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  1. I have a playerclass that starts with all weapons. but I only have 6 when I start the game? is there any fix to this? Edit: never mind, I just wasn't thinking straight
  2. this is an idea I had for a bit. The mod uses looking up and down to: -Pump the shotgun -Reload the Super shotgun -"Cool down" the plasma rifle this might work in zandronum but only works consistently in gzdoom download: mouserel.zip if the link doesn't work, let me know
  3. I haven't done anything to the files. it just happened when I started it up yesterday. I checked the directory too, it's in the same place.
  4. some glossy wood. I'm not the best texture artist
  5. I'm not quite sure why this happened, but the start menu does not appear, it's plain white and the thumbnail is gone . how do I fix this?
  6. I've been using blender to export md3 files but I'm having trouble aligning them with the player's eyes. Is there a template or coordinate I can use? thanks
  7. sorry about replying late, my internet's been on and off, I'll set up another link
  8. Rehash was my personal tweaks to the doom weapons to enhance weapon feedback and balance. I made this mod to get to grips with the Doom engine. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7P77uiVYQj_U3ZrZjByeHJHZjA/view?usp=sharing Screenshots: Credits: Project Uber Team Psykskallar Ritual entertainment Valve 343 Industries Nine Inch Nails? (that's what google says) The Doom community
  9. a mod I threw together because existing sound mods didn't complement the doom sprites very well (in my opinion) and used the same sound for the chaingun. Download: sndmod.zip Alt: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7P77uiVYQj_R2gzN1cxdElWRjA let me know if the download of mod doesn't work and I will provide an alternate link