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  1. RenderError

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    Doom 1: The Demons From Adrian's Pen Doom 2: Shawn's Got The Shotgun TNT: Horizon
  2. RenderError

    Worst Doom Level

    UDoom: E2M3, nothing to say here that someone else hasn't already said, it's boring and you have to hear the same song 3 times in a row. Doom 2: I actually like most Doom 2 maps, i used to hate The Pit and Refueling Base but i don't really have much of a problem with them anymore. My least favorite is probably Map16 as i don't find it very fun and it is one of the ugliest Doom 2 maps. Plutonia: Map12, it's long and exhausting. I have never finished it without saves and i don't have any plans to try it. TNT: Map08, TNT is already pretty boring but this map is where most of my playthroughs end, i can't really find anything that hasn't been said about this map though.
  3. RenderError

    Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Update: Sep 01, 2022)

    Would it be possible to add the option to have unlimited save files?
  4. RenderError

    (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    GZDoom might become one of my favorites, i recently tried messing with the options and managed to make it look almost exactly like the software renderer. Which i prefer the look of.
  5. RenderError

    (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    I use Crispy Doom for iwads and vanilla wads. PRBoom+ for boom compatible ones and Zandronum for everything else. Crispy Doom is my personal favorite since i think the resolution adds a nice aesthetic to it.
  6. RenderError

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Nukage that doesn't damage you. Bonus points if there was nukage that did damage you in earlier levels.
  7. The Ultimate Doom is my personal favorite, Doom 2 is also pretty good. TNT is ok and i am not that big of a fan of Plutonia... Haven't played Doom 64 or Doom 3. I like Doom 2016 though i have only played the Switch version since my computer is too old and i don't have any other consoles.
  8. RenderError

    Is there anything in Doom you find truly archaic?

    Not being able to walk over/under actors, being able to activate switches regardless of your Z position and the default controls.
  9. RenderError

    Map settings/themes you can't get enough of

    I love Plutonia's MAP01 and MAP03's jungle-ish theme. I also like cities and tech-base style levels.
  10. RenderError

    In the first time you played E1M1, where did you go first?

    The room with the armor.
  11. RenderError

    Best/worst map in Doom II

    Best: Underhalls, Tricks and Traps, Circle of Death, The Inmost Dens, Industrial Zone, Gotcha!, The Abandoned Mines, The Living End. Worst: The Pit, Refuelling base, The Factory, Downtown, The Chasm, Monster Condo.
  12. RenderError

    First Finished Map i Made

    Thanks for the feedback.
  13. RenderError

    Your first map...what was it like?

    For my first "working" map it was a room with 3 zombiemen and another room with a chaingunner and an exit. For the first finished one i made it was a sewer level thing that was supposed to the first level of a wad i'm making.
  14. RenderError

    What are you playing now?

  15. RenderError

    First Finished Map i Made

    Inspired by Doom 2's early levels. It's kind of a sewer thing i guess. You shouldn't expect anything that good this is my third map and the first one i feel is at least presentable. I used GZDoom Builder for this and i tested it with PRBoom+ and Chocolate Doom.. firstmap.zip