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  1. So this video popped up for me on youtube. Was shocked to see Bahdkos picture at the start! Thankfully the video had a url to this forum post, so I could stop in and say hi! I see Sseht is here as well! I haven't heard from you in forever! Hope you both are doing well. I cannot believe that I still remember watching that lmp from back then! I miss the old doom days. I still haven't found a game as fast paced as doom. LOL at clan QS! Didn't you have me work on the website for it? I remember doing something with it. So are either of you still actively playing? Last time I played doom, was with Domains and Tracilords, like a year ago on ZDaemon. The only competitive games I've been playing lately is Street Fighter 5 and Splatoon 2. But I really just play them casually. Well, hit me up thru private message when you see this and we can catch up! Later!