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  1. KainXavier

    Your opinion on id's RAGE?

    Rage looks great, especially for its time, and it's ambitious, but ultimately, it doesn't deliver. The game is fairly linear until you reach the town of Wellsprings. And Wellsprings is fantastic! It's easily the best part of the game. But it's also only one of two towns you'll visit. And there's even less to do in the next town. Combat looks and sounds great, and the enemy animation is easily on par with DOOM 4's. What's less exciting is that you'll be fighting the same 10-ish enemies for the rest of the game. What's even less exciting is that enemy health varies from area to area. So you may be able to one-shot a mutant in one level and have an unpleasant surprise in the next. There's also the small matter that the game just ends abruptly. You won't ever meet the main villain. There's not even a boss for you to fight. Hell, you're not even fighting your way through the heart of enemy territory. You're just in a base that happens to house the ability to wake up the other people stuck in an ark / vault like you were. And that'd be fine I suppose but there's no prologue that follows. The other arks just pop out of the ground and then that's the end. Lastly, the PC version of Rage launched with a huge swath of compatibility issues. It was completely unplayable on one version of Windows, XP I think, and it was also unplayable for ATI users on newer versions. It took a good month or two for id and ATI to resolve everything. The Xbox 360 version was also problematic because it basically required a hard drive and no other game did at that point.
  2. @AtimZarr1 Thank you for taking the time to make that post! It makes me happy to see my impression of the DOOM subreddit is wrong. I stopped frequenting r/DOOM and the official forums because I assumed any criticism of the Ancient Gods DLC would be met with the same kind of vitriol I saw at launch. (And it's entirely possible that I just frequented both of those places at the same time as the assholes did.) As for the game's difficulty, I still stand by my statement. You can't unlock everything without completing the game on the hardest difficulty. The DLC is even more difficult than the main game. Weekly event challenges now require you to win multiplayer matches rather than just participate in them. (Sometimes you have to complete levels on Ultra Nightmare too.) id plans to introduce new rewards for completing Master Levels, including rewards specifically for UN. Lastly, nearly every patch has tweaked the Marauder in some way so as to remove alternate ways to deal with him. That definitely seems like gate-keeping to me.
  3. Like others have stated, I think all fandoms have a certain degree of toxicity to them. I also think there's some truth to there being an uptick in the DOOM community. That said, the world has become a much smaller place since 1993. There's more people, and we're more connected to each other than ever. Not only that but gaming has become a part of everyday culture for most people. (That's still weird and amazing to me btw.) Unfortunately, cultural acceptance also means the shittiness of humanity rears its head more often. I also feel like gamers, or at least those who strongly identify that way, still cling to that social outcast mentality of old. (Hell, I find myself doing it too.) Or it could even be that people find it so hard to stand out today that they desperately cling to whatever they're good at and decry any attempts to change it. That said, that said, I don't really feel like the direction of DOOM Eternal and its DLC is helping the matter. In fact, it seems like id is doubling down on the gate-keeping by continuing to increase the game's difficulty and tie in-game rewards to it.
  4. @Archvile Hunter I don't know how you can read Doom64hunter's post, and not think the final battle is at least a little bullshit. I haven't played the Ancient Gods part 1 but I can think of several instances in the main game that are pretty cruel so I don't feel like it's an unjust characterization. On a broader note, I just want to say how much I appreciate this thread. There's some really well thought out (and well articulated) criticism here, and I hope if there are any id employees lurking about, they'll either pass it along or take it to heart. I can feel everyone's love for the series here, even if many of us are unsatisfied with the direction of the Ancient Gods and by extension, DOOM Eternal. Also, @MattFright, you're definitely not alone in your love of DOOM 4 / 2016. To me, it's kind of a miracle the game turned out to be as good it is. Edit: @Zemini I really hope the (multiple) dark lords mentioned in the Slayer's Testaments don't get explained away as having been the Hell Priests. But then again, it seems like that's exactly what was done with Hayden and VEGA.
  5. KainXavier

    Week 1 of the Halloween 2020 Event has gone live.

    Thanks for the heads up! I forgot to participate in Week 5 of the last challenge. I’m not looking forward to even *more* Battlemode challenges though. Here’s hoping we can gain enough points to unlock everything without having to do that. (And I also hope id doesn’t try to push UN difficulty again.)
  6. I looked through the Twitter feed, and I'm not seeing any mention of how much the regular edition will cost. Has this been announced anywhere? Also, @Edward850, does a retail release mean DOOM 64's getting another update? :)
  7. KainXavier

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    @Gez I still contend that DOOM 3: Lost Mission and DOOM: Resurrection take place in separate universes. :p As for the topic at hand, it'll be interesting to see how id wraps up the existing storyline with the DLC. Personally, I'm hoping for some kind of closure. I love the DOOM series but I think a return to Quake 1's universe is overdue. (I also wouldn't mind a new single player IP despite how much I disliked Rage.) That said, if id does choose to continue the DOOM Slayer's story, I hope it'll involve multiverse shenanigans and a passing of the torch. I want to see a team-up between the various protagonists in the series. I also want to see obscure characters like Phobos and Crash get their due. The DOOM Slayer is damn near the most powerful being in the multiverse. Somebody else can (and should) have a turn.
  8. KainXavier

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    How is it an attempt to commercialize the work of others? Because it runs in Windows natively? Because it uses a modern renderer? Also, please explain how a Windows-based application is less authentic than a DOS-based application running in an emulator.
  9. KainXavier

    The marauder better not return.

