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  1. BOY DI A SCREW THE POOCH! I cannot believe I chose BrutalDoom as a starting point. After the last several weeks of using a going through the process of learning and using zdoom features, I now really that BD is NOT a learning source for a novice and for that matter not even a "great resource" for pros....It doesn't take genius to see just how convoluted the coding in that .Pk3 really is....MAN IS IT A MESS!!


    On that front, I am considering starting a WAD from SCRATCH using only about 10 doom textures and looking at other wads for reference even making my own weapons from the start. I need to work with ZDoom and learn the ropes the right way and stop modding and dismantling everybody's work. 


    Does anyone have any link or suggestions other than the wiki that would be of some help to me? Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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    2. Clay


      Really? How would it be different than forums?


    3. Misty


      I don't know, really. Both things are useful.

    4. Clay


      Oh okay then. Thanks for chiming man.