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  1. JacenXYZ

    Ultimate "DeHackEd Creations" thread

    It's okay. Understandable, too.
  2. JacenXYZ

    Ultimate "DeHackEd Creations" thread

    1. Burst Pistol 2. A pistol that fires three rounds in burst-fire mode 3. What -complevel your wad aimed for? -complevel 2 4. Can we use dehextra? Yes 5. Use default DOOM Resources
  3. JacenXYZ

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I am an amateur who has some stupid ideas.
  4. JacenXYZ

    Deadnail is dead.

    I may never have heard of this guy... But my heartfelt condolences go out to his family.
  5. JacenXYZ

    [WIP] BJ Blaze

    UPDATE! Thank you for the support for anyone who has given this mapset a shot. As I am not yet ready to do a 32-level campaign. I must address that this level set is now set to be a 12-level campaign. I'll be willing to take anyone's advice on what to do with the 20 levels that have been put on the chopping block. Q: "When can we expect a release?" A: "When it's done!"TM
  6. JacenXYZ

    What are you listening to?

    To ramp myself up for an upcoming release from Discotek media, actually TWO. I'm listening to anime music from Digimon, specifically Butterfly by Koji Wada. (RIP)
  7. JacenXYZ

    [WIP] BJ Blaze

  8. JacenXYZ

    [WIP] BJ Blaze

    Yeah... I may want to fix that.
  9. JacenXYZ

    [WIP] BJ Blaze

    Sure. You can do some DeHackEd.
  10. JacenXYZ

    [WIP] BJ Blaze

    V2 is now up and running! I shall now give credit to @Dragonfly for the tics on the Pistol.
  11. Thank you for both the info and listening to my little nitpick.
  12. JacenXYZ

    Hello World

    Hello, my name is [REDACTED] but you can call me Storm.
  13. JacenXYZ

    [WIP] BJ Blaze

    It's okay. And since I'm working on rebuilding the map structure, I figured I'd cut some levels and/or merge them.
  14. JacenXYZ

    [WIP] BJ Blaze

    New Screenshots have been made possible as of the making of a new build!
  15. Just outta curiosity. Is this a reference to Redneck Rampage or am I mistaken? But otherwise. It looks impressive, I'll definitely give it a fair test. Video will show up when the test is finished. [EDIT] This level is a little too hard, so, I can't give it a fair playthrough. I don't know why, but the video will have to wait.