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  1. I'm new here. And for those wondering. I had an account here, but I can't find out what the name is anymore. It's because I quit that account, and if someone could be nice enough to delete that account, I would be happy.

    1. Kapanyo


      Welcome (back) to Doomworld! :D

    2. scifista42


      Just leave your old account inactive (simply passively forgotten, not actively disabled). There are thousands of inactive DW accounts anyway, nobody cares about them and nobody deletes them. Your request is also unlikely to be granted because it'd require the forum staff to do research on which account is yours and whether a given found account isn't actually someone else's than yours (what if you claimed that my account was your old account so they would delete me), which I assume they wouldn't bother doing.

    3. RoySmasher1995