMO 3DO Doom has the best rendition of the soundtrack because it reflects Doom so well. It's rock, yea, but it's not so energetic that it over exaggerates and doesn't reflect the gameplay, and is calm but still upbeat enough for you to traverse levels with an attitude. The bonus is that the sound design reek the 90's.
  13. I mean, I see words like Socialism, Capitalism, Liberals, SJW's, and a plethora of words get thrown around all the time and I still don't have a grasp on what any of them mean. Everytime some major political event happens, I couldn't care less as I retreat to my mancave of a bedroom and do whatever shut-in people do. But every time it does happen, I wonder to myself if I'm being ignorant to some problem that will surface in the near of long future, that I'm actively doing nothing to prevent circumstances that will bite me in the ass and it will be all too late. Maybe it's because I know (Atleast, to myself) that there's nothing one man in a middle class position can really do other than just participate in events, vote for what they believe in, and have it completely shut down and go the other way.
  14. Eric the Sandvich

    Who else isn't an adult here besides me?

    <- Mr. 15 year old
  15. Eric the Sandvich

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Doom but it's ASMR, you play by choosing which objects are the most satisfying to the monsters. Each monster has a different trigger.