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  1. KHJDoom25

    [FIRST PROJECT] The Army of Insanity

    Apologies for leaving this topic dormant, I have figured that my Map is too crowded to be a Map01, so, I decided to make it M05.
  2. KHJDoom25

    Which version of Doom Builder is best?

    I recommend Ultimate Doom Builder, but that's my opinion only.
  3. KHJDoom25

    Made a YT channel, and I'll play your mods, guys!

    I have a map that is 71 percent finished. PM me and I'll give you the DL link. EDIT: Think about what you say before you say it, otherwise people are going to call you out for it.
  4. KHJDoom25

    Doom II - Hell Unleashed Episode I (Gzdoom Remake)

    This is looking pretty good.
  5. KHJDoom25

    BDM: Bourgeois Deathmatch - We're FINALLY doing it!

    I'd love to try this out when it comes out.
  6. KHJDoom25

    Post your Mod/WAD ideas

    I had an idea, but I think it sounds a little ridiculous. I'm talking about replacing the chaingun with the Alpha Machinegun, v0.4.
  7. I want to see a mod where DoomGuy is travelling through parallel dimensions in a series of puzzle like levels.
  8. KHJDoom25

    Doom burnout - does this happen to anyone else?

    I've had a lot of times where I was burned out.
  9. KHJDoom25

    [FIRST PROJECT] The Army of Insanity

    Apologies again, this time for triple posting. But I wanted to update you all in letting you know that no, the project is not dead, I just need to think of some ideas for how to expand on the first map which I have been crunching myself to upgrade. And the release date, until I get this first map finished, expect a "When it's done..." motto from me. And if you don't wish to contribute maps, that's okay with me. I wouldn't mind any sort of submission in terms of mapping. And here's an image attachment to show off how much of M01 is done. I'd say it's 75% or lower. I want to thank the 12 people who voted on Yes for motivating me to want this LEVEL completed!
  10. KHJDoom25

    [FIRST PROJECT] The Army of Insanity

    Here are the ground rules. 1. The levels must be presented in BOOM: Doom 2 Format 2. Use the essentials I provide and you are allowed to do your own spin 3. When I list your name in the credits for your map, I will list your username, and what level number I have in mind for that map
  11. KHJDoom25

    [FIRST PROJECT] The Army of Insanity

    I forgot the rules. I do apologize. EDIT: I have laid down some ground rules. 3 of them.
  12. KHJDoom25

    [FIRST PROJECT] The Army of Insanity

    UPDATE! The video where I test out my level is now up and running!
  13. KHJDoom25

    Which iWAD map has the most unfitting music?

    Imo, Plutonia's entire soundtrack. I know, I know, it's unpopular. You don't have to agree with me. But it just is copy-paste from Doom 1.
  14. KHJDoom25

    [FIRST PROJECT] The Army of Insanity

    I understand. I'll be doing this with OBS.
  15. KHJDoom25

    [FIRST PROJECT] The Army of Insanity

    Yup. I will. EDIT: I have tested this both in GzDoom and PrBoom+ for this first level, now to record myself playing it.