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  1. KHJDoom25

    what whould a sequel to (one of) the worst wad ever made be like

    If someone asked me to make a somewhat of an unauthorized remake of Mockery, I'd be afraid people would just hate it.
  2. KHJDoom25

    The Army of Insanity

    The project has returned! After evaluating my choices, I have decided to start the new version!
  3. KHJDoom25

    Rott!Zone Deathmatch wad *Updated release

    I tested it out in Zandronum and you did a FANTASTIC job!
  4. KHJDoom25

    The Army of Insanity

    UPDATE! As of 08/13/21, I want to branch out more, so, as a result of this, I am unfortunately putting this community project on the shelf, the reason is that I have lost my touch with the Doom modding community and I need to start from scratch. This version of the project will be rebooted in the future, but right now, as things are, I have a lot of projects on my mind. So, you are free to use any assets you've made for this mod for your own projects. I'm sorry for this inconvienence.
  5. KHJDoom25

    The Army of Insanity

    Yeah, I've been upgrading since the old HUDs I wasn't keen on. I understand. Don't pressure yourself.
  6. KHJDoom25

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    PowerSlave on GOG.com
  7. I agree with @Chezza
  8. My preference is that it's useful for credit.
  9. KHJDoom25

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Chris Cornell
  10. KHJDoom25

    Why'd you choose your title?

    I'm a new mapper trying to work on the craft.
  11. KHJDoom25

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Is that true?
  12. KHJDoom25

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Is frantic about something.
  13. KHJDoom25

    Its my birthday

    Happy Birthday to you!
  14. KHJDoom25

    The Army of Insanity