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  1. I would use ethernet, but I don't own the router in my house! It's on the other side of the house, and I don't know any ethernet cable that extends to 15 meters.
  2. Agreed, this thread is about Boundary Break, not for talking about whether an audience likes something or not.
  3. Yea, I went into this episode thinking that I would know most but I would learn at least 1 thing that I didn't know about Doom. Although I guess after watching his Portal 2 and Half-Life 2 video I should have expected some annoyance to come out of me.
  4. Let's be little forgiving here on one part, he can't contact the developers as they all disbanded, and if he did contact one of them, email isn't the most viable choice since each person at Id who worked on doom are now super popular people, meaning it would be not likely he would be noticed since his email would be burred under the multitude of other fan/business/offical emails. Though if he asked around on the forums of any doom website, he would get lots of technical information to show off. But I guess the main reason why this episode of Boundary Break is disappointing is because Doom doesn't have a whole lot to show off out of bounds, yea Romero's head on a pike is hilarious and the rooms that only serve to activate the monsters via a small pipe are interesting, but that's about it. I can see why even for a mini-episode more than a quarter of the video is filler and explanation on how he does it.
  5. Maybe. I know I can't nit-pick someones presentation on a subject that is to be simplified so that every gamer can understand, but I don't watch a boundary break episode about a game that I don't care about (Which means alot of doom fans watch THIS video), and the "Boundary Break" of this episode barely qualifies as a boundary break.
  6. Sure, but for a game that is 24 years old AND is a very important one, you have to know that pretty much everyone has basic knowledge of doom, i haven't heard of anyone that didn't play doom not know where romero's head is. I don't want to bash Shesez for not knowing all the advanced stuff, but most of this video just rehashes everything that everyone knows.
  7. I think it should be said that Shesez really needs to get into the habit of contacting people (atleast, his fans) about the insides of any game.
  8. Triple stacked cookies for you.
  9. There's a particular moment in the beginning that intrigued me to post this here in order to see your reactions, chocolate minted cookies for the first person to guess such.
  10. Let's say Doom never existed, and some guys come up with a movie script and call it Doom, would it be not so much of a failure? pls linguinny dont kill me i luv ur prof pic
  11. A Megawad that consists of Megamaps and atleast 1 mind blowing vista
  12. The My Little Pony movie. pretty average
  13. After reading all these comments, I can just say that as long as Bethesda doesn't fuck with my favorite wads and pk3s themselves, I don't have a problem with them.
  14. The son that coops up in his room all fucking day and would rather have closed doors for your convenience.
  15. (Thread is dead)