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  1. KainXavier

    Just finished Doom 3 for the first time on the Switch

    I love how DOOM 3 takes its time to introduce each demon. It makes each initial encounter feel really special. I also appreciate just how much detail id put into the world. It really feels like you're navigating some kind of massive research facility. Together though, it takes way too long to travel from Mars City to Delta Labs. You get to see things slowly go to shit, yes, but Delta Labs (and onward) is where DOOM 3 feels the most like itself. If you've not played Resurrection of Evil yet, I'd highly recommend that you do. Both it and the Lost Mission are better paced than the main campaign. (Admittedly, Lost Mission also drags on, mostly due to boring enemy encounters, but things pick up once you hit Exis Labs.) As for having difficulty aiming, I think the console versions have an auto-aim feature. Perhaps that combined with the horribly random shotgun spread is the source of your trouble? I was able to play through the game on Veteran difficulty on Xbox One, but I also disable auto-aim and use the double-barrel to one-shot Imps.
  2. KainXavier

    Ever thought about working for a gaming company?

    It depends on the company and it depends on the position. My area of expertise is programming but I worked as a tester at a major publisher for three years and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. It wasn't the job, I loved what I did, but my quality of life was poor and so was the work environment. Honestly, unless you need the pay/benefits or are a rock star at what you do, and can call your own shots, I would recommend going independent. I had zero drive to work on my own stuff after spending 2 hours in the car and 14 hours at work waiting on some miracle build to fix how terribly broken the game currently was. (I was also on the certification team and had to constantly defend my work and explain why certain things needed to be fixed otherwise we couldn't ship.)
  3. KainXavier

    Things that were cancelled and still hurts

    Anachronox 2, pretty much every high-profile fan game, mod, or rom hack that has received a cease-and-desist, and Microsoft shutting down the original Xbox LIVE.