    @Dr.Ferret For what it's worth, I'm not a fan of the Marauder either, at least not in his current form. I hate how I can't damage him when he's shooting at me and his shield's down. That doesn't make sense. I also hate how I can't kill or damage him with the Crucible even though he's swinging his axe and my blade is in his face. That really doesn't make sense. Lastly, I hate how I can't overload or at least temporarily disable his shield, especially since the game encourages you to do this for every other shielded enemy. (People try to draw comparisons to the Gladiator boss but a) you can eventually destroy his shield and b) the Gladiator doesn't try to zone you in the same manner as the Marauder does.) Honestly, if id changed one or two of these things, no one would complain and the Marauder would still be formidable. Hell, make him move faster or summon two spirit wolves if you're really hung up on him losing his shield and/or invincibility frames.
  10. KainXavier

    DOOM 3: BFG Edition should've been a console exclusive...

    @Eurisko The best take. @famicommander I mean no disrespect to Team TNT or the Casali brothers but I'd much rather play DOOM 3 than Final DOOM. (DOOM 64 is also great.)
  11. KainXavier

    How much harder is doom eternal compared to doom 2016?

    To me, DOOM 4 is 2x more difficult than DOOM or DOOM II on Ultra Violence difficulty. DOOM Eternal is 2 - 3x more difficult than that. Here's why: 1.) The game uses a checkpoint system instead of allowing you to save anywhere. 2.) The extra lives you acquire are not tied to the save system. (Once you lose them, they're gone.) 3.) Fights take longer because you have to keep farming for health, ammo, and armor. (Probably in that order, too.) 4.) You're all but forced to fight certain enemies with certain weapons. 5.) One of those enemies has an overpowered shield and is invulnerable to super weapons. 6.) The chainsaw is less effective than it was in DOOM 4. Stronger enemies take more fuel but fuel is just as scarce. Also, some enemies can't be chainsawed at all. 7.) There is a weapon that functions like the chainsaw from DOOM 4 but you receive it late in the game, and the ammo for it is even more scarce. 8.) You can only equip 3 runes at a time. There is no rune mastery like there was in DOOM 4. 9.) DOOM 4's arena fights are to DOOM II as DOOM Eternal's are to Plutonia. 10.) Your first boss fight is actually three boss fights in one. 11.) Two bosses return as enemies you encounter semi-regularly. 12.) Archviles can summon one (or both?) of them. 13.) You have to fight the final boss twice. 14.) The arena fights you must complete to unlock one of the super weapons are some of the hardest in the game. 15.) The unlockable super weapon is all but useless due to extremely limited ammo. (It's rapid fire.) 16.) You have to complete the game on the hardest difficulty without dying to unlock everything. 17.) Your saved progress is erased should you die on the hardest difficulty. 18.) There is a separate but similar mode you must complete with 10 extra lives. 19.) You will also need to complete the game without any weapon mods or suit upgrades. 20.) There is an "empowered demon" feature which makes enemies other players have died at stronger. 21.) There are "master" levels. (They're the same maps from the base game but with more and/or tougher enemies.) 22.) In a future patch, you will need to complete these master levels in order to unlock everything. 23.) You will also need to complete the master levels on the hardest difficulty without dying. 24.) The game's creative director bragged about how the DLC will be even more "challenging". And no, I'm not bitter at all... >.> Edit: Clarified #18.
  12. KainXavier

    DOOM 3: BFG Edition should've been a console exclusive...

    While I dislike many of the changes made, the BFG Edition of DOOM 3 is still worthwhile for one simple reason: convenience. You can play DOOM 3, RoE, Lost Mission, Ultimate DOOM, DOOM II, and NRFL all from the same executable. You don't need to make multiple purchases, install and configure additional software, copy your WAD files somewhere, or create shortcuts with command line arguments. It just works. There's also the matter of the new content it introduced. Prior to the Unity port of DOOM II, there was no legal way to play No Rest for the Living on PC unless you owned DOOM 3: BFG Edition. Moreover, the BFG Edition is still the only way to experience the Lost Mission expansion. (I'm aware of the unofficial backport but that's still legally questionable.) Lastly, there's achievements to unlock. As for source ports, those also exist for the BFG Edition too. There's RBDOOM-3-BFG and DOOM BFA. RBDOOM-3-BFG adds several niceties to DOOM 3 and DOOM BFA does the same for classic DOOM. They're also compatible with several existing DOOM 3 mods. (Mods with custom DLL's will need to be ported to the new engine but that problem has always existed. See Dhewm3.) To me, if you don't own any DOOM games for PC and you have $20 to spare, the BFG Edition seems like a good purchase. (The Slayer's Collection is a better deal but I don't believe it's available on PC, and even if it is, Steam doesn't have the Unity ports.) Hell, even if you don't like DOOM 3, you could always load the DOOM and DOOM II iwads in your source port of choice.
  13. KainXavier

    DOOM classic on ps3

    Unless I'm mistaken, the Steam version of DOOM Classic Complete is just the original DOS release running in DOSBox. The PS3 version of the game is based on the Xbox 360 port, and it features unlockable trophies no other version of the game has.
  14. KainXavier

    Doom Eternal - News

    I haven't been able to access the Ripatorium since Update 1. (The button prompt to interact with the terminal disappeared.) Bear in mind this is on Xbox One. I have no idea if this issue occurs on PC but I've read about other Xbox users having the issue.
  15. KainXavier

    DOOM Poetry Contest

    Ultra Relatable I tried to kill him. The bitch hid behind his shield. No Gold skin for me.