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  1. Agenta

    Worst map in The Plutonia Experiment

    My personal least favorite is Map 29. I don't care for city maps at all, and one this complicated, especially for a 100% Kills, Items, and Secrets player, makes the map a chore for me to play through. Overall, I think the worst map is Map 16. Even though that one can be kinda forgiven because it's right after Go 2 It or The Twilight, which are IMO Plutonia's hardest maps (that and Caged). Even though Map 16's design isn't that good either. If we ignore 16 because of that, worst map overall is Bunker. You can SO easily miss kills in that map it's not even funny. Sewers is also bad IMO because it's just filled with nothing. There is barely any enemies for a map that large. Also too many rockets in 1 map. Makes the map a piece of cake. Also, the archvile at the end. If you don't one shot him when he spawns with the BFG it's almost impossible to kill him without taking damage.
  2. Agenta

    A strange question....

    Sorry if this is kinda a noob-y question, just got into doing some demo-recording after doing my Doom 2 No Damage playthrough on youtube for a while. Been considering trying the insane task of attempting to finish each of Doom 2's episodes from pistol start without taking a hit, and would be nice to know if there is stuff I can set up to make it so that if I take damage or something like that run instantly resets and I go back to map 1. If there isn't, that is fine. Also, as a completely un-related side note. If I wanted to learn how to do some the tricks/techniques found in Doom speedrunning (SR50,Gliding, RocketJumping, etc...), where would be the best place to start?
  3. Agenta

    Trying not to be hit

    Mind linking said TAS-run of Doom 2 without any damage taken? Interested to see a run like that.
  4. Agenta

    Doom 2, No Damage, 100%

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnQBW3u1G8I Map 9 of Doom 2 No Damage. Going to copy-paste the description of the video I wrote out. Level Specific Notes: Words cannot describe how I feel after this map is finished. I think, when this nightmare is finished, this video will remain one of my proudest accomplishments. If there is any map that shows how hard this challenge truly is, it is this one. If there is a map that makes me never want to THINK about doing this in a single-segment "movie" run, it is this one. This video was attempt 816. Eight hundred sixteen. Most of the runs were lost because of the poison at the very start of the map, and the poison in the yellow key area. This means most runs ended before the map truly begins. The rest were lost from the hexagon shaped lift area, due to shotgunners, and the Rocket-Launcher ambush, due to shotgunners and chaingunners. I'm glad to be done with this one. I know this is a bump, and I'm not sure if this allowed, though if I read the rules right this should be allowed. Rest of the maps can be found in the playlist linked at the start of this thread.
  5. Agenta

    Trying not to be hit

    Would be very interesting to hear if this exists myself. As I am also really interested in doing "Realism" runs (AKA no damage taken, all kills, all secrets), yet having to manually restart is annoying. Would be nice if there was an auto-restart like we have when we die.
  6. Title, but has anyone ever finished Map 9, the Pit, of Doom 2, under realism rules from a pistol start? Meaning no damage taken, all kills, all secrets, pistol start? I did quite a bit of looking and couldn't find any. Haven't even been able to find a TAS-run of Map 9 under Realism rules.
  7. Agenta

    Doom 2, No Damage, 100%

    Yes, I am using saves between levels, kinda like a typical run you would see on youtube, or a typical playthrough you would do of the game. I may one day attempt to do it such that I start at map01 if I take a hit one time, but for right now I don't have the patience to do a single-segment, no save run of the game without taking damage. I'm also not doing this as a speedrun either, as you can see by some of the video times. Because of this, I felt it would be best to do the run as I am doing it now, which is also how I am used to doing levels in Doom anyway. How differently does Zdoom actually behave from the original game, as I would actually be interested to know this, as I also always wondered why "official" speedruns require you to use CompetitionDoom for speedrunning.
  8. Agenta

    Doom 2, No Damage, 100%

    I'm sure probably most of you have never heard of me, but I'm Agenta. I also have a youtube channel. For a while now I have been doing a Doom 2: No Damage run on my channel. It's not finished yet, but I have been working on getting it done. I don't upload the videos often on my channel, but recently I have been working on this quite a bit more. The goal of the run I have been doing is to complete Doom 2: Hell On Earth on Ultra Violence difficulty, getting 100% kills and secrets, without taking ANY damage from ANY source. This includes self damage from my own Rockets, damage from the enemies (including Hitscanners), and damage from the enviornment (AKA damaging floors). I have added a side rule in which I am allowed to use IDBEHOLDR to spawn in a radiation shielding suit if it is impossible to avoid damage from a damaging floor, but I will attempt to use this only when it is absolutely necessary. I just decided to post on here about this because I have been working on this run for a while now and was wondering if there is anyone who wants to check it out that hasn't heard of it. My youtube channel is quite small, but I've been growing it out a bit. If anyone wants to watch, this is a link to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWdkL-PlQNu3humg20I1ppA And this is a link to the playlist for the Doom 2 No Damage playthrough. If not, that is completely fine. For those of you who want to know my thoughts on this run so far: It is absolutely insane and half of it is luck, 40% is strategy, and 10% is skill. There are some maps (Waste Tunnels, Underhalls, Crusher) that have so far caused a lot of issue. Others aren't that bad. I'm only 7 maps in, but I'm actually liking the challenge so far. It is very interesting and has given me some new ideas for strategies for completing the maps in safer ways. However, this challenge is an absolute nightmare at times and has lead me to having a lot of attempts at many of the maps. I am keeping track of my attempt count for each map, and if anyone wants to know those (even though some are kinda eh) I can post them on here. This was mostly inspired by AltimaMantoid's Trials of a Doomgod: E4M1 Realism video. Strategies in these videos are mostly either my own, or from AltimaMantoid, LightningBoltForever, Zdenda1990, or BigMacDavis's playthroughs of the game. If you watch, and want to give me some feedback, go ahead and leave it below. I should also specify that this is NOT a TAS run of the game, this is done via the Zdoom SourcePort with all settings set to default, except for Limit Pain Elemental Lost Souls, which is turned on, and Wallrunning, which is also enabled. Every other setting should be Zdoom defaults. I am also using Alternate HUD and Mouselook, even though I normally try to keep my Mouse angle even with what it is normally in Doom. If you do watch, thank you for watching. It should also be stated, this is not what I normally do on youtube. The final thing I'm going to say, is this the first time a challenge like this (100% Kills, Secrets, Realism/No-Damage, full playthrough, each map a seperate video) has actually been done, or has this actually been finished before. I did some looking up on youtube and most of what I could find is either single-maps from a Pistol start, or TAS runs of this. EDIT: Apparently I have turned off Limit Pain Elemental Lost Souls and Wallrunning. Compatibility settings are set to Default (AKA everything in Zdoom on No in terms of Compatibility settings)