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  1. 2fort.wad

    I honestly do not know what I meant by that. I didn't bother testing anywhere else. It was useless to include in the description.
  2. 2fort.wad

    As I said in a previous reply, the symmetry was a result of me not thinking. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. 2fort.wad

    "Inspired by" is certainly the right phrase. The wacky bridge angle was a result of me trying to keep it fresh. The weird other rooms I added were to not restrict the hallways, a complaint I hear on 2fort a lot. Either way, this was the second .wad I ever bothered finishing and it shows. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. 2fort.wad

    I think you're right. Symmetrical DM maps can be rather boring as they offer two of the same areas to fight in. This did not go through my head at the time. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. 2fort.wad

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to mess with it to see what I can do.
  6. 2fort.wad

    Zip File: 2fort.zip This is a Doom 2 map rewriting map 01 as an enhanced version of Team Fortress/Team Fortress 2's iconic capture the flag map. In its current state, 2fort.wad is NOT a capture the flag map, and is made for DEATHMATCHES only. (I apologize for having to use the bold, I just don't want someone to accidentally stumble into this thinking its something else) Give me your thoughts on the map and what I could change. I'm open for criticism. -Jumping/Crouching not required -Freelook not required -Recommended player count is 8-10 -Uses only vanilla Doom 2 resources Screenshots: Thanks for checking this out. Enjoy!
  7. No one at my school shares my Doom mindset

    Thank God for this site.