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Status Updates posted by Clay

  1. Best of luck to any of you getting hit by hurricane Michael. Stay safe(edited)


  2. Just played through the first episode and a little more of Strange Aeons.....where have these maps been all of my life? Hand down the best mega wad I have played so far. Also What a fit with HND huh?


  3. Why don't monsters show up in the correct difficulty? I am using GZDoom Builder and porting to GZDoom. If I pace an imp in the map and set him to be only in medium difficulty, she still shows in easy. Any idea why this is happening?

  4. Woke up to only to find this ridiculous message from a customer:


    I will never understand how someone can get to 14mm(9/16") and still be unaware of the diameter of the hole in their body. How would you measure a plug with this method? It would almost be funny if this customer wasn't able to screw with my seller rating with bad feedback.



    I did order three pairs of “12mm” plugs. Also what is supposed to be equivalent to “1/2” inch plugs. I was unaware that your method of which you are measuring your products by, is different to the average gauge wearer. We do not go by the thickness of the gauge itself, but by the size of the hole (measurement wise) to accommodate the size of stretch we have. I currently wear a 1/2 inch, in any other brand of plugs, and they work fine, however the ones I purchased from you are not the same. The ones I purchased from you are on the right. The hole is a completely different size compared to the 1/2 inch I already own from another company. The ones I purchased from you will not fit in my ear the way that they should. I would like to know if I could please either return the product or exchange for another product, because they will simply not work.


  5. Have you ever just appreciated the fact the many of are trying to mod or even improve a game that we loved just as it was...so much that our our love for it brought us together in just a few hubs?

  6. Man, seeing mods like City of the damned, Unloved, Highnoon drifter, PB , BD, Skulldash, etc. Well it really make me see just how pitiful my little map pack is. Very humbling indeed.

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    2. Clay


      I guess maybe I came off a bit lachrymose. That was not my intent. I have only been at this for about 3 months now. Everyone has to start somewhere. I have been through this before with the rubiks cubes. Everything seemed so far from reach. Now I am considered an elite..a main voice in that community if you will.

      I was more struck in awe at the scale of some of these mods. PRODOOMER for instance is just STAGGERING.

    3. Misty


      Well, I'm mapping two years already, but I still don't consider myself as professional mapper. As you said, everything will come with time and patience. I think with mod creation is the same thing. 

    4. Clay


      In may case I would say more so. I have always been more artistic than logical in a coding sense. The crap I have shoveled out with c++ is just embarrassing.


      My wife on the other hand is fantastic with that type of logic and has already been a big help with my works, especially considering she doesn't even like doom to begin with.

      Overall I am really hoping this is something my brain lets me stick to. My biggest issue has always been direction. Who knows maybe someone sees my works one day and wishes to pull me into their project.


  7. Is there anyway to stream doom to a TV? I am almost finished with my mapset and the wife wants to play it. But now the only Pc that can handle it is in the office and she is a game pad person. Any suggestion? Is it simply not an option? Would I need a steam link or something?


  8. Have any of you tried making a map from doom 2 or 1 completely from memory?


    I dont even have doom 1 at the moment and haven't played in yyyeeeaaaarrrrs..I wonder how I would do. Should this be a public challenge. You would have to trust in the integrity of the mapper, but I don't really see that being a problem.

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    2. Fonze


      Several Doomers tried that here; interesting results :)

    3. Fonze
    4. Walter confetti

      Walter confetti

      Another one, this time E1M1:


      As for myself, I tried to remake doom 2 map02 some time ago for the project above, I give up at half of the map since I wasn't proud of the results... maybe i will try again some other times

  9. Would somebody make the Dimensional Shambler already... I believe its a Cthulhu thing. :D





    1. TwinBeast


      I'm thinking it's in Quake.

    2. Clay


      I was making a joke there. But I did not know that.

  10. Anyone here decent with blender specifically armature and weight paints?

  11. I should Zealous Crop all sprites, correct?

  12. Finished the walking sprites tonight....all 20 of them.. YAY!!! Onto shooting and death tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.





    1. Clay


      What? NO stargate fan?! GET OUTTA HERE!!!! :D

    2. R1ck


      it's my brb dialing my childhood.



  13. Started spriting my Wraith today. Teaser below




  14. Quick question. Has anyone worked on anything stargate related that they might be willing to share?


    1. Misty


      Are you mean portals? 

    2. Clay


      Not gates I have A LOT of models but I am most importantly looking looking for a Goa-uld serpent guard with helmet for spriting. I was just throwing it out there incase anyone had worked on something like it.

    3. Misty


      Oh, sorry, I thought about portals. Anyway, good luck ;)

  15. BOY DI A SCREW THE POOCH! I cannot believe I chose BrutalDoom as a starting point. After the last several weeks of using a going through the process of learning and using zdoom features, I now really that BD is NOT a learning source for a novice and for that matter not even a "great resource" for pros....It doesn't take genius to see just how convoluted the coding in that .Pk3 really is....MAN IS IT A MESS!!


    On that front, I am considering starting a WAD from SCRATCH using only about 10 doom textures and looking at other wads for reference even making my own weapons from the start. I need to work with ZDoom and learn the ropes the right way and stop modding and dismantling everybody's work. 


    Does anyone have any link or suggestions other than the wiki that would be of some help to me? Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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    2. Clay


      Really? How would it be different than forums?


    3. Misty


      I don't know, really. Both things are useful.

    4. Clay


      Oh okay then. Thanks for chiming man.

  16. I must have put in over 50 hours into my wad this week. Geez... get a life much?

  17. How does one change the size of say a candle in slade level editor?The candle shows up the right size in game but is far too large in level editor. Anyone had this problem?

    1. Clay


      No one has had this issue? It isn't a big deal or anything. But I would like to share some of my creation without is clogging up someones level editor. I'll figure it out.

  18. I have just got to say that I love this community. I have been a member of several forum where EVERYONE is an ass about everything. This community seems to understand the learning process and to have humility because of it. I like coming here everyday. Thanks you DOOMERS! RIP AND TEAR!!

    1. Misty


      I like this community too. Doomworld feels like a second virtual home for me, even if I don't have much to say these days now in forums.

    2. HeyItsDuke


      I have to agree, first forum that I have ever felt comfortable in. 

  19. Can some who know about decorate/acs pm me for a quick bit of help?


  20. WIFE: Baby, do you want to play The Last of Us with me?




    DOOM = LIFE.

  21. Pretty sure my video card is screwed...had it hooked up to a surge protector..didn't seem to help at all. Now she boots up but doesn't display. I do not have the money to buy another b gtx970....so that blows chunks...going to continue mapping on my work PC. SO EFFING GLAD I uploaded my recent progress to google drive just before the storm because I javent even check my HDD yet.

  22. Got past the storm OK. Tress are down and the wind is crazy bad. Still no power but I have a generator and gas. Plugged in my router and viola... I am connected.

    1. leodoom85



      At least you're ok.

    2. Chickensoup101


      Congratulation you have completed and survived Map " Irma " at 100%
      *Cues Doom victory music*


  23. Everyone wish my wife and me luck in the storm to come. Boarded the windows and got supplies and a generator.

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    2. Clay


      Yeah, I am right up against Jacksonville.


    3. everennui


      Have you checked out those tube water dams? It's like ~8000 for one that circles your house. Could potentially save 100s of thousands of dollars.

    4. Clay


      I never heard of them until today. That is a neat concept though. The wife liked it a lot. Thanks for telling me about it.