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  1. thx. Probably shouldn't have posted at midnight, as this is getting burried. Oh well.
  2. Here it is, the pack I've been working on for a week or so. Doom 3DO's soundtrack is something I initially had mixed feelings on, but I grew to like it over time. Unfortunately there's issues with the tracks, but luckily the lead dev of Doom 3DO left us lossless versions for us to use, so I went in and fixed them. Here's what I've been done for every song: Removed background noise Removed buzzing tone Fixed instances of popping Fixed clipping Tweaked a few areas of the mixing to not be so wild (Looking at you, E2M1) Reduced other artifacts of cassette recording Gave every song a proper ending That last bit proved to be the most challenging, but it shouldn't sound strange if I've done it right. I wanted to package this as if it was an official release, so that's why I try not to use fading to end a song. Go ahead and give it a listen! Edit: Did some more de-noising and de-humming on certain songs when they're played loud. DOWNLOAD
  3. As someone who has aggressively played the M&K version, I concur to an extent. The only parts that are still hard are the tedious aspects of gameplay or the map that are well mirrored from console. The game is most fun when you're just trying to score headshots with as few bullets as possible, especially on Pellagic II.
  4. 28 Days Later's on my Best-Movies-Of-All-Time list, even if the visuals and audio aren't that keen.
  5. The gunslinger knows no bounds, for there is nothing quite as forgiving as the deceased.
  6. Map

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Thanks for the mention, @NiTROACTiVE I submitted this to you years ago for you to look at and looking back now... geez. I don't like this wad for how pretentious it was, I'm scared to look at the video now and see your reaction, but judging by the title it doesn't seem anyone hates this wad more than me. Be sure to take a look at my "sequel" to this that I abandoned, but figured someone else could poke and prod at later on. It's far more advanced, but never got any farther than the map, atmosphere, and destructables. I learned a great deal then, but nowadays I'm in other creative endevours.
  7. I can't believe someone, 2 and a half years later would stumble upon this WAD. Alright then No, it's not based on Aperture Science, I just used what I thought was fitting. Everything in this WAD was just ideas thrown into a blender.
  8. Note: Pessimistic mindset. It does not matter that I buy all that is avaliable or I never buy anything, when I alone cannot change the world. Even if I never existed, that is only 1 less in the billions of humans that need to be served on an industrial scale. I understand that this kind of thinking is what prevents the change that needs to happen, but when change does happen it is the exception. I cannot expect the exception to happen everytime in my favor, nor would my actions matter more than the next person if I'm still part of the crowd and not someone able to sway the people. Even if my actions did mean something in the long run, rarely would it ever come back to me. A sweatshop worker thousands of miles away means nothing to me, even if I can understand and sympthathize with their troubles. I do know, however, that minisule efforts like holding on to a soda can till I find a trash bin to acts of kindness toward anything have little reason to not be done.
  9. O'l Jilly Jobber must bang and bongle to live. He's also the person that carries the team while the rest slack off (Or don't know how to play their own instrument)
  10. Map

    Recommend me YOUR wads

    This was the first serious WAD I've ever made and it uh... really shows. I didn't want to do vanilla doom, I wanted to go all out. That means this map is hilariously broken at times, since it was tested on ZDoom only. That's why the skybox is broken and scripting fails near the end if you play on GZDoom. I've also somehow managed to make scripting invisible to the map editor, so it's basically phantom code. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ah4ep0gyugj9drg/Laboratory.wad/file The other "serious" wad I made was supposed to be a remake of the first, but the load I put on myself was too much for me to continue. I'd say I'm still rather proud of this WAD for what it is. Destructible objects, tweaked weapons, and some nice atmosphere and ambience. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ppua8y9chh3vh9i/Laboratory2.wad/file
  11. Ok, I'm gonna steer the thread off-topic because frankly both sides are cancerous, and we need to replace it with something actually concerning. As briefly mentioned here, streaming video games is going to be the norm in the near future. It'll likely be controversial on all sides, considering the U.S has pretty shitty internet for a 1st-World country - not just expensive wise - and latency issues. But once those issues are fixed, and streaming becomes as clear and responsive as ever, every video game company is going to follow suite. I'm actually worried that consumer-grade GPUs will get a REGRESSION because of this. You're not simulating and rendering a world on your computer, you're just receiving images. And once everything moves to streaming, there won't be a high demand for powerful GPUs aside from what companies need to render the games on their end. Nevermind not being able to keep the games forever once the servers shut down, you won't even be able to render them without the companies computers! Streaming is going to be the logical future of digital related things, and it makes sense despite the cons, whether we like it or not.
  12. What the hell even is this thread?