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Everything posted by pnptcn

  1. Some thoughts on Snoke in general. Overall I loved it; It was full of surprises, gorgeous camera work, and I thought the goofy humor played nicely against the film's overall dark themes of failure and betrayal. And man those jumpcuts were some of the most Star Warsy jumpcuts of all time.
  2. Out of everything I've played and that includes stuff like Dota, TF2, etc nothing comes close to Minecraft. Something about that game seems to bring out the worst in people. A distant second is Eve-Online for similar reasons. I've had some great experiences with both games but they always seem to end in hot rage, bitter tears and smoking ruins.
  3. pnptcn

    Doom's plasma gun- the original source

    Interesting. I figured the Wikia site came along later.
  4. pnptcn

    Doom's plasma gun- the original source

    Wow that fake doom wiki just straight up rips off the info from the real one. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Plasma_gun The only difference in the links is http for the wikia link and https for the real wiki. So shady.
  5. Vin Diesel is probably a pretty good bet. He's about the right age, grew up playing D&D, and loves FPS.
  6. pnptcn

    Why you should NOT hate the pistol

    Pinkies are for chainsawing, especially in tight spaces.
  7. pnptcn

    Why you should NOT hate the pistol

    I too love the pistol! That BLAM BLAM BLAM sound signifies the beginning of good times. I'll pull it out to use on lost souls, plink that last bit of health off of Cacos, Pinkies and what not. It's a good gun!
  8. pnptcn

    E2M2 is the best map that ever existed!

    Stuff like crates become cliché because they work. If crates weren't awesome they'd be a one and done. What else allows you to build an environment with lego-like flexibility? Well I guess lego does. Let go of the hate, embrace the crate. They are a-mazing.
  9. pnptcn

    Your favorite thing about Doom

    It's approachable yet deep and rewards experimentation. It's a perfect marriage of pulp theme and kinetic gameplay. But most of all I love the community that supports this game and keeps it alive. Just for the love of playing, refining and expanding the game. Doom is an incredible expression of generosity of spirit while being metal as fuck. How cool is that?
  10. pnptcn

    Movies Like Heretic?

    Now that I think about it Heretic is like Barry Windsor-Smith and Hexen is more John Buscema. Makes sense to me anyway.
  11. pnptcn

    Your Dungeons and Dragons character

    Oh shit, my last table top D&D session was like... over ten years ago? Something like 2003 or maybe '02 and we were all old farts so we played 2nd Edition (THAC0 FOR LIFE). Loved the character too, did a lot of heavy collaboration with the DM on it. He was a Chaotic Neutral Dwarf Fighter/Thief. He was a compulsive liar and kleptomaniac. He'd never admit he was a thief, especially to other party members. If someone found something super shiny, or mechanical, or just plain expensive enough he'd attempt to steal it from them on a coin toss. He'd generally keep the stuff, either hiding it someplace safe or just tucking it away in his gear if it was small. Also any time I had something important to say I had to embellish on it. Pretty soon the party was wary of "Dwarf Stories" and that made for a lot of hilariously fun and dangerous situations. It was lots of fun juggling this guys foibles and after I had to leave the sessions because of work demands he remained an important NPC in the campaign. Basically, after I left the sessions, he was found out for the thieving liar that he was and ousted from the party. He then became an important contact, fence and general quest giver. Occasionally I'd run into someone from that gaming group and they'd fill me in on the latest hijinx.
  12. pnptcn

    Movies Like Heretic?

    Well you won't find anything really close to Heretic. Heretic was made in the same spirit as Doom; It was heavily inspired by table top gaming and the stuff you found in underground 80s pop culture like comics, grindhouse movies, heavy metal music, punk music and pulp novels. Just like you won't find many movies that are actually like Doom, you can find elements of Doom in tons of stuff from the 80s and early 90s. Same goes with Heretic (and Hexen), you can feel the same sort of gnarly energy going into these things. You won't find a film specifically like Hexen but you will find elements of Hexen all over the pop culture landscape from the time these games were made.
  13. pnptcn

    Movies Like Heretic?

    Yeah Beastmaster is good fun. I like Sword and the Sorcerer a lot too. Edit: I just notice that poster is for Deathstalker which is definitely not Beastmaster but still a lot of good fun, especially if you like a lot of nudity. The Deathstalker movies also have a lot of humor to go with all of the fantasy hacking and slashing and T and A. Totally a lot of fun if you are down for that sort of 80s silliness. But Beastmaster is good too, everyone needs to see Beastmaster.
  14. pnptcn

    Movies Like Heretic?

    Pick any 80s grindhouse fantasy flick.
  15. pnptcn

    Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer

    They get my money. I thought the first one was super.
  16. pnptcn

    Your favourite (arcade style) shooter?

    I've had a lot of fun with Blue Revolver lately
  17. My wads folder takes up 1.3GB. That's mostly iwads and pwads, I don't play a lot of mods, just Reelism for the most part.
  18. Oh yeah, isn't the first example of Crushers introduced on e2m2?
  19. I think I slammed my face into a wall and then slid into a corner, spun in circles a few times then zig zagged off to the armor room. After falling off the stairs about fifteen times I finally got the armor.
  20. I enjoy the sandbox approach the map uses. The combat is pretty dynamic. I also enjoy the weird mishmash of themes. And also there is a berserk pack close to the start. Rip and tear. Oh yeah. Crates.
  21. pnptcn

    How would you like your morning Doom, sir ?

    I love chocolate doom and use it whenever possible. I do keep (G)Zdoom and prboom+ on hand though as they each have capabilities that I find useful. At the end of the day I'm pretty agnostic as far as source ports go and use whichever I think is most appropriate for what I want to play. and how I want to play it
  22. pnptcn

    What's Doomguy like in your mind?

    He's probably a pretty zen dude if he can handle this kind of catastrophe. So I figure he's pretty well read and spiritual but not in a preachy way. He's fast and agile too, so I guess he's had some kind of dance training. Those leaps he can pull off to clear big gaps suggests years of dedication to ballet.
  23. pnptcn

    Do you turn off 'change palette on pain'?

    While I find it occasionally annoying it's also a pretty essential bit of feedback in my opinion.
  24. I have a lot of respect for the way they used the shareware model. Getting the entire first episode as a free demo shows a generosity of spirit and confidence in their game that is still pretty unique. And then they further expanded on this generosity by providing the community with the game's source code. It's something I've always admired about them. I fear that those days are behind them now that they are under Bethesda's roof and there is little of the id old guard remaining.
  25. pnptcn

    Doom and Urban Legend

    The USMC is famously underfunded compared to other branches of the military. I think their budget doesn't even add up to 5% of the total defense budget. I can totally see them using Doom just because it's cheap.