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  1. I got my hands on a copy of T2 for bluray, I was able to isolate the moment for the shotgun blast on both audio streams, so you can now mix with it properly. https://files.catbox.moe/2wkto4.zip
  2. It'd be better to get a blu-ray copy of the movie and get it's 5.1 audio and lossless format for this, since sampling from youtube is a bit cursed for something like this. Unfortunately, I can't do that since I only have the dvd versions of Terminator 2, so it'll end up just lossy (Unless I'm wrong, I've never remuxed a dvd before, just compressed them for standalone videos) This goes for any of the media Doom 64 samples from. The more lossless sources we can find the better!
  3. voice.7z HQ Romero's masculine voice. EDIT: I screwed up my AI voice upsampler program, and didn't realize until Lebert130 made his own version of the line, whoops. Have a proper version of the line. This was partly just for fun, and partly for something else later down the line... the real voice.7z
  4. Oh thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for! Even so, they are as high quality as anyone's gonna get it.
  5. Looking everywhere, I can't find a source for where people eventually got the unedited line, as referenced in decino's The Origin of Doom's Sound Effects video. The earliest instance I'm aware of is doom_txt's tweet featuring it. But twitter and youtube's compression is at play, so it isn't a lossless copy. Can anyone point to where the sound is sourced, and where I can download it?
  6. Treat me as someone who just wants to play Doom 3 for the first time and have few issues doing so. The steam release of Doom 3 gave me lots of problems with it's registration, and isn't up to par with modern systems with elements like HUD and a few crashes. What avenue should I go down with - tons of mods, or the few sourceports that exist? What sourceports do exist? What is the best collection of mods I can use for this and where can I find more? Should I stick with original Doom 3, or go to the BFG edition and try to level out supposed balance issues?
  7. YIIK The aesthetics of the game are nearly homerun, even with some awkward and questionable choices to the artstyle. Parts of the game are very atmospheric and nail some of that childhood glee you get from wanting to explore old 3d game worlds. It's a shame that the whole game is still being bogged down by pretentious presentation, even through all the updates it's still getting.
  8. thx. Probably shouldn't have posted at midnight, as this is getting burried. Oh well.
  9. Here it is, the pack I've been working on for a week or so. Doom 3DO's soundtrack is something I initially had mixed feelings on, but I grew to like it over time. Unfortunately there's issues with the tracks, but luckily the lead dev of Doom 3DO left us lossless versions for us to use, so I went in and fixed them. Here's what I've been done for every song: Removed background noise Removed buzzing tone Fixed instances of popping Fixed clipping Tweaked a few areas of the mixing to not be so wild (Looking at you, E2M1) Reduced other artifacts of cassette recording Gave every song a proper ending That last bit proved to be the most challenging, but it shouldn't sound strange if I've done it right. I wanted to package this as if it was an official release, so that's why I try not to use fading to end a song. Go ahead and give it a listen! Edit: Did some more de-noising and de-humming on certain songs when they're played loud. DOWNLOAD
  10. As someone who has aggressively played the M&K version, I concur to an extent. The only parts that are still hard are the tedious aspects of gameplay or the map that are well mirrored from console. The game is most fun when you're just trying to score headshots with as few bullets as possible, especially on Pellagic II.
  11. 28 Days Later's on my Best-Movies-Of-All-Time list, even if the visuals and audio aren't that keen.
  12. The gunslinger knows no bounds, for there is nothing quite as forgiving as the deceased.
  13. Map

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Thanks for the mention, @NiTROACTiVE I submitted this to you years ago for you to look at and looking back now... geez. I don't like this wad for how pretentious it was, I'm scared to look at the video now and see your reaction, but judging by the title it doesn't seem anyone hates this wad more than me. Be sure to take a look at my "sequel" to this that I abandoned, but figured someone else could poke and prod at later on. It's far more advanced, but never got any farther than the map, atmosphere, and destructables. I learned a great deal then, but nowadays I'm in other creative endevours.